‘been awhile since I did one of these! Good morning El Moochadores and I hope this is the start to a productive and profitable day. To be honest, I just woke up, and although I want to go down to the gym right now, it is just a little too cold outside to be strutting down the hill in gym shorts. Last night we finished recording yet another Atomic Moocast and what with my current schedule I should have it online sometime next year. Only joking of course, but I do want to promise our few (too few) listeners that the latest Moocast is just about ready to go online and (let me check my notes… yes indeed…) it is a good one!

So I’ve only got one thing to post about this morning and that is the wonderful art work of a Singapore based artist: Kai Lim. From what I’ve seen on his Deviant Art page, this dude really digs the villains.

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