Hey El Moochadores, I just crawled out of my self-induced coma (seriously, best cure for getting sick: Knock yourself the fuck out then wake up in a pool of sweat and a fug of confusion! Still a little shaky. Also, I am not a doctor. Don’t do anything I suggest. EVER) to find out Game of Thrones started, Dr. Who regenerated a vagina, and Martin Landau and George Romero just died. The first two I could give a shit less about, but it did bum me out to learn about the deaths of Mr. Landau and Mr. Romero. Chud and I have been long time horror movie fans, and I have a lot of good childhood memories staying up late and watching his “dead” movies. I always liked Dawn the best, but probably because I was more of a Tom Savini fan at the time… Anyways, it also sucks that we lost Martin Landau. Ed Wood is one of my all time favorite movies (like really high in my top ten list that I’ve never written down) and I also remember him from Mission Impossible, Cleopatra, and Space 1999. Also, he had a kick ass appearance in Columbo where he played both murdering twins! Oh, yeah; You can’t really spoil a Columbo episode. They kind of do that themselves.

So, while I go drink a lot of juice and change my sheets (Christ I hope that’s just fever sweat…), check out a couple of videos of some of Landau and Romero’s work.


I just found out they have the entire Night of the Living Dead on the Youtube! Uber-enjoy!