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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Great New Fan Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! There’s a lot of stuff going on (in and around) the web today, so let’s just skim the internet’s creamy surface with a few examples of killer fan art! First up, look to the right (of the screen) and check out this frigg’n radPrint Batman Returns art by Steven Holliday. This poster is screen printed with glow in the dark inks and there are about 100 signed by the artist ready for purchase. Right now this print is for sale on Gallery 1988 website for $35.00. Seriously, there is just not enough Batman Returns art in the world, so please support this by buying a poster. “Get in the duck!”


Game of Thrones Pin Up Art!


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The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Muppet Mash Up and an Unprofessional Artist Ted Talk!

Good Morning El Moochadores. Looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day here in sunny San Diego, and I don’t know, things just feel good right now. So, to kick off this Morning Moo; In honor of Game of Thrones fifth season, check out the wonderful/horrifying painting above by deviant artist DanLuVisiArt (aka: Dan LuVisi). Wow, that is… wow. Powerful. I don’t know how he did it, but LuVisi picked the absolute right Muppets for this gory GoT scene. Excellent work. You can check out (and purchase prints) more of LuVisi’s art at Inprint.com.

How to be an Unprofessional Artist by Zander Cannon


Next up is this great Ted Talk by professional illustrator Zander Cannon. In this video Cannon discusses the importance of honesty in a personal and professional life, and how being honest changed his work when he wrote and illustrated the award winning graphic novel Heck. I thought this was very inspirational, I think it also has Chudd and I thinking of trying a 24 hour comic, just to see what we can make. Now, if we just had 24 spare hours…

The Morning Moo!


Featuring The Mars Attacks Dice Game and Game of Thrones Season Five Trailer!

Good damn morning El Moochadores. We got a big day today. Coming up later today we’ve got a new Moocast, and some book reviews, but first: The Morning Moo and it’s light scrape of the internet’s creamy surface! Let’s kick things off with that weird photo above of Cobra Commander receiving the keys to the city of Springfield, Illinois. This image, and information, comes to us via Comic Book Resources (CBR), who reported that Mayor J. Michael Houston award the keys of the city to the leader of Cobra in anticipation of G.I. JOE Con 2015 which will take place at the Prairie Capital Convention Center on April 9th to the 12th. According to the CBR article; Upon receiving the award Cobra Commander said

Springfielders near and far, I accept your mayor’s generous gift… And let it be known that I too bring a gift for every man, woman and child of this city that is so near and dear to my heart: an invitation to join with me. Join Cobra!

Damn. Too bad Chudd and I don’t live in Springfield, Illinois. We would totally take him up on that offer and then we could be like Tomaz and Zamot, but (y’know) with out all the money, fighting skills, and looks.

…and in other internet stuffs:

Mars Attacks: The Dice Game!


Maybe you’re a fan of the trading cards, comic books, or maybe even the mid ’90’s movie, but now you can totally love the Mars Attacks: The Dice Game from Steve Jackson Games. The game, based on the trading cards from Topps, is meant for 3 to 6 players and the objective is to “Destroy cities, get your picture taken in front of famous monuments, and be the Martian with the most Earthling kills!” Keen. I’ve posted a couple of promotional videos below, but hit the link above for more information about the game. Just remember, “Nukes are bad.”

Game of Thrones Season 5: Trailer #2


There’s a new Game of Thrones trailer out. Check out all the quick glimpses of fan favorite characters who will probably die this season. Not saying, ‘just guessing. Also, I came across this Taylor Swift parody, Blank Page, from The Nerdist.

The Morning Moo!


With Cool Fan Art, an X-Men Parody, and Portal Stuff!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Feels like one of those days to really get stuff done. Y’know, try harder and really accomplish! So, I’m gonna eat big breakfast, take a nap, and maybe do a little mall walk’n. Oh, and if I can squeeze it in, I might just go catch a movie. Maybe that Hot Tube Time Machine squeal. Yup. Gotta strive.

Anyways, today we got some pretty cool stuff. There’s some fan art, a very cool Portal video, and a version of the X-Men that none of us ever wanted to see.


Spider-Gwen Fan Art


Check out this great illustration from Spanish artist, Rafael Teruel Cáceres (aka: Rafater on the deviant art), of Spider-Gwen! Rafater also has a video on the youtube showing how the illustration was created. Which is helpful, if you’re a terminator and you can take in data at super high speeds. Seriously, don’t call it a “how to” video if all it shows is a painting being made a warp speed. Though, it gets a lot better if you pretend he’s really painting that fast. Then it’s like, “holy shit! That guy’s an android!” Anywhat, it’s an excellent illustration and the video is still interesting to watch.

