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Okay El Moochadores. Here is my “mostly finished” Kilowog fan art. I used Adobe Illustrator CS2 for all of the vector work (yeah, I’m too poor/cheap for the creative cloud, and CS2 works great anyways), and I used one of Jason’s daily sketches as the reference.daily_sketch__kilowog_sketch_050914_by_jrmurray76-d7hvawv (1) I’m hoping to do more all digital art like this, but maybe start using more Photoshop elements in the future. One of my goals is to one day get as good as artist like Rocky Davies, but I think I still got a ways to go. Anyways, check out more of Jason’s sketch, type, and digital work on his Deviant Art page. You can also check out my meager work on my DA page. I’m already starting work on a new “Oola” illustration, and I’ll have post up about it soon.


The Morning Moo!


With Lego Looms and Green Lantern Busts!

Good morning El Moochadores! ‘kind of tough get the ball roll’n this morning. It would certainly be nice to go back to bed, but I’m up now and mostly ready with some great stuff. This morning we got Green Lantern art, a Lego Loom, but first let’s start with…

Martin Freeman Interviews Sir Ian Mckellen!


Last December the shortlist.com published this interview between Hobbit actors Martin Freeman and Sir Ian Mckellen. I know it’s a bit late (way late), but I just read the interview and thought it was worth passing along. Hit the link above to read it in full.

LEGO Loom!


Via Make: Yeah, I’m probably posting about too much LEGO stuff lately, but this is actually pretty neat. Well, “neat” if you really need to make a very small blanket, or a cozy for your pencil… Still, check out the LEGO Loom from French mechanical engineer, Nicolas Lespour. What’s great (if you have the time and the LEGOs) Lespour also included links with instructions on how to build the loom. So, we can now all make tiny blankets. Keen.

Green Lantern Hologram Bust: John Stewart!


Via Deviant Art: Check out this amazing bust of Green Lantern: John Stewart! The bust was created by Walter O’Neal (aka: No-Sign-of-Sanity, aka: Professor Oreo), and is 1:6 bust of a the Green Lantern being projected up from the centers of his power rings. Hologram style. As to why he started with John Stewart and not Hal Jordan, O’Neal said:

Well I’m a big fan of the Justice League animated series and love John Stewart’s look on the show, so I wanted to try to translate that into a more realistic version. Plus at the time everyone and their mom was doing art of Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, so sculpting John was another way to stand out among the crowd. You can’t see it here, but I even added some glow in the dark paint to his pupils so when you turn out the light his eyes glow green like they do on the show. + 5 coolness points to me.

Yeah, but -10 for not starting with Ch’p. And what about G’nort!?! No one does enough with G’nort these days. Anyways, despite the lack of any animal like Green Lanterns, this bust is nothing short of incredible. Check out O’Neal’s concepts for future busts below, and please go visit his deviant page (link above) to see more of his work.

6__atrocitus__color__by_no_sign_of_sanity-d8j6oxg 4__sinestro__color__by_no_sign_of_sanity-d8j6oap 2__hal_jordan__color__by_no_sign_of_sanity-d8j6nsj

Dungeon League—Awesome Comic/RPG Toys by Sillof

Dungeon League

Hey El Moochadors, check out these awesome looking custom toys by Sillof. They’re like Dungeon and Dragon versions of the more popular DC Comics’ characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash). Sillof has done some amazing looking stuff before (especially his Star Wars mash-ups) and definitely worth taking some time to check out. Anyhow, I gotta run, but check out the figures below. Later!

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Atomic Moocast #48: Interview with Margie Cox!!!


We just love podcasting! So, we’re back with another episode of the grand (free), thought provoking (free), hilarious (free, free, free) Atomic Moocast! Recorded, for your listen holes on this Moocast, is our interview with model, cosplayer, actress, writer, and all around great geek girl:
Margie Cox!!!

Marie Cox

Just before the interview, Chudd and I discuss Russian pelting meteors, the State of the Moo, and poor, poor, Arzt. So brace your selves for another exciting audio adventure into the slick minds of Atomic Moo by: finding a frosty cool beverage, cushioning your selves on your favorite comfy chair, then hit play and let the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about roll into head!!!

Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • Funk Game Loop
  • Just Funking Off
  • As I Figure

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Awesome Superhero Mash-up Geek Art

Flash Hulk by doubleleaf

Damn, I can’t seem to focus tonight. I’m trying to get through a couple projects today, but I keep allowing myself to get distracted… like by hoping on to Atomic Moo here. So, while I was procrastinating I spent some time on deviantArt and I came across these awesome superhero mash-ups by dA artist doubleleaf. I have no idea what their real name is, all I know is they’re female, Japanese, and extremely talented (I can only hope she’s single and into goofy looking white guys…). Take a look at her gallery for more great work. I’m gonna go see if I can focus and get something done tonight. Later!

