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The Atomic Moocast #96!


Hello again El Moochadores! Today we have another great edition of the Atomic Moocast ready to go! It’s fresh! Right off the factory floor! Home or Office delivered! Gluten free… Sorry, I just woke up and I’m still feel’n a little “out of it.” CVHB1_FrontCover-680x1024 Anyways, on this episode we talk with independent comic creator (and musician) David Lucarelli. David is the writer of a fantastic graphic novel, The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, and he’s a damn good interview. So give it a listen and check out the links below to find out more about the comic and it’s sequel, Age of the Wicked! I’ve also posted a few sample pages from the first book to give you a look at the cool art by Henry Ponciano. Keen.

So, here we go folks! It’s Atomic Moocasting time! Which also means it’s time to relax, get comfortable, crack open a cool beverage, and slather your brain in a little geek creativity.


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Sample Pages from CVHB!

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Down Arrow

Death Sentence Vol. 1

An Atomic Moo Comic Review!


Okay, so a doctor tells a man he has six months to live, but the man can’t pay his bill so the doctor gives him another six months. Nyuck.

Sorry, but that’s the only joke I know about six months to live. Not that I think dying in half a year is a happy subject, but it is a brilliant set up to Titan Comic’s new comic, Death Sentence! In Death Sentence there’s the nasty G+ Virus infecting people all around the globe. The virus is deadly, but it infuses the infected with new abilities and superpowers. Which makes me ask, would I trade the rest of my life for a half a year of super human abilities? Answer: no. Fortunately the protagonist of Death Sentence don’t have that choice. They’re infected and they deal with it in away that takes super hero comics to a new level. Here’s the synopsis:

052213_deathsentence1Three people have contracted the G+ Virus, an infectious agent that gives you incredible powers – before killing you! What will struggling graphic designer Verity, failing indie guitarist Weasel and roguish media personality Monty do in the time that remains? Fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory? And if they choose to kick back… will there be anything left of the world when they’re through?

This isn’t just a comic, it’s the successful melding of punk rock and superpower comics. It’s a roller coaster of sex, addiction, acid touch, phasing, and callous humor. It’s fantastic! Written by Monty Hero and illustrated by Mike Dowling This is one of those comics that brings sequential story telling to another level. Death-Sentence-06-600x258It ranks up there with all time comic greats like Killing Joke, Saga, or Watchmen and demonstrates, in a powerful way, that comics can be for adults! I think readers will enjoy the chaos as Verity and Weasel, two people who can’t even manage their own lives, are thrust into the position of trying to save the world! Also, there’s Monty. I don’t want to spoil anything but his hedonism is epic. Anyways, I highly recommend this comic and urge you to add it to your collection of all time great stories. Also, if you could trade the rest of your life for six months of super powers, what powers would you want? Keep in mind, you’d die soon, but still…

Death Sentence is available in all major books stores or you can get your copy online at Titan-Comics.com! Check out a few sample pages from the book below!

DeathSentence_Issue01_P8web_2.jpg.size-600 DeathSentence_Issue01_P14web_1.jpg.size-600 DeathSentence2PREVIEW5web_1.jpg.size-600 DeathSentence2PREVIEWweb_1.jpg.size-600 ds-4-page-1_web_1.jpg.size-600 DS-4-page-4_web.jpg.size-600

Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of The Weirding Willows!


I’m trying to think of a good analogy for “a blend of things” that compares well with The Weirding Willows, A fantastic new graphic novel by Atomeka and Titan Comics. The collection of comics (1 to 6) mixes many of the fantasies of the 19th century into a brilliantly illustrated adventure tale starring a grown up version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Who just happens to be the daughter of scientist/ surgeon Doctor Moreau. Oh, and she doesn’t wear pants through most of the first issue. Anyways, I figured since this books blends different elements of other stories so well, I’d try to do some mixing of my own. Here goes: The Weirding Willows is like that big spit bucket you find on the counter of wineries during a wine tour. A big, swirling mix, of fine vintage goods. But, you know, without all the spit. huh. Okay, maybe that’s not such a good analogy. Check out the synopsis while I think of another one:

From Frankenstein’s Monster to a giant purple T-rex, from talking rabbits to winged monkeys, from a kidnapped Mowgli to a werewolf with a secret, there’s never a quiet day in the Weir – and Alice and her friends are all that stand between these worlds, and those who would exploit them.sample_4
In this first mysterious collection, Alice’s father, Doctor Moreau, strikes a deal with the Wicked Witch of the West, and Alice must uncover the truth behind the Witch’s request before her father commits to something he will regret!

