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66 Behind the Scenes Photos from The Empire Strikes Back on IMGUR!!!


Good evening El Moochadores! Okay, I didn’t post all 66 images here. Sorry, but I’m very tired, and I want to go to bed soon. However, I did post a few sample images (mostly of Carrie Fisher, she was just so damn cute!!!) and if you want to see the rest please go visit Joinyouinthesun’s page on IMGUR. Anywhat, check out a few of the images below. Some of the 66 in the album are very popular, but there were many in there that I had never seen. Like the Wampa attacking the Snowtrooper. Give them a look at let us know which pictures you liked the most!

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STAR WARS 80s High School by Artist Denis Medri!!!


Via Geek Tyrant; Good Morning El Moochadores! A while ago we posted about the the wonderful illustration by artist Denis Medri, but today I saw several more illustration by Medri depicting scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy as if it were a 1980’s high school drama. This is pretty cool and not a totally bad idea for an actual movie. Check out the sample images below and make sure to visit Medri’s Deviant Art page to see more of his brilliant work!


P.S. I tried to put them in order like in the actual films, but I’m also rushing out the door to get to work! So, sorry if some fall out of place!

star_wars_80s_high_school___leia_message_by_denism79-d5vt5zh star_wars_80_s_high_school___vader_the_bullit_by_denism79-d5w9xib star_wars_80s_high_school___vader__leia_and_troops_by_denism79-d5xsac4 star_wars_80s_high_school___luke_binary_sunset_by_denism79-d5w64l5 star_wars_80_s_high_school___ackbar_ninb_lobot_by_denism79-d5whc2n star_wars_80_s_high_school___prof_kenobi_save_luke_by_denism79-d5x9xit star_wars_80s_high_school___han_shot_first_by_denism79-d5vxg6b star_wars_80_s_high_school___millenumfalcon_by_denism79-d5xgjt4 star_wars_80_s_high_school___let_chewbie_win_by_denism79-d5wi6lg star_wars_80_s_high_school___prof_yoda_train_luke_by_denism79-d5xknto star_wars_80s_high_school___han_meet_lando_by_denism79-d5xojik

Awesome Star Wars meets Star Trek Geek Art

Star Wars meets Star Trek - Han Solo and Uhura by rhymesyndicate

Star Wars meets Star Trek - Kirk and Leia by rhymesyndicate

Well, since I’m flat broke and outta gas, I guess I’m not going anywhere tonight. Might as well do a post, right? It’s been kind of a fucked up day anyhow. Never mind that shit though, take a look at these awesome geek-art mash-ups I came across on deviantArt earlier. They’re by dA artist rhymesyndicate (Robert Shane). I guess he didn’t want to piss off either Star Trek nerds or Star Wars nerds. Check out this guy’s gallery though; he’s got a bunch of more great mash-ups he’s illustrated. Like this Vader vs. a Xenomorph painting (below).

Darth Vader Meets His Match by rhymesyndicate

Pretty Kick-ass, right? Anyhow, take a look and enjoy.

Great Looking Star Wars Stencil Art

These droids are pain in the by MrQst

Check out these awesome looking Star Wars illustration by DeviantArtist MrQst. They’re done in a nifty looking stencil/ graffiti-like style. He’s done four so far, and hopefully he’ll do a few more (A Chewbacca or Darth Vader illustration done in this style would be pretty kick ass… just an idea…).

mr solo by MrQst bfett by MrQst it's a clone by MrQst

Spaghetti Western Star Wars Posters

Via Nerd Approved; It actually makes a lot of sense. Take Star Wars and mash it hard with the cheaply produced Italian westerns of the 1960’s and BANG! Something groovy happens like this set of posters created by artist Tim Anderson. also be sure to check out Anderson’s Website to see more great pulp style covers of famous movies and amazing artwork.

Morning Regurge

Hey El Moochadors. It looks like the rest of this week is going to be kind of hectic for me. I decided a couple weeks ago to back off from freelancing and look for full time employment again, and I’ve managed to get some interviews this week. I’m hoping something will work out of all this. If I could get a steady income coming in again, then maybe I could relax a little and spend more time on my nights and weekends with Atomic Moo, and focus more on the projects I want to work on.

Any how, here’s a deleted scene from ESB that’s being passed around like herpes at a drunken orgy. It’s a little more of Han and Leia’s exchange on Hoth. Though there are some interesting things in this scene, like Han pretty much calling Leia a frigid bitch, I’m kind of glad it was cut from the final film. Something just feels really forced with this. Like they’re trying too hard… I dunno. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Star Wars Dogs…

Star Wars Dogs


Star Wars as a Silent Film

Silent Star Wars

Good morning geeks! Here’s something neat and goofy that I just came across (via NerdBastards.com). It’s Star Wars as a silent film… I dunno, I kinda expected Chaplin to come waddling in and start fighting Darth Vader with his cane… Anyhow, check it out below and let us know what you think.

The Worst Couple in the Universe

The Worst Couple in the Universe

Here’s another nifty instructional film from OneMinuteGalactica. They’ve done some great Star Wars based stuff, like Luke Skywalker with OCD, or Existential Star Wars. as well as some other geeky videos. This one portrays Han and Leia as “The Worst Couple in the Universe.” Of course their names were changed to protect their identity. Anyhow, check it out below and let us know what you think.

Star Wars Pop Art of Nicholas Hyde

Darth Fader

Hey El Moochadors! Check out the work of a young lad who’s hoping to make something out of himself. His name is Nicholas Hyde, and he sent us an email last night pointing us to his work of Star Wars based pop art. Being the big Star Wars nerds that we are, of course we had to check it out. I’ll post some of his work below, but he’s got an etsy.com store and a society6.com shop for you to check out. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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