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A Fine Romance—Awesome Geek Art by Loopydave

A fine romance by Loopydave

I spotted this on DeviantArt.com last night and thought it would make for a great morning post. When Jedi came out, the Gamorrean Guards where some of our favorite back ground characters. We even dressed as them for Halloween in the 3rd grade. And who doesn’t love Miss Piggy, especially in her Pigs in Space costume? This is one of the coolest mash-ups I’ve seen in awhile. It’s by Australian illustraor Loopydave. He’s got more great geeky art work in his gallery. Also, I think this is his website where you can see more of his stuff. Check it out and enjoy!

It Came From the Swap Meet!

Early this morning (10:30…) Trog and I headed out to a local swap meet. Every now and then you can find something cool at a swap meet, like a Return of the Jedi watch, still running, with Princess Leia on one side of the band, and Jabba the Hutt on the other; or a copy of Logo Lounge 3 still in great condition. Mostly though, you go for the people… they make you want to work harder. Neither one of us wants to end up being the guy sitting on his blanket of goods, wanting to explain why the Japanese won’t buy his second hand Levi jeans anymore.

Leia Watch

I think we got this gem for a Dollar...

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