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What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School

An Atomic Moo Book Review!

I am not a graphic designer. However; Chud (Atomic Moo co-creator and my twin brother) is. Over the years Chud has collected an larger library of art and design books that I have only recently started to read. Which is weird, because I usually only read fantasy or science fiction novels. Seriously, it is very sad that I can only read a book if it has space ships blowing up or naked red Martian princesses in ’em, but something changed! These last couple of months I’ve been reading his collection, and now I’ll be posting all my muddled thoughts about them. Here we go!

Having now read What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School by Phil Cleaver (published How Books 2014) brought me to yet another realization that I have made some huge mistakes in my life. I should have gone into a creative field when I was a young man. If not graphic design, then certainly illustration… or anything else than what I did do. While reading this niffty little hard back, I kept imagining my current self some how going back in time and giving a 1999 version of myself this book and a bunch of advice. In my time travel fantasy I would appear in a flash of light wearing a silver cape (I am from the future) and blind my 1999 self with the powerful light of my iPhone 6 (it’s still from the future!) and command the attention of an confused young man obsessed with Star Wars and candy bars by saying, “Listen up Pork Chop! You’re going to art school!” Then I would also hand him a copy of Cleaver’s book. Yeah, I could probably just as well hand 1999 Trog a bunch of winning lotto numbers, and a sports almanac, but then fantasy he/me wouldn’t learn anything.

Anyways… What I hope 1999 me would get out this book is a deeper understanding of what it is to be in a professional creative’s career. What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School is like the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book of design books. I discussed the book with twin bro/Graphic Designer: Chud, and how it compared to his own start in graphic design, and he confirms that it covers a lot of areas universities, and art schools, leave out. Stuff like dealing with clients and co-workers, applying for the first internship or job, what it is like to be a junior designer, dealing with printers! It also contains useful stories from industry professionals about how they solved a particular problem or a unique design experience. The very book itself is an amazing example of quality design. There’s a beautiful uniformity to each page that clearly delivers the information and keeps the eye on the page. Also includes inspiring quotes and the ability to keep it in a coat pocket! Soon to, or recent, design grads should consider Cleavers book a necessary piece of armor in their battle for a satisfying career, because it lays down in clear terms a firm foundation of insightful knowledge absent at the university level. Hell, schools should just give graduating students this book along with their graphic design badges. Do graphic designers get badges? If not, they probably should. Badges just make jobs better.

Now at this point in my time travel fantasy, my future self is about to leave. It is 1999, and why the hell would anyone want to stay there, but past me is gonna have some questions:

“How awesome is the news Star Wars (Phantom Menace)?”
“It’s bad, kid. About as bad as Grandma dying, your girl friend breaking up with you, and finding out you were adopted all in the same hour. Heart breaking, really. Then Disney buys it.”
“And do they make it better?”
“No. Then it becomes like a corporation takes your dead grandma, puts her in a mini-skirt, and whores her out to morons drunk on PC culture. Then sometime later they chop her up, and force you to eat her.” (Which as I write this is the best way I’ve ever described Disney Star Wars. Disney Star Wars: Your dead hooker grandma chopped up and force fed back to you.)
“oh. Well, who’s the president?”
I rub my temples before answering, “Ehhhhh… Let’s not go there, but when it rains it pours.”
“Do I ever end getting married? Who’s my wife?”
“…Alyssa Milano,” I lie. Then I disappear back to the future.

If you read this review (I apologize) and you’re interested in getting your own copy of What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School, then go get a copy at Barnes & Nobles or order a copy online here!. Also, available on Nook!

Dedalo Playing Cards!


New Kickstarter from Thirdway Industries Custom poker size playing cards!

Giovanni Meroni is back with a new deck of playing cards featuring stunning new designs! No joke, these cards are amazing. I got all ASMR, brain tingling, just looking at them.6a62d25cdbe0973c797a1ca5ea727589_original Anyways, check out The Dedalo Playing Cards Kickstarter, and take in an almost spiritual experience in graphic design.

Inspired by mythology, each 52 card deck comes in a custom foil box and there are three different sets to choose from: Alpha, Omega, and Apeiron! Seriously, you have to read the kickstarter page just for the “myth” behind these cards! As of this post, Dedalo has already hit the funding goals (way to go Giovanni), but you still have an opportunity to contribute, get a set, and some cool rewards. I’ve posted a few sample images below, but hit the link above for more information about Dedalo, the campaign, and some very inspiring design work!

98f191d4e7f8de18c1ed3cd9b4284254_original 613b1ac865b309358c2d73e4bb3a6a10_original 613b1ac865b309358c2d73e4bb3a6a10_original

Omnia: The Golden Age!


New Kickstarter for Three Custom Playing Card Sets

One of our favorite Italian designers (okay, the only Italian designer we know) is back with a Kickstarter for 3 new, custom playing card decks! Check out the Omnia: The Golden Age from Italian designer,f0834ab8262c7634067768bdcbc8cd48_original Giovanni Meroni and Thirdway Industries. According to the Kickstarter page, these cards will be printed by Expert Playing Cards Co. with Classic Finish, and their original. Though style design is similar to the original Omnia set, these cards were “redesigned from scratch – with new characters, new symbology and a new limited edition.”

