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R.I.P. Mr. Lee!

Two days ago on November 12th, Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95. I know the geek side of the internet has been posting touching stories, and tributes, to Stan Lee and his life in comic books, but for our part I wanted to get on and re-post a video I put on the Moo last June; where in Stan Lee and John Buscema teaching youngsters (like us) on How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. Probably my all time favorite and most remembered art book. I know Stan lee will be missed by the comics community, but having lived to 95 with so many ties to so many amazing comics, I think this really a time to celebrate an incredible life. We sincerely thank Stan Lee for inspiring us and expanding our imaginations.


Stan Lee’s – How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

Full Length Video on the Youtube!

Hey El Moochadores! How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way was very literally the first art book I ever bought. I got my first copy when I was twelve years old, and I loved it. Then in the eighth grade, our art teacher showed us this cheese – yet somehow awesome- video that is based on the book. And now it’s on youtube! Well, for now. The whole video (from 1986 by New World Video) is only about an hour and features a young (virile) Stan Lee, along with comic pro John Buscema demonstrating some comic book creating basics. Check it out and if you’re interested in a copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel way you can still find it on Amazon, or I think it may still be in print in bookstores (like the Barnes and Nobles), but I think it is called Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics, which is kind of weird since Stan Lee never drew comics… eh.


Jack Kirby: Story Teller

Full Documentary

Hey El Moochadores! It’s my day off (very well deserved) and during my hour of practice drawing I watched (well, listened to…) this pretty rad documentary about comic book legend, Jack Kirby. Lately, I’ve been trying to do more “Kirby Krackle” stuff in my doodles, and so I’ve developed an interest in learning more about Kirby and all he’s done for comic books. Jack Kirby was the legendary creator of such comics as Captain America and the Fantastic Four, and this Documentary features commentary by the likes of Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and many more. I really dug this, and I may go back and give it another watch later tonight. The video was posted to the Youtube way back in 2016 by Kirby Continuum. Click the link for more info on the video and fun Kirby related videos.


Hey Bub!

New Print on Murray Brothers Creative!

Hello El Moochadores! This is just a real quick post to announce a new print on Murray Brothers Creative. Hey Bub, is a Wolverine fan piece done in vector art featuring classic (1980’s) Wolverine in his brown and yellow costume. Illustration work was done by Atomic Moo’s Chudd, and you can buy the print on 8.5″ x 11″ or 5″ x 7″ (mini-print) sizes!


Nerd Con 2016!


Okay El Moochadores, at the end of this month we’re going to have a table at Nerd Con 2016 in… Escondido. Sorry, I was trying to come up with an agreeable adjective for Escondido, but all that came to mind was a sort of wheezing sound.wolverine_vector_bust_072916_by_jrmurray76-dacmkol Still, they have a comic con happening there from Aug. 26th to the 28th, so there’s a sign of hope! This’ll be our first year tabling at Nerd Con (actually this has been our first year tabling at any con), and we’re trying to get the word out so as to help support local cons, which in turn supports your local, cow inspired, geek blogs. Both Jason and I will be premiering new art work at the con, like this Wolverine bust Jason just finished. As this month passes, I’ll be posting more about the art work we’re taking and hopefully, if you’re anywhere in the Southern California area (especially Riverside and San Diego counties, you’ll swing in and have a good time checking out independent art and creators making stuff they love.


Trog’s Sketch Journal


Daily Sketches from 12-26-2015 to 01-02-2016

Like a I said in a previous post, I want to start drawing more and I’d like to start doing a “daily sketch.” I may not be that good at it, but doodling, drawing, and art have been hobbies of mine since… well, forever. So, I made it my Resolution this year to begin the daily sketch and post my work here once a week. I’m shooting for Saturdays, but sometimes my work schedule gets in the way. My goal is that by this time next year I’d like to see considerable improvement of my skills, and be at least a little closer to being out of the “uncanny valley.”

Okay, so I missed a couple of days last week, but it wasn’t the new year yet! So, I’m good, and since the first I’ve kept up with my sketches. I’ll just consider last week a warm up.dark_phoenix_cosplay_01_by_kitty_honey-d6vkeol I think one of the biggest problems I’m running into in trying to do this is time. A couple of these sketches (like the Taz and Dark Phoenix) were actually done from the cab of my work car, where I had to balance my smart phone and sketch book on my knee while cramping up my back. For most of the sketch references I just did a simple google search (Slimer, Gizmo, and Taz), and just used whatever image came up on the front of the search page. For the Dark Phoenix I used an image from Kitty Honey Cosplay on the Deviant Art. Kitty Honey is an Argentina cosplayer and she has some great costume work on her portfolio. Probably going to be drawing a lot more of her in the future for these daily sketches. Since I am trying to cartoon more, I tried (meh) to make my own facial expression on this one, which is something I really need to work on.

So, I got to got to work now. I’ll have a new bundle (seven) of sketches next week and hopefully some improvement.


Daily_12-28-2015 Daily_12-27-2015 Daily_01-01-2016

Trog’s Daily Sketch!

