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Frigg’n Amazing Comic Book Body Paint!


The Talented “Cospaint” of Kay Pike!

While we’re already in favor of hot women getting naked and slathering themselves in paint, it’s also really cool when they can make themselves look like actual comic book pages! Check out the really stunning work of artist Kay Pike as she transformers herself into popular Marvel and DC comic book characters! sequence_02_by_kaypikefashion-d9rrockAccording to her Deviant Art page, Pike is also a talented costume and prop maker. She’s a self described “varied” artist who has also just added balloon animals to her repertoire. Balloon Animals! Groovy.

Below I’ve posted a time lapse of her Lady Deadpool make-up process. Its an incredibly cool to watch as she self applies the make up to eventually become a comic book page. Check out more of Pike’s work at the links above, but also follow her on Facebook.

I wonder if we could get he to do a The Tick body paint?

12733614_977186222318542_6443183983713668329_n Kay-Pike-2 Kay-Pike-3

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Robotech T-shirts and Marvel Fan Animation!

Good morning El Moochadores. Among the many amazing things bobbing on the surface of the internet today are these two items. First; Check out the above t-shirt from 80stees.comzentradi-logo-robotech-t-shirt.dsk featuring the Robotech Defense Force logo. The bill the shirt as “simple” but in reality this is awesome. Also, for those of you who don’t already know, I love Robotech and I have a birthday in July. Anyways, the t-shirt is selling for $20.00 and comes in a colored version as well. there’s even a Zentradi logo t-shirt for sale on the site which would also make a great gift for someone who has a birthday in July. ‘just saying.

Moving on…

Dancing Baby Groot Stop Motion: Guardians of the Galaxy


Take a gander at this fun fan animation from Kyle Roberts and Reckless Abndnmnt Pictures. Through the magic of stop motion animation we get to re-live the cutest moment of Guardians of the Galaxy that is in now way getting kind of annoying. I’m just saying. I like this video. I kind of liked the movie, but any more “dancing Groot” stuff after this, and I feel like I’m going to start kicking at every potted plant I come across. Let’s move on world.

The Morning Moo!


Marvel Fan Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s Morning Moo I found some great pieces of Marvel art on Deviant Art. The sample above is entitled Genius, Billionaire… and was produced by French illustrator Léa Chaillaud (aka: Five-Oclock). I’ve posted a few other samples of her work below, but hit the link to see much more of her work. You can also purchase prints of her art at Society6.com.

battlefield_by_five_oclock-d8g56z6 gloves_are_off_by_five_oclock-d8jm8ma thick_as_thieves_by_five_oclock-d83ukaa

Black Queen


Another great piece of fan art is this painting of Jean Grey as the Black Queen by illustrator Vinnie Tartamella (aka: VinRoc). Once again; I’ve posted a few samples below, but go check out more of his work on his personal website, vinnietartamella.daportfolio.com.

wolverine_deadpool_by_vinroc-d7zn8n0 gwen_stacy_by_vinroc-d8jvj2v mystique_by_vinroc-d6ouksk

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Fan Made Action Figures and Geek Art Postcards!

‘morning El Moochadores. My apologies for the lack of post lately, but the day job keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Maybe I should just marry rich. Are there any beautiful, wealthy, single women out there that want a late thirties geek blogger to take care of? If so, my e-mail is on the sidebar. Anyways…

Today we’ve got some very (VERY) cool looking custom made toys, and a gallery show featuring geeky postcards to place we really want to go to!


Realistic Toys by NightT47


Via Make: Check out these ultra realistic miniature sculptures by Deviant Art contributor Xiang Zhang (aka: NightT47). According to the make article; these are 1:6 scale models from popular DC and Marvel movies like the Dark Knight and Captain America. There’s a lot more on his Deviant art page (hit the link above) and it’s amazing how detailed the work is. Check out a small sample below.

captain_america____after_war_by_nightt47-d7lmlcb custom_hottoys_catwoman_by_nightt47-d7jz6h5 custom_repaint_christian_bale_1_6th_headculpt_by_nightt47-d842grj

Gallery 1988: Postcard Correspondence!


