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Atomic Tails #17!!!

They’re all mice! Everyone get’s to be a mouse!

Hey El Moochadores, I just finished a new Atomic Tails! Yeah, kind of weird for a guy in his forties to slopply drawing a comic about mice, but fuck it. I’m having fun and learning a lot in the process. You can read all about this comics strips creation on my offical Atomic Tails blog or Trog’s Blog. heh.

Also, I launched a Patreon for Atomic Tails. I am scary broke right now and I need help paying for the site. Right now there’s only a dollar donation offer (which get’s you our sincerest thanks!) but were working on some improved rewards and offers for anyone interested in helping out.

Look to the right and you’ll see the first Atomic Tails ad too! Both Chudd and I worked on this one, and I kind of dig the results.

I posted the new comic strip below, but also go check out the comics archive to see more comics and my progress in making it. Well, I hope there is progress… On to strip #18!


WARHEAD: Volume One

He has a giant, acid green atom bomb for a head

Okay El Moochadores, check out this new Kickstarter for one of my favorite indie comics; Warhead! If successful, this project will collect issues 1 to 6 in one awesome volume. Written and illustrated by Katrina Kuntsmann, Warhead is about Adam, a young grafitti artist living in London, who has a large (acid green) atom bomb for a head. Check out the KS synopsis:

He also has a giant, acid green atom bomb for a head. But then again, when your ex-girlfriend and landlord is en eight legged elk centaur, and your best friend has a cricket for a head, you don’t stick out so much. With Adam seemingly sliding in and out of this already surreal landscape, it begs the question how much of his world is real, and how much is a product of his mind.

As we follow Adam as he tries to keep his life together, we are invited to watch as his mind begins to unpin and witness what occurs when the two meet. Given life by Katrina’s rough, vivacious style and talent for cinematic pacing, WARHEAD delivers engaging atmospheric scenes and haunting imagery.

Katrina (Kat? Kitten? I think she’d be okay with that) has a great illustrative style, and there’s something very creepy-cool about the world she’s created in Warhead. I’ve posted a few sample images below from the KS page, but hit the link above to see original prints from Katrina and learn about contributor awards.


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

I may have posted about Kurzgesagt, in a Nutshell videos in the past, but the last couple of days Chudd and I have been working on ideas for new button art (Murray Brothers Creative), and while sourcing reference material I came across these videos. Not only are the videos highly informative, covering everything from human evolution to rocket science, but they’re also produced using (what I feel) is a great style. I love how they translate complex subject matter into an understandable narrative demonstrated brilliantly with simple shapes and animation. The Kurzgesagt youtube page describes them selves as “Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism. We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.” Groovy.

They say they’re trying to produce new videos every month and I’ve posted a couple of samples below. Go check ’em out on twitter, but you can also help support the group by contributing on their Patreon.


The Great City of Gateway

New Fantasy World by Sean Andrew Murray!

Hello again El Moochadores! I recently found out that fantasy Artist Sean A. Murray has launched a Patreon for his magical world: Gateway. Gateway is a vast exploration of Murray’s imagination featuring a world full of strange creatures, magic, and (of course) some of the best illustration work I’ve ever seen. Here’s a quote from his Patreon:

Gateway is full of diverse peoples and creatures, amazing buildings, locations and landmarks, and brimming with wondrous magic. It’s inspired by the real cities of our own world; stories await you around every corner and characters from vastly different locales come together to live in an exciting patchwork.

It’s also a place where adventure and intrigue happens due to the rich complexity of environments, cultures and factions. This vast city is a fantasy world in and of itself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Sean A. Murray is a brilliant illustrator and I want to see him be successful in creating his fantasy world, but I’m not posting about this out of sheer altruism. You see, I’m a Sean Murray too, and I love to illustrate. Now, I am no where near as talented as Sean A. Murray, but the quickening is soon upon us! That epic time when all the artist Sean Murrays of the world will come together and battle to the death! The last remaining Sean Murray (probably me since I’m like the Kurgan of Sean Murrays…) will get all the artistic skill and knowledge from all the fallen Sean Murrays. So it is vital you support Gateway and help Sean A. Murray advance his skill while I go and sharpen my Katana. There can only be one…

Check out a short promotional video below, along with a few sample images from Gateway, but also go visit the site to see the vast amount of beautiful fantasy illustrations! Also, check out the Patreon (link above) to learn about contributor benefits and awards!

Hey Bub!

New Print on Murray Brothers Creative!

