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How to Flat Comics Properly

A Flatting Tutorial for Photoshop from K. Michael Russell

Okay El Moochadores, the more I do my own illustrations, the more I want to expand my skill set. For the last five or six comic strips for Atomic Tails I have been using Adobe Photoshop (CS3) to color. This tutorial from K. Michael Russell explains how to make “flats” (color separating) in PS. I thought the video had a lot of useful information and also a little bit of an ASMR vibe. Pretty cool.

Anyways, check out the video below and hit the link above to see more tuts… and then get better at making comics!


You Need a Product not a Project

Useful Illustration Tutorial by Jake Parker!

Hello again, El Moochadores! This morning I found a great video on the youtube about where to focus your attention as an artist and creator. Basically, Jake Parker talks you through several ideas that can turn you from a hobbyist to professional illustrator/artist. So, check it out and use the link above to subscribe to his youtube channel for more videos and advice!


Shiver Bureau and Cubicles

Two Great Comics from Walter Ostlie!

Okay El Moochadores, today is the glorious day of the birth of Brethren Moo Chud and Trog (me), but we celebrated last night and at the ripe old age of 41 (32 to any women reading this…) hangovers pack a bit more of a punch than they use to. Yea, I went an “Irish Car-bomb” too far and I’m paying for it. However, prior to last nights drunk’n debauchery, I had the chance to read two really fantastic comics that we received from last weeks San Diego Comic Con.

Created by Walter Ostlie, Cubicles and Shiver Bureau are two wonderfully illustrated, and very funny, graphic novels. Shiver Bureau is like an English Ghostbusters where a pair of skilled detectives fight to defend London from all sorts of evils spirits and Monsters. In the comic I got, the Inspectors are tracking down a bunch of missing orphans and the creepy monsters that are preying on them. Then in Cubicles… well, think Office Space but with space pirates and giant squids. Yeah, I think that was my favorite of the two, but the main story features two office “slackers” who trip over an evil plot to take over the company and also get to save the boss’s beautiful daughter in an epic battle. Well, I use epic loosely, but it’s still very cool.

I thought both graphic novels were very entertaining and Ostlie has an incredible illustrative style that blends humor and intense action in an amazing way. I’ve posted a couple of sample pages below, but if you get a chance visit Ostlie’s online store to get copies for your self. Also, you can actually read Shiver Bureau vol. 2 here for free. We love free! Also, If you really want to support Ostlie and his work, check out his Patreon, and kick him a few bucks every month. Okay. I gotta go lay down now and get ready for my next big puke. Happy Birf-Day to me mudder fuggers!!!


The Art of Bryan Fyffe

Hello El Moochadores! While I continue to post our photos from SDCC 2017, I thought I would start working my way through all the biz and promo cards I just acquired at last weeks big event. SDCC is full of brilliant art work and seeing this stuff helps keep us (the Brethren Moo) inspired to keep making cool stuff too.

So first up is the art work of Bryan Fyffe. I remember passing his booth and really liking the colorful/spooky prints he had created. According to his site, Fyffe is “inspired by old ghost stories, the natural world, and decrepit builds…”, and he works in a combination of traditional and digital techniques. I’ve posted a few samples from his website here, and you can also go buy prints of his work at his online store. Though I’m not sure if the print images posted here are available online, he does have some very cool stuff there. Anyways, check it all out, and I’ll have more from The Con Pile (it’s an actual pile of con stuff sitting by my desk) later today.


New Atomic Tails!!!

A.T. 19 is now online!!!

Okay El Moochadores, I’m trying to get out the door for SDCC 2017, but I just finished Atomic Tails #19! Which is way more important. Check out the strip below, or you can go check it out, with past comics, at the A.T. Archive! Also check out my Atomic Tails Blog (Trog’s Blog) to learn a little about the making of the comic. After all, this is one big learning experience.


