A Cartoon on overcoming depression by Artist Erika Moen


Via Leigh Lahav (OnlyLeigh) on the facebook: I know we don’t really say much about celebrity deaths here, but I was very sad when I learned of Robin Williams’ death this last Monday. Not only because he really was one of my favorite actors and comedians, but also because of the subject of depression that surrounds his death. Depression sucks. It’s something I’ve been dealing with for awhile and, though I’m not going into all of that, I am very glad to have read this comic by Erika Moen. It actually touches on a lot of thoughts and feelings I’ve had over the years and hits pretty close to my own current feeling about Williams’ death along my current thoughts on depression and suicide. It has a positive message and should be shared with anyone having a hard time. You can see the full comic at The Nib.