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The Morning Moo…

Good Morning El Moochadores and a happy holiday weekend to you all. We just recorded another Atomic Moocast last night, and the whole damn crew was there! It was one of the funnest times I’ve had on Skype ever! So, That’s two Moocast I’m now working on and hopefully with the extended holiday weekend I should be able to get them both on.

But until then… Here’s just a few things I found on ye ol’internet that I thought the rest of you would like.


Star Wars: The Old Republic “Your Saga Begins Launch Documentary”

Star Wars: The Old Republic launched just a few days ago and for those few nerds out there who aren’t pissing away buckets of time actually playing the game, you can go check out this niffty doc put out by the games makers that shows what they went through to get us all a little slice of the Star Wars universe.

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An Afternoon Moo…

Ola El Moochadores and bom tardes to you all. I was going to do An Evening Moo later on tonight, but looks like I’m going into work later and won’t have the time. So here it is, a rare Afternoon Moo with some really cool stuff picked up off the sticky floor of a little theater I call the World Wide Web. First Up…

Crazy Indian Dudes Give Gravity the Finger…

Via Neatorama.com, check out a little something called The Mauth Ka Kuan (or Wall of Death) from a circus in India. Crazy foreigners.

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Atomic Moocast #13: Neverwinter Nerds

Ola El Moochadores and Boa Noite! For this Moocast we sat down with D20 to learn all about the online game Neverwinter Nights. Joining in on the discussion was Sir Noel and Numbers. This was a hell of a lot of fun and I hope to have more Moocast like this one in the future. A big thanks to D20 for helping us out on this one with his vast knowledge of this game.

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The Morning Moo

Last week was kind of nuts with all the interviews, the driving around, and the blackout. Trog and I did manage to do another Moocast Saturday night, but unfortunately D20 and Buttery couldn’t make it on there. Anyhow, I’m hoping to get things back under control this week, or at least manage to do the Morning Moo. That’s something else; Trog and I decided to rename the “Morning Regurge” to the “Morning Moo”. Buttery suggested we call it “Chewing the Cud,” which I really like and we might use for something else, but for the morning “regurge” stuff, we thought “Morning Moo” fit better. Anyhow, below are few things I came across this morning. Enjoy.

Lonely Alf


I came across this really awesome, and kind of depressing, illustration of Alf earlier on Planet-Pulp.com, by artist Nelson Dániel. Thought it was definitely worth passing along.

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The Morning Regurge

Buenos Tacos El Moochadores, and a fine good morning to you all. Once again I’m stepping in for Chudd and covering this morning’s edition of the Regurge. So let’s not dick around and dive right in…

Batman in Happier Times

I found this awesome little gem over on Unreality Magazine. This video, originally posted on Youtube by Negrinrl shows the Caped Crusader at is absolute best while trying to loose a lit bomb… no not the show.

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Wildstar Preview

Earlier tonight I came across an article posted on G4 featuring a new MMO produced by Carbine Studios, called Wildstar. Okay, the name sounds a little weak, but after reading the article and watching the trailer posted below, I’ll admit it, I’m sold. I’m in, dudes! I’m buying the Kool aid and following the comet. I don’t even know when the damn thing comes out, but I promise I’m already a loyal fan.
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Francis is Upset… One Fans Rant About Diablo 3 Auction House

I know this is probably a hoax, but a part of me really wishes this is legit. The really sad part is how much is room looks like my apartment… ouch. Check out one fans rant about the upcoming Diablo 3 release. Sing it brother, sing it! Hallelujah!

Trog’s Saturday Comic Moo-Review

Illustration art from "The Guild" by Felicia Day

The Guild

Like I said in an earlier post; this week I’ve quit playing WoW so that I could focus more on Atomic Moo. As part of this goal I want to start a weekly review of comics and trade paperback books. So today, instead of logging on and leveling my hunter, I went to our local book store and got a copy of The Guild. A graphic novel about playing a fantasy MMORP… damn.

The Guild, written by Felicia Day and illustrated by Jim Rugg, is a prequel story to the popular web series about gamers. It uses a clean illustrative style to tell us how Cyd Sherman (Felicia Day’s character in the Web series) becomes a gamer and meets her slightly odd online friends. Through playing the game Sherman learns how to some what deal with her real life problems (depression, low self-esteem, a douche bag boy friend…) and become a happier person.

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Sith Inquisitor Class Video

Logo for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG

This last week I had to give up playing World of Warcraft. Not that I don’t like the game, but because Chudd and I are beginning a complete site redesign for Atomic Moo and I also want to focus more on expanding my tiny, illustration portfolio.The thing is, quitting is a bitch. I never thought I was all that addicted to the game, but it has taken a serious amount of willpower not to log on and play again. So, I’m set in my resolve to not game for the next few months then this hits:

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First of May WoW Music Video—NSFW

First of Ma

Sorry, I should’ve posted this yesterday. I guess the second of May is close enough though. Check out this music video for Jonathan Coulton’s song “First Of May”. I didn’t know you could do that in the World of Warcraft… no wonder Trog plays it so much behind a locked door. I guess this qualifies as NSFW. Also it’s pretty catchy, so be careful you don’t start singing it to yourself in some place that would be inappropriate. The song is by Coulton, but looks like video is made by Mike Spiff Booth, a program manager for Adobe. And to all you prudes out there, Bin Laden finally got tagged, so if there’s a day to go outside and fuck like nasty dirty animals, it’s today. So, in honor of that, my pants are coming off and I’m heading down to the beach. Any heifer from the Atomic Moo herd is welcome to join me (note to Trog: I’m leaving my debit card on my desk in case you need to bail me out of jail… also, if you try to use my savings to buy a new XBox I’ll kick your ass!).

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