Cheap Supplies Every Artist Needs by H.C.Brown

Hello again El Moochadores! A few days back I posted a video by artist H.C. Brown about “How to Fill a Sketchbook.” Since then I’ve been watching more of her channel and I came across this great video on getting cheap supplies for artist at any level. I really like her suggestion for making a sketchbook. I have a ton of card stock paper at my place just collecting dust, and as luck has it, I also have a long-arm stapler! I’ve already put together a couple of pocket-sized sketchbooks to carry around with me while at work. Which is great, because I’m always losing my small sketchbooks! So, check out the video below (chuck full of useful information and cussing!) and make sure to hit the link above to see more informative videos.


100 Demon Dialogues: Book & Plushie

Kickstarter for “a collection of one hundred comics about talking back to your self-doubt and anxiety, and a plush demon to go with ’em.”

You know, I was just thinking that today I would like to post about a kickstarter project dealing with self doubt and anxiety, because (you know) we’re Atomic Moo, and self doubt and anxiety are our bread and butter here. Anyways, Talented Portland based illustrator, Lucy Bellwood, has a Kickstarter going to publish a collection of a hundred comics about anxiety (think Steven Pressfield idea of “the resistance” made funny) along with of plushie of the little anxiety monster.

As of this post the project has hit its goal of $25,000, but that’s no reason for you not to still contribute and get in on some cool rewards like limited edition prints and the plush toy. I’ve posted Bellwood’s KS promo video below, but click the link above to learn more about the project and contributing.


How to Draw the Head from Any Angle

Hey El Moochadores! I had a pretty long day at work, but in between pick ups I watched this great tutorial from Proko on the Youtube that covers a method for drawing the human head from any angle. Something I actually struggle with. I did a few sketches too, but seeing as how I’m falling asleep at the computer, I might wait until tomorrow to post them with this video. Until then enjoy the video, while I go to sleep and dream of large women.


How to fill a Sketchbook

Artist H.C. Brown Explains How Not To Be Afraid of Your Sketchbook

Hello again El Moochadores! I’ve always had this weird problem with showing my sketchbooks to other people. Especially artists. It’s because most of my sketches are either thumbnails for later projects, half-assed drawing attempts and practices, or lots of naked women. So, I’ve always had this fear that anyone one who sees my sketch book will think I’m a pervert (they’d be right) or a schizophrenic. Or even a perverted schizophrenic. I’ve also had this problem with, “what to draw,” and “how do I make my sketchbook look perfect.” Which, in my case is a justifiable concern since my own twin brother’s (aka: The Chud of Atomic Moo) sketchbooks are minor works of art that deserve their own gallery displays.

So that is why I’m posting this video from artist/illustrator H.C. Brown who does a fantastic job of “breaking the fear” of your own sketchbook. In the video below, Brown goes through a lot of stuff artist, and cartoonist, can do to fill their sketchbook and put aside the fear of ruining a blank page. I really like the idea of taping or gluing other elements into a sketchbook. Personally, I do this with cigar bands and bottle labels. I love how they look and a lot of my sketchbooks have collections of cigar bands taped inside. Okay, so I probably smoke too much and might be too obsessed with drawing naked women.

Also, go check out Brown’s comic work at endallgraphics.com. Which, I’ll probably should just do a Moo post about all on its own. Really cools stuff. Anyways, here’s the vid!


Kevin Cross: My Sketchbook Toolkit

Hello El Moochadores! As we’re making Atomic Moo more about being “geek creative” and also doing way more with our own creative art projects (Check out Atomic Tails and Murray Brothers Creative), we are always looking for great advice from professional artist, like Kevin Cross. Cross is a professional illustrator/cartoonist who has worked for Marvel and IDW, and he has a youtube channel with a bunch of great learning videos. The one below goes over some tools a would be illustrator could be using as they get along with their drawings. Though keep in mind a #2 pencil and any old chunk of paper is also a good start. Just be drawing.

Anyways, Cross (I feel like we should be calling him K_Cross. Or Kay Kross! Like a boy band member… someone give it a try and tell us how it went) also goes over some good methods for rendering an image in your sketch book using blue (or red) pencil and inks with Copic markers. And he draws a Frankenstein. Which is also cool since we love classic Universal horror films. Check out the video while I go do some of my own bad drawings today. To see more of Cross’s work, and support his videos, check out his patreon.


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