Hello El Moochadores! This is just a real quick post to announce a new print on Murray Brothers Creative. Hey Bub, is a Wolverine fan piece done in vector art featuring classic (1980’s) Wolverine in his brown and yellow costume. Illustration work was done by Atomic Moo’s Chudd, and you can buy the print on 8.5″ x 11″ or 5″ x 7″ (mini-print) sizes!


The Atomic Moocast #121!


Lenox: The Return!

NEW FRIGG’N MOOCAST FOLKS! Hey El Moochadores, we got a great episode for you this time! For episode #121 we talk about our trip to SLCC 2016 and all the great stuff there. Good con and you can see some of the pictures from our tripCover here. Then, Jason Lenox is on the show! Lenox is now running Nittany Con in beautiful State College Pennsylvania! Actually, I have no idea what State College Pennsylvania looks like. Green? I don’t know, but they have a comic book convention and that’s awesome! The con is happening Tomorrow from 10am to 5pm and tickets… $5.00! That’s awesome! Kids five and under are free! Serious get out there and check it out! Also, gratz to Lenox for getting all his funding for Lords Of The Cosmos Issue #1 funded on the Kickstater! Good stuff.

So, here we go my fellow slors, shlebbs, and chubbs! Moocasts are rare and precious and you need to enjoy this one! So, go and grab a sugary snack and a bag full of salted whatnots! Then roll your self into a safe and comfortable spot where you can plug in and play the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

Lords of the Cosmos Images!

fad0053723ba2710c9a7436d6927bb80_original ad91f6daea64c095191110d725a25203_original Three

Nittany Con Press Images

jpg resized

Chudd’s Mini-Sketches!



Down Arrow

New TMNT Art by Rocky Davies


Check out this incredibly cool set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art by illustrator/designer, Rocky Davies. According to his Facebook page, Rocky was asked by Nickelodeon to do these as part of an promotion for the big 80’s crossover episode. Radical. Get it? ’cause we said Radical in the ’80’s… Do kids still say “Rad?” I guess I don’t really care.

Anyways, check out the sample images below, but also hit the link above to see way more of Davies art work. You can also listen to our interview with Davies on Atomic Moocast #84!


Mike Leo Don

Omnia: The Golden Age!


New Kickstarter for Three Custom Playing Card Sets

One of our favorite Italian designers (okay, the only Italian designer we know) is back with a Kickstarter for 3 new, custom playing card decks! Check out the Omnia: The Golden Age from Italian designer,f0834ab8262c7634067768bdcbc8cd48_original Giovanni Meroni and Thirdway Industries. According to the Kickstarter page, these cards will be printed by Expert Playing Cards Co. with Classic Finish, and their original. Though style design is similar to the original Omnia set, these cards were “redesigned from scratch – with new characters, new symbology and a new limited edition.”

So far the campaign has hit it’s goal (and then some. Way to go Giovanni!), but there’s still 26 days to go and get yourself a custom deck! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but check out the Kickstarter page for more information on the design work, contributing, and available rewards.


3a2f14885509f9b710b8d2c002e82410_original 54fc7866f15ce16a3e7cd3724cd165ea_original 01462e6ff150c504f6c28015c08ef438_original

d4aa8270550eca4fc4c2d338a983e23a_original 79be6025b57775795a7b996161fe5694_original 0a61977e9e0cff7ec6052115394197cf_original

From Sketch to Color!


Cool Photoshop Tutorial from Kristian Sather!

Hey El Moochadores, artists, and cartoonists! Before I leave for work today (yeah, Labor day. Fuck day jobs) I thought I’d share this cool tutorial from Kristian A. Sather. In this Vimeo video, Slather clearly explains a technique for coloring your sketches in Adobe Photoshop (CS5). Truth be told, I actually use a much early CS and most of the steps still apply. I’ve been working up my own sketch and I’ll go back and re-post it with this post when it’s done. You’ll be pretty amazed, I’m sure. Anyways… checkout the tutorial and go check out his many other helpful tutorials!


The Art of Bob Rissetto


So, I’m working my way through the con pile and lately I’ve been finding some great stuff. Also it just feels like it’s been awhile since I posted about some amazing art. So check out a small sample of art, and character design, from professional illustrator Bob Rissetto. Rissetto has an amazing style and hopefully, someday, we’ll be creating on this level. I’ve posted a small sample of his work below, but check click the link above to see much more.


victor_raptor_bobrissetto man_at_arms_bobrissetto colossus_wolverine_bobrissetto

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