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. Writer Dave Elliott connected worlds and crossed paths brilliantly to create a new fantasy landscape out of old stories. It had action, humor, and yeah, Alice is just the right amount of sexy and adventurous to make her worth reading. I also enjoyed the art, by Barnaby Bagenda and Sami Basri, which was fun and brought the critters to life. So, I guess I’m saying this comic is like a melted bucked of Neapolitan ice cream. Many great flavors oozing together to make one great warm sticky shake… oh forget it.

The Weirding Willows is available in all major bookstores or you can get your copy online at Titan Comics! I’ve posted a few sample pages below (found online, scanners down again…), but go buy the book to see more!

Sample_1 Sample_2 Sample_3

On the Coast of Dreams

Kickstarter campaign for a new GRAPHIC NOVEL!


Good morning El Moochadores! I’ve been wanting to tell all of you about this great looking Kickstarter campaign for the last few days, but I didn’t have the time (until this morning) to write the article. So, without any further interruptions, or delays, I’d like all of you fun loving indie comic fans to check On the Coast of Dreams!

On the Coast of Dreams is sample3 a fantastic looking new fantasy graphic novel from Czech independent comic creators Viktor Šauer and Michael Petrus (also two guys who I would never play poker against – watch the video), and is the story is about a man fighting through a dream world to save his daughter. Check out the synopsis below:

In the story we will follow a journey of a man,2185ca1fa42045e5dc6f3adf799edcf6_large whose daughter is trapped in a coma and he has to travel into the world of dreams to get a chance to fight for her life. In the world of dreams they call him “The Seeker”. He encounters a wide variety of individuals and intelligent entities. While some of them try to help him on his way, others want to destroy him. So not only does he have to fight with his direct enemies, but also with the enemies like fear, hidden deep inside himself. At the same time, his path shows him his own strengths and power, which has always been there; he just didn’t realize how to use it. It is a story of hope, determination and an overcoming of personal limits. And the worst part is that he does not have much time…

Also helping to create the book are Miloš “Mankin” Mičátek (letters), Tomas Holub (project manager), and Ricky Barrington (language stylistics).cd602f684fce2dc03ea71ce4f63a4398_large As of this post the project has earned about a third of the $9,000 they need to finish the book, but there is still plenty (27 days to go) of time to go contribute. I’ve posted some sample art from the graphic novel and their Kickstarter video below. Click on the link above to visit their page to see the many rewards being offered to contributors, which includes posters, comics, digital downloads, t-shirts, and much more!


70cb4324ecc9093ab79d7ffb326a07f5_large 247ae5783470e940ef75f14eb238a968_large dcaa534f6df5d832d418b2ccb6e34e59_large

Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of IT CAME!


Ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to meet Grurk. He’s an indestructible robot from another planet and, in true b-movie form, he’s here to smash the 1950’s English country side in the wonderful graphic novel, It Came! Created by Dan Boultwood this hard bound collection of It Came comics is a funny and thrilling new graphic novel published by Titan Books. Here’s the synopsis:

1958. Driving through the British countryside, unthinkingly misogynistic space scientist, Dr. Boy Brett, and his companion, Doris Night, pop into a quaint village pub for a cheese ploughman’s…ItCame_5
But waiting for them outside is a most unwelcome visitor: Grurk, an indestructible, monosyllabic robot from outer space, on a mission to harvest the British Blitz spirit for energy!Pursuing Grurk in their Morris Minor, will Boy and Doris be able to save the British from a life without stiff upper lippedness, or will Her Majesty’s Kingdom be forever resigned to a life down in the mouth?

It Came was a treat. The illustration and lay out of the book is excellent. Boultwood has an unique illustration style that simplifies (in a good way!) yet engages the reader. He knows just how to capture the right moments of action and expressions for an exciting story about a mad alien robot. Y’know, our kind of story.ItCame_1 Layered on top of the amazing art work is some of the best humor in comics since Dead Pool. Nothing is taken too serious and the book is full of mock ads, intermissions, and title pages reminiscent of an 1950’s movie going experience. All you need is a box of pop corn and your set. Well, except then your buttery fingers might mess up an excellent graphic novel… Anyways, below I’ve posted a few more sample images from the graphic novel. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to purchase the novel on the Titan Books web site, but it is out in store now and it can be purchased online at Barnes & Nobles online store.


