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Good Morning (what little there is left of it…) El Moochadores and I’m a little hung over right now. Seems Chudd and I wanted to down a few bottles of Vons finest $4.00 wine last night with a couple of $10.00 cigars. My brain is sluggishly pulsing out thoughts while my mouth feels like an old ashtray. But what the fuck, no better way to kick off a day than with a little internet goodness. Here we go!

Why Deadpool is the Best Marvel Character…

Via Geeks are Sexy

Pachimon Postcards

I found this on and this is just one more reason to love the Japanese. According to the post this is a pachimon kaiju, a form of postcard made in Japan in the 1970′s. Groovy.

Bolshoi Cosmological Simulations

Also via Neatorama, Check out a simulation of… everything. Ever! This is a computer generated simulation of the cosmos as developed by science people. I kinda feel smarter for even just posting it.

Bolshoi Simulation from UC-HPACC on Vimeo.

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Cool Star Wars Stuff of the Week 14

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Star Wars Logo

Why does it feel like the weeks are passing by way to quickly? Seems like I just did this. Maybe it’s because I’ve been keeping my self busy… I don’t know. Of course, there’s been a ton of awesome Star Wars related stuff to hit the web since last week. I’m sorry, but I can’t cover all of it. There’s not enough time. I’ll do my best though to pick out the really really cool stuff. So I guess I’ll get to it.

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