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Kick-Ass 2: Extended NSFW Trailer!


Good morning El Moochadores! Check out below the extended NSFW trailer for Kick-Ass 2! This film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jim Carrey, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and looks to be a lot of fun! Kick-Ass 2 will be in theaters August 16th.

The Excellent Geek Art of Dmitry Grebenkov!!!


Good damn morning, El Moochadores! Take a long look at some amazing art I found on Deviant Art this morning while looking for Bronie art…er… porn. Yeah, I found this while looking for porn. Anyways, digital artist, Dmitry Grebenkov is a Russian digital artist who has a real knack for making fun geek art! Below are a few samples of his work, but follow the links back to see more of his portfolio!


25_years_later_hitgirl_by_dmitrygrebenkov-d5x6knq artgermination_dark_knight_challenge__catwoman_by_k0dy-d59dm27 catwoman_by_dmitrygrebenkov-d61rpbs lara_croft_by_dmitrygrebenkov-d64d8kq Nosferatu_by_k0dy

Atomic Moo Reviews Hit-Girl # 1, TMNT # 11, and Other Stuff…

Good evening El Moochadores! For tonight’s post I thought it would be fun to review a few comics and movies Chudd and I have encountered this last week and put aside the usual list of internet regurgitations we usually post about this time of night. Also, I’d like to remind everyone out there who’s following the site or has liked us on Facebook… Listen to the Atomic Moocast! Now on to the reviews…


Hit-Girl Issue #1

Recently Marvel Comics (or is it Icon?) just put out Hit-Girl issue one, First in a limited series that “bridges the gap between Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2.” Here’s the basic synopsis from the back of the book:

With Big Daddy gone and the mafia shut down for a while, Hit-Girl returns to her mom and stepdad and tries for a normal life. But what’s normal when you’re a pint-sized death-dealer? Old habits die hard…

So, basically the kid is back and in this issue she’s gearing up to bring round two back to the mafia and at the same time turn Kick-ass into a real super hero. The comic is great and has all the bloody, brain splatting against asphalt, awesomeness of the original Kick-ass series. Kick-ass and Hit-Girl are the creations of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. but I think it’s right to say Mindy McCready (Hit-Girl), in both comic and film versions, is the fans favorite. Definitely go and pick up this first issue at a local comic shop and just know you’re in for a hell of a good ride!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #11

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