An Evening Moo…

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I feel like a bloated slug of goo right now. After our traditional Thanksgiving day meal at Home Town Buffet I think I could be considered a “gaseous anomaly” of toxic vapors. Ugh. However, despite it being a holiday I still wanted to get on and post a few things like…

How to Read a Schematic

via Geeks are Sexy, Check out this highly edumacational video on how to read a schematic. Science, you’re awesome.

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Pixar Wars!

Posted in Geek Art on May 5th, 2011 by Uncle Chudd

Pixar Wars

One of the best things about having a site like Atomic Moo (believe me it’s not all the women and money… ’cause there ain’t any…) is being able to find and share awesome creative stuff like this illustration above. I feel that actively seeking out, viewing and sharing creative projects from others helps me out in my own work. If anything it makes me want to work harder and create more. Anyhow, I came across this Star Wars/ Pixar mash-up earlier, titled “Pixar Wars” (via, and thought it looked pretty nifty. Naturally I’m a huge Star Wars geek (well, of the original trilogy at least), and I’m a huge Pixar fan as well. It was illustrated by Andrew Chesworth, an animator working out of Minneapolis. You can see more of his work on his blog, or on his website.

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