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Star Wars Downunder Trailer—Australian Star Wars Fan Film

Star Wars Downunder

Hey El Moochadors. Just came across this awesome looking trailer for a Australian Star Wars Fan film, Star Wars Downunder, (via GeekTyrant.com) and thought I should share it. Here’s a quick synopsis they provided:

Trailer for Star Wars Downunder. swdufanfilm.com Star Wars Downunder is a 30 minute Star Wars fan film which finally answers the age old question, that has confounded many a film buff before: What would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial. Answer? Star Wars Downunder: an epic tale of the good, the bad and the thirsty. Directed by Michael Cox and written by Bryan Meakin and Michael Cox, Star Wars Downunder, is half an hour of action, special effects and lovable Aussie larakins.
See more swdufanfilm.com

Okay, I think the boomerang lightsabers might be a little too much, and I kind of wish they provided subtitles (is Drungo an Aussie cuss word?), but other than that it looks worth watching. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Star Wars Downunder

Morning Moo: Geek Art, Awesome Cosplay, and Sexy Jedi Bubble Bath

The Ankle Biter

Sorry, it’s been awhile since I last did a post (many thanks to Buttery Wholesomeness, Nekko, and Trog for keeping the blog alive). Normally I don’t do one at this time of day, but I just finished a project (above), and I want to take a break before I jump into the next thing—and hell, it’s not like I’ve got a job to go to…. Anyhow, the illustration above was a mock comic book cover I put together using some elements from my microstock work. I’m not expecting much from it, other than a nifty piece to my portfolio, but I guess I just wanted to start working on the projects I’ve always have wanted to have. One of the reasons I started this site was to have something to create and design for, though lately I haven’t had much of a chance. Eh, who knows? Maybe if I keep doing more projects like this I’ll get the chance to design a real comic cover (and get paid for it), or, better yet, build Atomic Moo up to where we are producing our own books (I kind of like that idea better).

Anyways… more nifty stuff below.

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Evening Moo: SubWars and Some Other Neat Stuff…


Hey El Moochadors. I gotta keep the post kind of quick tonight, but still, there’s a lot of nifty stuff floating around out there. I watched this awesome Star Wars inspired cartoon earlier (via Distracted by Star Wars), called SubWars. It was created by Vimeo user SeanSoong. I don’t know… I think I like the character designs best, but I also like the swift moving animation style. Check it out below.

A couple more things below….

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Saturday Morning Moo

Board Game n Thrones by Montygog

I’m really missing the Saturdays I had as a kid where the biggest thing I had to do was to get to the next level on Zombies Ate my Neighbors. Actually, that’s not a bad idea… maybe I’ll dust off the old Genesis, relax a little and play for awhile—oh wait second, I can’t! Only got eleven days to figure out how I’m going to pay rent. I better go put the old Genesis up on Ebay instead… oh well.

Anyhow, I saw somethings this morning I thought we should share. I spotted the cartoon above on DeviantArt.com, by the artist known as Montygog. Looks like it’s on sale today at Teefury.com. If my wallet wasn’t coughing up dust like an asthmatic mummy, well, I might pick one up. More stuff below to check out. Enjoy!

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The Morning Moo

Holy cow, I’m tired. I spent most of this weekend putting together a new portfolio book, hoping to get it to a printer today, and I was up pretty late making last minute changes. To do this I had to get my car back from Trog, which meant taking him to work in the morning, which meant getting up at 5am. Lucky for me, I did a quick Google search and found a printer just off the highway near to Trog’s work. Unfortunately they went out of business… So now I’ve gotta figure out how to get this printed before Wednesday. Anyhow, Buttery Wholesomeness dropped a post on us below, Chewing the Cud, so definitely check that out.

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt Fan Film

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve never heard of Skyrim (is that pronounced “Sky Rim”?), but I thought this looked pretty cool for a fan made fantasy video. I think it has something to do with Elderscrolls… I dunno… I just work here. Check it out below.

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Morning Regurge

I’m not even sure what to say this morning. I don’t think I’m fully awake yet. I was abruptly woken up in the middle of dream where I was captain of the Enterprise, and I was just about to pull the Corbomite maneuver on three hostile alien warships. I have no idea what the fuck the corbomite maneuver is, it just sounded really cool to say. Then I felt something leap on top of me and was shaking me to wake up. It was my brother’s girl… whatever she is, informing me they got me a bearclaw. Which they really didn’t! it was some weak pastry turn over thing… Philistines! So, I’m not doing to well this morning.

Jedi Kittens

You would think cats with lightsabers would cheer me up, right? Well, yeah, it sorta does. Check’em out below.

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Morning Regurge: Epic Jedi Gang Fight!

Okay… I’m trying to get settle back into my old routines. So here’s a quick regurge from my reader (via GeekTyrant.com). It’s a gang fight… if the gangs were Jedi… or Sith… and what’s with the kid at the end??? Do people still like kids? And why the hell is it cloudy out? Yeah, I know that’s got nothing to do with the video… sorry, I’m just tired and irritated right now. It was directed by Sam Macaroni, and you can see more of his stuff here. Check it out below and let us know what you think. I’m off to get a bearclaw.

Star Wars Dogs…

Star Wars Dogs


New Star Wars The Old Republic Trailer

Star Wars The Old Republic

Hey geeks! Here’s something I just watched that you’ll all appreciate. It’s a new cinematic trailer for Star Wars The Old Republic. I wish I could tell you more about the game, but honestly I don’t know that much about it myself. I just thought the trailer looked really cool. I know it takes place a long time before New Hope or even Phantom Menace; I just hope it takes place before Gungans and Midichlorians. I also hope they dumped the bullshit two Sith rule. Anyhow, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Jedi A-Holes and Jedi A-Holes Strike Back

Jedi A-Holes Strike Back

Remember Mr. Toots, from Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch? Well, they came out with some more great stuff. Here’s The Jedi A-Holes and The Jedi A-Holes Strike Back. They have more great stuff on their Youtube channel, so if you get a chance you should go there and check it out.

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