Daily_12-24-2015 (1) Daily_12-25-2015

for 12-24-2015 and 12-25-2015

Okay El Moochadores, over the holidays I managed to keep up on my daily sketch. Well, sort of. The Bugs Bunny sketch I did on Christmas eve was actually more of a “warm up,” and I never really got around to doing an actual sketch. Also, it’s not very original. I basically free hand copied an illustration from Draw the Looney Tunes, page 146. But I think I’m getting braver with my Looney Tunes drawings and pretty soon I’ll be putting up my own stuff.

The second illustration, Dark Phoenix, started out as a doodle and I just sort of worked it up. I’m also really surprised at how it turned out, because I was more than a little drunk at the time.book_how_to_draw_cartoon_coming_soon_by_celaoxxx-d5rluyq I did it right after a Christmas party. I know it’s really out of proportion (I think the heads too big, as well as all the facial features are way out of scale), but I was kind of smashed, so… way to go me! I did base this on a model reference, but I can’t find the image to credit the original model. I did kind of base the illustration on a cartoon style I’ve been studying. There’s an artist on Deviant art, Celaoxxx (aka: Marcelo Trom), who has an incredible cartoon style and several pages of how to draw cartoon on his deviant page. I’d love to be able to cartoon this good someday, so I’m going through each “how to page” and learning what ever I can from it.

Okay, that’s enough babbling from me, for now. I’ve got a new sketch to get to. Also, I might start saving up my sketches and just posting them once a week. Maybe title it Trog’s daily sketchs of the week, or something like that. I can keep up with the drawing well enough, it’s just getting access to a scanner is kind of hard right now. I think Saturday sounds like a good day for this. Groovy. I’ll be back next Saturday with seven new drawings!


Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story!


Amazing Fan Film from Ivan Kander!

Okay, I think this is a fair arrangement. Make this movie and I’ll buy a ticket. Just the ticket though. I’m not paying six bucks for a tub of popcorn. Okay, I’ll get the popcorn, but no Twizzlers! I’m won’t fork out $4.50 for for a box of red licorice.

Anyways, check out this frigg’n great Spider-Man fan film by Lucky 9 Studios and director Ivan Kander. The nine minute short stars Demetrius StephensMiles as Miles Morales and how he becomes a hero shortly after the death of Peter Parker Spider-Man. This short features some great acting, action, and what I think is a fake Australian accent, but since I don’t know many Australians, I can’t be sure. Hollywood should very seriously take a look at this short and consider a Miles Morales Spider-Man the next time a reboot is rolling around. Maybe even get Mr. Stephens to take up the roll again. Check out the short below while I go find a box a Twizzlers. I got a hankering for some red licorice now. Maybe bite the ends off and use it as a straw in my drink…


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Peter Griffin and Deadpool… not at the same time though… but that would be cool too.

Good morning El Moochadores! We had a pretty damn niffty Moocast recording last night, so you can look forward to some podcasting excellence in the near future, but until then: Morning Moo stuff!

Today, I’ve got some of the best the internet has to offer starting with The Real Life Peter Griffin! Check out footage from New York Comic Con and Robert Franzese cosplaying as Peter Griffin. No shit, I’ve watched this thing like 5 times just this morning. It’s that damn cool. According to the Boom! Big Pants, Youtube page I pulled this from, Franzese is an aspiring voice talent actor, and I think he’s going to get there. Take a break Mcfarlane! The dudes got this covered!


Deadpool Red Band Trailer!


Yeah, I know; You’ve already seen this, but watch it again! It looks like we’re getting the Deadpool movie we always wanted! So check out all the violence, wise cracking, butts, and mutant powers that’s probably going to make this one of the best super hero movies ever! Yup. I’m really raising my expectations on this one. No, way Fox will let us down, right? It’s not like they could possibly fuck up Deadpool… oh, wait. They already did once. Eh, we’ll call “mulligan.” Oh, and this is the Redband (aka: more violent and cussy) trailer, so NSFW!


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Drawing Tuts, Loki’s Chitauri Staff, and the Pippi Longstocking Reboot!

A lot to do, today, El Moochadores! So let’s jump right in and start post about stuff like this very cool Autodesk SketchBook on how to create a custom chain brush. For those of you who work digitally, you already know that creating new brushes can be a huge time saver. Check out this tut, which (to me anyways) looks like it could be adapted to other illustration programs as well. For more great tutorials visit the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro website!

MAN AT ARMS: Loki’s Chitauri Scepter


Next up; we got another great build from the awesome people at AWE me. Watch as the Man at Arms crew re-builds Loki’s staff (aka: the Chitauri Scepter) from the Avengers and Thor movies. Then, watch them chop, slice, and dice all sorts of doomed objects with that same scepter. Then(!) spend the rest of your day saying scepter, because it’s a cool sounding word and we don’t get to say it nearly enough in real life!


Clint Howard Reboots Pippi Longstocking!


Finally, from Funny or Die, check out probably the only reboot we actually want to see; Pippi Longstocking as pitched by Clint Howard!

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