From March 20th to April 4th 2015, Gallery 1988 will be showing some incredible postcard art based on artist “favorite pop-culture adventures.” All of these are really fun to look at and I think you can even buy actual postcard versions of the art at the gallery or at their online store. Check out a small (very small) sample of the art being shown, but also hit the link above to see much more!

Evanimal-GoneFishin Chet-Phillips-Great-Escape AJ-Masthay-Dune

The Morning Moo!


Featuring a cool new gaming trailer and Hulkbuster collectible figure!

Good morning El Moochadores. Today we got a bunch of great stuff to share with all of you. Stuff like a giant Iron Man toy, a cool video game, and this helpful little link:

Take a gander…



If you’re wondering where you’re local comic store is at then check out Comic Book Resources (CBR) Findacomicshop.com. I don’t know how long this has been around, I just found out about it this morning, but damn is this cool. Thanks to this niffty link I just discovered that there’s at least two more comic shops in my area that I never knew about. Now my wallet can be totally clear of all that pesky money that sometimes collects in there. Anyways, if you’re wonder where your local comic shop is, hit the link, enter your zip, and (BAM!) comic shop.

1:6 Hulkbuster Figure


Toy collectors and Avengers fans will love this one. Check out the Iron Man Hulkbuster 1:6 scale figure from Hot Toys. The figure is based on the armor used by Iron Man in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. The figure stands 21 inches tall and has a smaller Mark XLIII bust inside of it. Oh, and the eyes light up. G’ah… keen. Check out a few sample images below, but go visit the Hot Toys link above for more information and photos.

PD1425354908KtO PD1425354920S8n PD14256379501bf

Ori and the Blind Forest


Finally, I came across this promotional video for a really cool looking new game from Gamespot called Ori and the Blind Forest. Okay, so I’m not sure what a blind forest is, but the game creators claim that this is a “Metroidvania” (like Metroid or Castlevania) action adventure. I’ve posted the preview video below along with an interview between Alexa Ray Corriea sits down with Mark Coates of Microsoft about the game play. According tot the interview the game should be available today. You can get more information at their website, oriblindforest.com.

The Morning Moo!


With Marvel/DC Mash-up art, Walking Dead Facts, and Swords. SWORDS!!!

Good damn morning, El Moochadores. I hope you all slept well. I didn’t. There’s a very loud owl that has taken up residence outside my bedroom window. I use to like owls. Anyways, today we skimmed the top layer of the internet and got some great fan art, an infographic, and some Walking Dead stuff.


10 Iconic Swords… Except Excalibur. WTF?


Via Geek X Girls: Check out this cool infographic from Robert Shaw a UK based illustrator and animator. Wait, the dude is from England and he left out Excalibur!?! They even made a movie, called Excalibur! All the same though (oh, and it was Geek X Girls that first pointed out the glaring lack of Excaliburs on this graph) pretty solid art and information. I think that if I were to heft just one of these swords I would some how feel manly-er.

Top 10 Facts – The Walking Dead


Via Geeks are Sexy: More zombie stuff. Yay. Okay, so, I hate zombie stuff, but yet I love “behind the scenes” TV and movie stuff. I’m feeling a little conflicted here, and tired. Fucking owl. Anyways, check out Top 10 Facts: The Walking Dead from youtubers Top 10 Memes. I wonder if the blue meth caused the zombies. Is that what happens to a blue meth addict after Walter died? Think about it…

DC/Marvel Mash-ups from Eric Guzman!


Via Geek-art.net: Professional illustrator, Eric Guzman has created these incredible DC/Marvel mash-ups (or Amalgams… which, I think means “mash-up”). I’ve posted a few below but you can see more of these amalgams (that’s a real word, right?) on his Deviant Art page.

thunder_god_by_ericguzman-d67zctr the_amazing_spider_bat_by_ericguzman-d66atof spider_bat_dr_octofreeze_final_by_ericguzman-d66qjao

banenom_by_ericguzman-d66bm5v ms__wonder_by_ericguzman-d67web6 darewing_final_low_res_by_ericguzman-d68foll

The Morning Moo!


Not News from Not News Guys.

