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Evening Moo: SubWars and Some Other Neat Stuff…


Hey El Moochadors. I gotta keep the post kind of quick tonight, but still, there’s a lot of nifty stuff floating around out there. I watched this awesome Star Wars inspired cartoon earlier (via Distracted by Star Wars), called SubWars. It was created by Vimeo user SeanSoong. I don’t know… I think I like the character designs best, but I also like the swift moving animation style. Check it out below.

A couple more things below….

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Late Night Moo…

Boa Noite El Moochadores and holy shit am I glad this day is coming to an end. Anyways, I wanted to take 10 or 20 hours and bitch up a storm about the shitty day I had and how stepping into oncoming traffic might be the magic cure I’ve been looking for, but then I listened to an edition of This Week With Larry Miller and felt at least a little better. I don’t know what it is about that podcast that cheers me up so damn much, but it works! So, instead of bitching about shit I’m not even sure I care about, I decided to post some cool stuff from the Internets.


How To Make Your Own Bebop

Via Geekologie, yeah the TMNT cartoon of the late ’80’s early ’90’s really sucked but this is kinda cool. Check out how one Ninja Turtles fan shows the world how to make a home made Bebop…

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The Morning Moo

I guess the advantage of not being able to sleep because of stress is all the things I was able to get done last night while awake. First I managed to pay some bills and figure out how much I had left to survive on—which isn’t much and, with no idea where my next bit of cash flow will be coming from, was also the reason why I couldn’t sleep. Also I managed to update my portfolio site, update a dozen or so files for my microstock work, finish a freelance project for a client, start a new microstock illustration, and watch a couple of pornos on Redtube.com (I’mma naughty boy…). I know I didn’t get to bed until after four this morning, and still some how I managed to get up at eight… I dunno… burning need to do the Morning Moo or something.

Anyhow, not much to report as far as Atomic Moo is concerned. Trog is almost finished (or says he is) with the next Moocast, and I’m looking forward to doing another one on Thursday. Also, for those who were wondering, the donation button in the side bar does actually work! I tested it out not too long ago, and yes, the money ended up in the Atomic Moo paypal account. Try it for yourselves and see!

Modern Games as Old NES Cartridges

Here’s something nifty I spotted on my reader this morning (via Geekologie.com); looks like these guys over at 72 pins are putting labels for new games on old NES cartridges. Looks like they’re selling them to… which is too bad because I’m broke. Any how, for those of you who are less broke, check’em out—well, first check out the donation button and give’er a try, then check out their site. You know… prioritize.

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