So far the campaign has hit it’s goal (and then some. Way to go Giovanni!), but there’s still 26 days to go and get yourself a custom deck! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but check out the Kickstarter page for more information on the design work, contributing, and available rewards.


3a2f14885509f9b710b8d2c002e82410_original 54fc7866f15ce16a3e7cd3724cd165ea_original 01462e6ff150c504f6c28015c08ef438_original

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The Good and the Evil… Decks


Original – Custom Illustrated – Decks of Playing Cards by Designer, Giovanni Meroni

Hello El Moochadores! Since Chudd and I have a strong interest in graphic design (and vector based art work) I wanted to share this very cool set of playing card decks by Italian graphic designer, Giovanni Meroni. The Good and Evil Decks are custom made sets of playing cardseviltuck that combine original graphic design elements with traditional playing card sets. Each deck is individually illustrated, and the suits and tuck boxes are “the antithesis of their counterparts in the other deck“. That means they’re opposites. Don’t act like you knew. Anyways, each suit follows a theme: Clubs are Nature, Hearts are Passion, Diamonds are Violence (Evil Deck) and Bravery (Good Deck), Spades are Magic (Evil Deck) and Faith (Good Deck).

So far, Meroni has finished work on the Evil Deck (it even won a best deck contest)10d and he is currently crowd source funding the Good Deck via Cardlauncher.com. When finally completed both decks will come in “elaborate matte tuck boxes with embossed super-glossy UV elements.”

Check out a few samples of the Decks below and for more information on the Decks, or to show support for this project, you can check out The Good Deck, or check out the Good Deck on Facebook.

Dammit, now I want to go and play some poker. I’m sure I’ll win this time…


qod kod joh

s13 s10 s8

h12 h11 d8

Alternative Movie, TV, and Gaming Prints From… DirtyGreatPixelsUK!!!


Good Morning El Moochadores! Right now a U.K. based graphic designer and illustrator is selling some amazing prints on Etsy.com! Check out the brilliant work of artist DirtyGreatPixelsUK; who has worked up new posters for films and games like Evil Dead, Mario Bros, and Robocop!

My designs are mostly inspired by movies, television and videogames, and I try to bring a fresh, alternative approach to my work. Fundamentally, I’m just a big old bag of geek which is what drives my imagination, and hopefully you’ll like the end results…!

DirtyGreatPixelUK can also be found on Facebook and Tumbler!

Check out a small sample of his work below!

Ed209 AtATPoster EvilDead MarioPoster Portal2 RollerBall

Star Wars Mock-Book Cover Design


Hey El Moochadors. Here’s my latest project that I’ve working on. It’s a mock-cover design for a Star Wars book. I’m not sure if this falls under fan art or fan fiction…? Anyhow, since I already posted about this on my own personal site, I’m just going to copy and paste some of what I wrote there in here to save time. I will say though that the copy on the back cover was written by Ameer, or Numbers as you know him from the Atomic Moocast. He came up with an awesome back story for the image, and I thank him for it. I’m kind of thinking he needs to write more and flesh it out. Finish what you started dude!

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Some of My New Star Wars Geek Art

Princess Leia Vector

Hey El Moochadors! I finished a couple pieces of my own Geek Art, and I thought I would share them here. Both Star War related. The Princess Leia illustration I finished last night (and I just noticed a couple things I need to fix… dammit…). I actually started this before Comic-Con, but things have been a little nuts since then, and I wasn’t able to finish it until last night.

Since I put so much time into her Blaster Rifle, I thought I should do something more with it. So I created this mock-ad for a “Blasteck Industries E-11 Blaster Rifle.” I thought I should make it look like an old vintage appliance ad, and I also added some texture to it to make it looked aged.

Blaster AD

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. If you guys have your own geek art you would like to share, shoot us a link and we’ll post about it. Later!

Atomic Moocast #23: Interview with Steam Crow!

Good evening El Moochadores and how the hell are you tonight? Good, I hope, and probably better once you give the new Atomic Moocast a listen. On this episode we had the opportunity to interview Steam Crow creator, Daniel Davis. Many thanks to Daniel for spending some time on our podcast and telling us all about his illustrations, wonderful creative web site, and making money at the cons!

Later in the Moocast (after the break) D20 jumps in the recording for a little “Moo-News” and helps us establish a key part of the cult of the Atomic Moo… The Danhood. All is explained on the Moocast, Mu HA HA Ha! Okay, enough of that. So, this is it folks! Squeeze on in to that comfy chair, pop the tab on that fizzy soda, get your best girl to curl up next to you, and hit play to start the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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An Evening Moo: Awesome Geek Art, Skyrim in Real Life, and Angry Bitches

Alien by Josip Kelava

Hey El Moochadors. I’m currently talking with a couple other members of the Moocast right now, planning out tomorrow’s episode, so it’s a little tough trying to write and focus on the conversation at the same time. I’ll soldier on though…

Shit… where was I? Yeah, anyhow, I came across some fantastic looking geek art that you should check out. The series is called “Heroes and Villains” by Josip Kelava. This is the stuff I really love to see, and at the same time makes me a little envious that I’m not creating work like this. I love the ultra-realistic illustrations combined with some great looking typography. Check out the rest of the images after the jump, as well as a couple other nifty items I found on the net tonight. Enjoy!

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