Good Morning El Moochadores! Heh. Check out the Spongebob poster above. I have no idea if this is a real promotion or a fan made poster, but either way, brilliant. Anyways, this morning we got Avenger images, a Youtube studio in New York, and Superhero Skins!


YouTube Opens a New Production Studio in Manhattan


Via the NPR: looks like Youtube will be helping independent creators with productions by allowing users access to this new facility.youtube-space-new-york-reception-screening-studioa_slide-ef52635c26b9739bdc1cf3b08cd0679457bd4130-s800-c85 According to the NPR article, Youtubers with more than 5,000 subscribers will be able to use three production studios and something called “the brand lab.” In a quote about the new facility, Lance Podell (YouTube’s global head of YouTube Spaces) said:

I think a playground is a great way to describe… My first dream is that … folks respond to it and immediately show up saying, ‘I’ve got my thinking cap on. I’ve brought three other creators I know, and we have a really great idea and we’d like to try it here

The article also said that Youtube has invested in studios in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.

Superhero Skin

Via Geek X Girls: Check out this new Super Hero Skins infographic from Beauty Flash. Unfortunately the graphic fails to tell us how Wolverine retains such smooth and supple outer layer.


Avenger: Age of Ultron Images


Via Marvel.com: Marvel has just released about a dozen new images from the upcoming Avengers Sequel. I’ve only posted a small sample below (I got to run!), so hit the link above to see more images and information about the film!

54cfd5990379a 54cfd3d4a6f33 54cfcf4e31e43

The Morning Moo!


Not News from Not News Guys

Good morning El Moochadores and fellow Brethren Moo! For this Morning’s Moo we got a great mix of new Lego stuff, indie gear, and guitar strumming karate. Very cool.

Lego’s SHIELD Helicarrier Set!


I first read about this on The Wall Street Journal, but many of the images, and the video below, I found on the website Laughing Squid. Anyways… Lego just announced that it will be releasing a new, Helicarrier play set and Avengers mini-figures! According to the Wall Street Journal, the set will have 2,996 pieces and will retail for about $349.99. The set will also come with twelve “micro-figures” (the little Lego dudes) including Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and eight agents of SHEILD. Okay. So, I need new eye glasses and dental work, but I guess that shit’ll have to wait.

Check out a promo video below along with some sample images of the set.

lego_helicarrier_big helicarrier3_big helicarrier2_big

New Steam Crow Patch!


One of our favorite indie creators has just released this niffty looking new patch! Check out Steam Crow’s new four inch patch featuring the classic Steam Crow logo. The patch is 100% stitch with an iron back and can totally be yours for a meager $8.50. Also, go check out their online shop for more cool prints, stickers, buttons, and much more. Spooky cute.

Finally… Flaming Karate Guitar


Also via Laughing Squid: Today, bad stuff may happen. However, if (and when) life get’s you down, just return to this post and watch a man, in a karate gi, chop through flaming boards (with his bare hands) while playing the guitar!!! Watch that, and just know that things will get better because… Somewhere out there, there is a man, in a karate gi, chopping through flaming boards (with his bare hands) while playing the guitar!!!

Have a great day El Moochadores!

Amazing Comic Covers!


Hand Painted Covers by Felipe Massafera

Via Deviant Art: Check out these brilliant comic book covers by Brazilian (Brasil!) artist, Felipe Massafera. Massafera painted blank covers in gouache and rendered just some amazing work showing Marvel Comic’s Storm, Beast, and Captain America, along with Dynamite’s Vampirella! Click the link above to see more of Massafera’s work on Deviant Art!


vampirella_commission_by_felipemassafera-d87kb9a storm_by_felipemassafera-d872391 captain_america_by_felipemassafera-d875fv8

Guardians of the Galaxy Director Surprises Fans!


Marvel fans and cosplayers got a huge surprise at Dragon Con when Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn suddenly showed up. Check out Beat Down Boogie’s amazing coverage of the event with Gunn and dozens of happy cosplayrers! There’s a few sample images below but check out the video and more photos of the event at Beat Down Boogie’s Facebook page.


10685611_709711779065831_4052422940033596682_n 10616461_709712075732468_5433192357050976894_n 10462356_709711795732496_3985022822560972254_n 10382654_709253075778368_4226827827029986249_n

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