ItCame_7 ItCame_6 ItCame_4 ItCame_3 ItCame_2

Atomic Moo Comic Review: Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher

These last few years my beliefs have become more atheistic. All the b.s. I was taught in Sunday school just doesn’t make much sense, and I haven’t heard much else that does. Still, I tend to hope there is something more to this life than what there appears to be. It just seems like a damn shame to acquire a life-worth of experience, skill, and knowledge to have it all fade out into a void. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with all this… I think this electronic trance music I’m listening to is having a strange effect on me, and this graphic novel Titan sent us to review has got me thinking about this sort of stuff.

The book is called Number Cruncher, a four issue series that’s been crunched (get it???) into one book. Written by Si Spurrier and drawn by PJ Holden. Alright, this is where I hit a roadblock, because I’m not sure how to describe this story. So I guess I’ll let Titan do that for me and post he synopsis below:

Dying young, a brilliant Mathematician discovers a way to cheat the terrifying Divine Calculator. He schemes to be endlessly reincarnated in the life of the woman he loves, no matter how often the violent bailiffs of the Karmic Accountancy cut short each life. It falls to one such Karmic agent – the surly Bastard Zane – to put a stop to the time-twisting romance once and for all, before the Mathematician can pull-off his greatest trick and escape Existential Justice forever!

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Max Payne 3 The Complete Series and Assassin’s Creed: Hawk

Max Payne and Assassin's Creed Covers

So Titan sent us a couple more graphic novels to review, based on popular video game series Max Payne and Assasin’s Creed. Unfortunately I’ve never played either, but I did promise Trog I would read through them both. Sorry, I’m not much of a gamer (although I’ve been getting disturbingly addicted to Team Fortress 2 lately… DAMN YOU VALVE!), and I feel like I’m going into this pretty half-assed. Having said that, here we go….

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Marada The She Wolf

Marada Titan Cover

Damn, I never know how to begin these things. Maybe if I had a fully functional brain right now, that wasn’t hopped up on cookie dough and Monster energy drinks, this would be easier. I guess I should just dive into it and do our review of Marada the She Wolf. Trog got this fromTitan a couple weeks ago, but since he’s already got a pretty full plate of books to review, he passed it over to me. Honestly, I enjoyed it. The book contains three adventure stories of Marada, and her young companion Arianrhod (not really sure how to pronounce that), written by Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men) and illustrated by John Bolton (Books of Magic).

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Sharky! Volume 1: When Titans Clash

Sharky—Atomeka Comics

Hey El Moochadors, sorry I missed last week’s comic review. Seemed I caught a mild case of Captain Trips last weekend, and wasn’t up to siting in front of my Mac, with a head full of snot, trying to review the latest issue of Deadpool (which was fucking awesome by the way). Anyhow, Titan Books sent us another graphic novel to review. This time it’s Sharky! Volume 1: When Titans Clash by Atomeka Press, written by Dave Elliott and illustrated by Alex Horley. It’s about a comic booking loving 16 year old lad, who—from what I understood in the comic—is an illegitimate son of Odin (or Vilak…?), and is able to transform himself into the musclebound shade wearing Sharky. I think that’s about it…

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Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of Everybody Loves Tank Girl!!!


I kinda imagine reading a Tank Girl comic and getting smashed in the face by the same Tank Girl Comic are about the same experience… but in a good way. Fresh off the presses from the great and mighty Titan Books is a new hardback collection of Tank Girl stories by Jim Mahfood and Alan C. Martin! Here’s the books synopsis from the Titan Books website:

Everyone’s favorite outback anarchist is back to blow things up, swear profusely and offend the elderly! Alan C. Martin teams up with wunderkind Jim Mahfood to bring you Tank Girl as you’ve never seen her: wild, raw, foul-mouthed and forever rockin’ but rendered in a style that will bring pleasure to thine eyes. Meet The Wee Wee Brothers, travel south to a Hippie Fest with all the gang, take a tour around Booga’s factory, and let Tank Girl show you How To Dress Quite Good.

Okay, that doesn’t really cover it all, because there is also cool poems, a baby sitting story arc, and way more cursing! What with the often chaotic art style and rapid humor, this book is more like an angry assault on your visual senses… BUT IN A GOOD WAY! I enjoyed the hell out of Everybody Loves Tank Girl and recommend that you stop what you are doing right now and go get a copy ASAP! Also, go check out that goofy Tank Girl Film they did back in the mid ’90’s! I don’t give a shit what people say, I’m still in love with Lori Petty!

Below I’ve posted a few sample images from the book and a cool Mahfood and Martin video about Tank Girl I found over at Comics Alliance! Oh, yeah, and there’s the trailer to the ’90’s Tank Girl flick too! I still love it so damn much!!!

TankGirlONe TankGirlTwo TankGirlThree

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