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Happy Halloween!


Hey El Moochadores! It’s our favorite time of the year, and it has become sort of a tradition to re-post some of our favorite Halloween cartoons! Y’know, invite the good spooky vibes. I’ve also included a small list of links to full (and mostly awful) horror movies currently up on the Youtube. Anyways, check out this small collection and we hope you all have a Happy Halloween. Now I am off to get drunk on cheap booze, and sick on small candy. Hit the jump to see all the videos!


Horror Flicks

Donald Duck – Trick or Treat

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Good evening El Moochadores! Our favorite holiday of the year is less than a day away now, and we thought we’d celebrate it with a few of our favorite Halloween related videos! So, in the spirit of the fun, weird, and spooky, please enjoy Disney’s 1949 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Disney’s 1940 Fantasia:its-a-great-pumpkin-charlie-brown-movie-poster-1966-1020427391 Night on Bald Mountain, and The Green Ruby Pumpkin from Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma. I wanted to add It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown but I couldn’t find any adequate links. However, you can see the full movie on the ABC website. I apologize for the annoying commercials. So, here we go folks! Enjoy the flicks and feel the vibe and we hope you all have a great Halloween!


Awesome 14-Foot AT-ST Halloween Costume!

AT-ST Costume

Hey, check out this kick ass AT-ST Halloween costume I just came across in my reader (via Geekologie.com). It was created by a guy named Scott Holden, and you can see how he put this epic piece of cosplay together here. Take a look and let us know what you think. Later!



Donald Duck: Trick or Treat

Honestly, I’m not really in the mood to do much else right now except sit here and watch cartoons. Check out some of these that I’ve found. Happy Halloween!

Because Halloween is almost here… Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

Okay, I know I post this almost every year, but it’s almost Halloween damnit and I love this cartoon! So, here it: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

Enjoy… or else.

The Green Ruby Pumpkin

Via Geek Tyrant; Okay El Moochadores, here’s just a little more Halloween awesomeness to get you revved up for the holiday! The Green Ruby Pumpkin is a short film produced by Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma, a pair of visual effects artist. I think they capture the spirit of the holiday perfectly and I also think they cast one smoking hot Bride of Frankenstein! Watch the video below and also check out the “making of” video below that.

Geek O’Lanterns!!!

Okay, I didn’t come up with the term “Geek O’Lantern.” I actually got the term from Geeks are Sexy, which is also were I found these wickedly awesome comic and sci-fi themed Jack O’Lanterns! According to the article;

The Most Amazing Geek-o’-Lanterns You’ll See All Week

Halloween kicks off the best part of the year (at least in my opinion), but I’ve gotta tell you guys: jack-o’-lanterns really don’t do it for me. I was never a fan of scooping out pumpkin guts, and carving the same old triangle-eyed face got old sometime in the 90s. That’s why I was so stoked to find these incredible, geeky jack-o’-lanterns, featuring every awesome thing from Alien to the X Files, including our favorite malevolent hibernating overlord, Cthulhu.

These pumpkins are all part of the amazing Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, Rhode Island. The event is hosted every year with a different theme. These are from the “All the World’s a Stage” show, happening now at Roger Williams Park Zoo from through November 3. The Spectacular features more than 5000 pumpkins carved with scenes from well-known movies, Broadway hits and television series, and as you can see here, comic books. Additionally, there’s a section just for pup-o-lanterns, which showcases incredible pumpkins carved with an “amazing variety of dog species,” and a kids-only section with classic Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Proceeds support the Roger Williams Park Zoo education and conservation efforts, and assist with zoo maintenance and improvement funding.

What an awesome way to ramp up for Halloween! Check out the artwork below and happy Halloween!

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton’s Original Poem

Via Geek Tyrant; I’ve been so wrapped up in work and Atomic Moo projects that I almost forgot this is the month for Halloween. It’s actually both Chudd’s and mine 2nd favorite holiday (…2nd only to Comic Con) and to help us get in a spooky mood here’s Tim Burton’s original The Nightmare Before Christmas poem set to some very nifty animation and narrated by the great Christopher Lee. Give it a look and I hope this inspires you all to make some great costumes and have fun Halloween!


Atomic Moocast #11: Dibbuk!

Ola El Moochadores, and here it is at last our final October-Halloween episode; Dibbuk! In this episode D20, Sir Noel, Chudd, and I discuss the most mind dribbling terrifying things of this world like Spontaneous Human Combustion, The Dibbuk Box, Galvanism, and The Mothman. Listen in and hear us reference and joke about such cool things as Mysterious Universe, The end of the world, and D20’s own personal experiences with the unknown and unexplained.

Music for the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com.

Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • Darkness is Coming

Additional Music used in the Atomic Moocast:

  • Thriller, by Michael Jackson
  • Feed my Frankenstein, by Alice Cooper
  • Never Gonna Stop, by Rob Zombie

Hey folks, don’t forget to share the Moocast with your friends and look for ways to support it’s growth. By which I mean it would really help to have more reviews on iTunes, like us on facebook, and maybe (if possible) leave us a small donation.

Some Nifty Halloween Stuff

Lord of the Rings Pumpkin

Any plans I had of doing something fun this Halloween weekend have been tossed out the window. Can’t seem to get over this damn cold, and I don’t want go anywhere where there’s a bunch of girls dressed in slutty costumes and end up spreading my diseases all over them—well, actually that is what I’d like to do, but not when I can barely breathe and have snot streaming outta my nose. Anyhow, since I’m staying in, I spotted some nifty Halloween stuff on my reader I thought I should pass along. Like this nifty Lord of the Rings pumpkin (spotted via GeeksAreSexy.net). No idea who carved it, and I’m too lazy to track the links down to find out. Still, who ever did it, good job!

Zombei Poodle

Zombie Poodle

Usually I hate it when people dress their pets up in cute little costumes, but since I hate poodles even more, and this ended up looking really bad ass, I’m okay with it (found via BoingBoing.net).

The Gawper

Here’s a short CGI animation that I watched earlier (via GeekTyrant.com) by a group that calls themselves A Large Evil Corporation. It’s very short, but I really like the style of it and it definitely gives off a Halloween vibe. Check it out below.

Gawper from A Large Evil Corporation on Vimeo.

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