What if Wes Anderson Directed The X-Men


Don’t ever make this movie. Holy shit, can we please all agree that a Wes Anderson version of anything would be mostly awful. Except maybe Harry Potter. All the same, check out this funny parody of the X-Men movie, had it been written, produced, and directed by Mr. Anderson. The short film was produced by Patrick Willems, and it actually looks (feels) like a Wes Anderson picture.

Portal – Game Of Turrets


Via Harry101UK: Check out Game Of Turrets, which is both really cool, and also kind of creepy. Also, you’re gonna have that tune in your head for most of the day now. You’re welcome.

The Morning Moo!


Not News from Not News Guys.

Good damn morning, El Moochadores! For this edition of the Morning Moo we’ve got trailers and a writing contest! I’m still waking up, so let’s get into it, and see how much damage I can do.



Via Titan Books Facebook: Writers! Sorry, ‘didn’t mean to yell. Writers, the Debut Dagger Competition is now open to all unpublished authors who have an interest in writing crime fiction!

The Debut Dagger is open to anyone who has not yet had a novel published commercially. All shortlisted entrants will receive a professional assessment of their entries. Winning the Debut Dagger doesn’t guarantee you’ll get published. But it does mean your work will be seen leading agents and top editors, who have signed up over two dozen winners and shortlisted Debut Dagger competitors.

Check out more information and submission guidelines at the CWA Website and join their online community on Facebook.

Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer


Via Geeks of Doom: Thanks very much to the dude in the iMax who wouldn’t put down his fucking iPhone, we now get to watch the Game of Thrones: Season 5 trailer. Okay, I don’t know if this was recorded on a smart phone, but people in theaters just piss me off. Fucking just watch the movie, you assholes! Anyways, Check out this, kind of terrible, video of the GoT season 5 trailer that debuted at last nights IMAX screenings of Season 4. Looks like all of our favorites will be back (except Hodor… damn. hodor.) and, according to the Geeks of Doom post, the series will premiere on HBO on April 12, 2015!

Ted 2 – Official Trailer


A new Ted movie! Awesome! Check out the trailer for Ted 2 below. This time Ted is back and trying to prove his humanity. Kind sounds like the plot to Short Circuit 2… but with more cum jokes. Ted 2 will be in theaters June 26th.


Okay, El Moochadores, time to hit the showers and start the day like a human! The new Moocast is finished, and I’ll have it online sometime later today!


Hall of Heroes!


New Poster by Artist Scott Park!

Artist Scott Park has a new poster of over eighty female characters from television and film. The ladies from Star Trek to Firefly to DC to Pixar (and much more) all make an appearance on this poster which you can get a print of from Society6.com. Poster sizes vary from 7″x 10″ to 28″ x 40″. I think my favorites on this poster are the renditions of Pam and Lana Kane from Archer, but where’s Carol/Cheryl? What no love for the crazy? Anyways, hit the links above for more information and to see more of Scott’s really cool work!


Professor X Hodor


Speaking of Game of Thrones mash ups (see the last post), artist Marco D’Alfonso (aka m7781) did an excellent job of adding Hodor to the Marvel universe. Very nicely done.


Game of Poles


Via GeekXGirls.com: Folks, what you are about to witness here is a better mix than Chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a better mix than anything Chex could come up with. What is this magical swirl of greatness, you probably didn’t ask? It’s Game of Thrones and Pole Dancing. About damn time. Check out the amazing talents of the Pole Nerds, a group from Brazil (Brasil… que legal!) interested in gaming, fantasy, science fiction, and pole dancing.


Game of Thrones – 1980’s VHS Intro!


Via Laughing Squid: This tune will be in your head all day now. Ahh… the sweet synthesized goodness of 1980’s television drama. Anyways, Mikolaj Birek (on the Youtube) put together this great mock 1980’s version of the Game of Thrones intro using video from Hunterlsanders 1995 GoT intro, and music from Steve Duzz. Niffty cool. Check out Birek’s mix below, but also check out the original sources from Hunterlsanders and Duzz!


Amazing Geeky Cakes of Cakecrumbs!

commission__cookie_monster_cupcakes_by_cakecrumbs-d5aflte (1)

Via Deviant Art: So, Chudd and I are a couple of fellers that like cake. Well, any sweet pastry or bake good slathered in chocolate, ice cream, is pretty much okay by us; however today I found some cakes that I almost wouldn’t eat. Almost.

Check out these really great looking cakes by Australian creative Cakecrumbs! Cakecrumbs (aka Rhiannon) does a wonderful job of mixing art and baking to produce some really fun looking bake goods. She also has a website where you can see more of her great work. I’ve posted a small example of some of the more pop-culture related cakes, but go check out her site to see some really tasty looking stuff.


piranha_plant_pops_by_cakecrumbs-d6cu2c3 mike_wazowski_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d738aaa jupiter_structural_layer_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d6eqxe5 game_of_thrones_sigil_cupcakes_by_cakecrumbs-d7dmlev blue_ringed_octopus_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d6wl2r2

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