Green Wolverine by doubleleaf Captain Bat by doubleleaf Captain Crawler by doubleleaf

Atomic Moocast # 31: Interview with Rosie Ceballos

Here we go El Moochadores! Yet another Atomic Moocast is online and ready to be received by your eager listening holes. For this Moocast we interviewed San Diego based film maker Rosie Ceballos to talk about her film project Alone: A Zombie Short Film. Rosie was very cool to talk to and we hope to get her on the Moocast again someday. Of course we also had much of the same stuff that makes the Atomic Moocast so cool. Stuff like conversations with D20, Buttery Wholesomeness, Numbers and some geek news and movie reviews. Now’s the time folks! Go find a frosty beverage that fizzes on your lip; Then flop down into a used yet comfy chair you like best and get ready to start the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • Fast Talkin
  • As I Figure
  • Funk Game Loop
  • One Eye Maestro


  • Alone: A Zombie Short Film on Kickstarter
  • More Links to come soon… I promise.

Evening Moo: Mechawhales, Comic-Con, and Some Awesome Geek Art

Geen Lantern Arisia by jaytablante

Alright… it looks like I’m between projects right now, and I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I finalized a project with a client earlier (and actually got paid on the spot!), and I just finished an upload to my microstock accounts. I know I should hop on to the next thing, but… yeah. I’m tired. So I thought I would do a quick post, and relax a little. I can hear Trog in the back trying to finish last week’s Moocast. Hopefully he’ll have it done soon. Other than that, not much else to report as far as Atomic Moo is concerned.

Anyhow, I spotted the above image on Deviant Art a day or two ago. Every time I look at it I start drooling… I gotta get out more. It’s by photographer Jaytablante. I think I’ve mentioned him on here before and posted some of his work. If you get a chance, check out his gallery. Lots of good stuff in there.

More stuff below…

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Late Night Moo…

Folks, these times are tough and got me feeling low. But not so long ago a wiser man than me once said, “Sometimes you just got to say fuck it, get drunk and storm the castle anyways!” Okay, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I do know this thing Chudd and I have started is about the only gleaming ray of sunlight in my otherwise overcast life. So, let’s make the goddamn best of it. Here’s two things of interest I found on the Webs tonight…


New Green Lantern Animation… Clips!

The WB has just released a couple of clips for the upcoming Green Lantern animated series. The show premiers Friday 11/11 at 7/6 central and so far… No Ch’p! WTF dammit all! We were cheated out of a Ch’p in the movie this one better have a glowing green space squirrel or… something! I don’t know what. I’m not any good at making up threats I’ll never follow through with. Check out the clips.

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Late Night Moo…

Ola gente! Chudd’s been taken down by a nasty cold so I’m getting to do today’s only post. I’m also trying to finish the latest Moocast. So instead of the many paragraphs of wit and wisdom I usually include before the good stuff, let’s instead just hop right in and check out something Sir Noel sent me earlier today…

Go Beyond The Cover

Okay, I’m not totally sure but I think this is the world’s most heavily tattooed man sitting down for just a little cover up.

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Atomic Moo Movie Review: Green Lantern

Promotional image from Green Lantern Movie

For those of you who listen to (or are familiar with) the Geek Show Podcast you might already have heard the term “big dumb fun.” It’s away of describing a movie that the critics hate, but regardless,  a person can still like the film for some personal reason. I have a lot of “big dumb fun” movies in my dvd collection and, yeah, sometimes it really is fun to put on The Rock or Die Hard 4 and just enjoy them for what they are. Explosions, quick action, Maggie Q, and the occasional witty one-liner. Nick Cage in The Rock, 1996These movies may not be grounded in reality but they go great with a night off, bowl of pop-corn, and bag of peanut M&M’s. So, going into see Green Lantern (and after hearing some dismal early reviews) I kind of expected that this would be one of my own Big Dumb Fun movies. After all, I like the star and films director. The film features Sinestro not as villain but as a Green Lantern, and most important of all, it’s fucking Green Lantern (period!). That’s all I really needed. Or so I thought. Now after having watched the film I’m actually kind of bummed out because I don’t know if (at the very least) I can accept this movie even as big dumb fun because it wasn’t fun.

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