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The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Cool New Kickstarter and Some Animated Tom Waits!

Good morning El Moochadores! Well, I got my computer back to normal. Mostly. So, things should be back to the regular level of panic (pre-hard drive crash) as we do our best and put out the metaphorical fires that continually burn us around here. Figuratively. Anyways, the last few days have sucked, but I’m kind of in a good mood. So let’s start this Morning Moo off with a Chewbacca Toilet Paper Dispenser!

Yeah, that was awesome. Okay, so on this Morning Moo, we got a cool new Kickstarter for a novel called Blood Fuel and a really cool animation of an old interview with musician Tom Waits. Not that I’m a big Tom Waits fan (he’s cool), I just really dug the animation.

Here we go…

Blood Fuel!

3919256ba4a290474d065fefba648728_original (1)

Launching just this week on the old Kickstarter (and already than half way to their goal) is a gritty new post-apocalyptic novel by brothers Caleb and Luke Prochnow. Blood Fuel is a blood, metal and death story of two brothers trying to cross over into an elite world. Here’s the synopsis:4c1d5807d412b6afa22ee27e199b0fe0_original

Blood Fuel is set in the distant future. A dark post-apocalyptic caste society that relies on the bloody entertainment of the racetracks in order to dull the hopelessness that would soon overtake the masses. The racing circuits, like the caste society are divided based on the populations wealth, rank and occupation. It is extremely difficult for a racer to cross over into a circuit outside of his/her caste. Desperation causes two brothers, Ryan and Ed, to attempt to cross that divide and enter sinister worlds that they did not know existed.

They’re actually offering two versions of the first chapter (here) which people can vote on to see which will be used in the book. Currently they’re seeking a goal of $4,500.00 to help publish the book. I also think it’s pretty cool that they designed a set of models to show the different mechs and killer machines that go along with the story. Anyways, click the Kickstarter link above to see more about the campaign, rewards, stretch goals, and information about the story. I’ve posted the promo video below.


Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing


PBS Digital Studios and Blank on Blank have produced this great series of animations that pair old recorded interviews of celebrities and artists like Johnny Cash, Hunter S. Thompson, and Tom Wait, with animations. Check out the Tom Wait interview below from a recorded interview in 1988 as told to Chris Roberts. The rest of this interview can be found at blankonblank.org.


The Morning Moo!


Go Support the Silence: Track One!

Good morning El Moochadores! Just one thing to post about this morning (well, there’s lots of stuff to post about, but I’m picking just this one thing…) and that’s the Silence: Track One by Devin Kraft. I posted about this cool new indie comic a few weeks ago, and we even got Devin to record a Moocast interview. Which I totally would have posted by now had my hard drive not given up the ghost night before last! Seriously, it was a done episode and I feel really crappy now. I’m blogging from my old laptop – which I affectionately call the Book of the Dead. Anyways, I’m not totally brain dead. I do back up all my recordings and I’ll have the new Moocast up in a few days. However; I really want to see this comic made and there’s only 3 days left to crowd fund it! So, go check out the Kickstarter! Tweet or Retweet about this, and face-share it with as many of you compadres as you can! I’ve posted the stories synopsis, along with the kickstarter promo video, and some sample pages below. Check it out and support independent comics!


Johanna Jones, a runaway from the town of Anthem receives a letter from the SSCC informing her that her father has gone missing after The September, the ship he was aboard, failed to return on time. They plan on repossessing her childhood home and allow her several days to collect any important belongings. Johanna reluctantly returns home to try to put together an expedition to search for The September’s whereabouts. Along with her best friend, a washed up elderly ex-punk rocker, an on again off again addict, and a cat named Arpeggio, she sets off on a yellow submarine called the Heart of Gold for Hades’ Hexagon, a mysterious area where ships keep disappearing.

d13a6493d6bc9867f6eb3aaf7e19f6f0_original 4448146b80febf7685571f84aaa2b6d8_original 4dfa91d8d0ed4d5ff5d3072d0ad8df04_original

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Star War Art, Some How To, and Fun with Jurassic Park!

Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, usually it’s my own laziness that keeps me from actively working on anything Atomic Moo related… but not this time! No, this time (if you look to the right) it was this blue screen of compute death w8sm10! I recently tried to upgrade my system to Windows 10 and, yeah… big mistake. Okay, so I know there’s probably a billion (guessing) people who upgraded and didn’t have the same problem, and I’m also not the most computer savy guy, but that blue screen really wrecked a lot of stuff I was working on. So, anyways, I’m back to Windows 7 and a determination to only buy Apple in the future.

Anyways, it’s been a bit since I was able to post so let’s jump right in with some cool Star Wars art by DarkInkArt.com. Look up (way up) to the begining of this post and you’ll see this unique silk screen piece called Destination Victory and it is being offered as part of a 250 piece, 18″ x 24″, signed edition at $50.00 each. It has a great Imperial propaganda vibe, if we were to ever see imperial propaganda. Click the link above to see more great art by Dark Ink Art!

Painting Mark Ruffalo with Jason Seiler


Next up: Check out this interview from Schoolism with professional artist Jason Seiler about his rendering of Mark Ruffalo for the New York Observer. As a would be artist, I’m always interested in hearing how the professionals do their work and Schoolism is loaded with interviews like this. Though I found this one on the Bobby Chiu youtube page.

If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras


Finally, What if Jurassic Park were in different geological eras? We would have a lot less exciting movie. Well, Maybe. Anything “precambrian” would just make for a really short movie. In any case, check out College Humors take on a totally different Jurassic Park… with a pretty good Jeff Goldblum impersonation to boot!


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Peter Griffin and Deadpool… not at the same time though… but that would be cool too.

Good morning El Moochadores! We had a pretty damn niffty Moocast recording last night, so you can look forward to some podcasting excellence in the near future, but until then: Morning Moo stuff!

Today, I’ve got some of the best the internet has to offer starting with The Real Life Peter Griffin! Check out footage from New York Comic Con and Robert Franzese cosplaying as Peter Griffin. No shit, I’ve watched this thing like 5 times just this morning. It’s that damn cool. According to the Boom! Big Pants, Youtube page I pulled this from, Franzese is an aspiring voice talent actor, and I think he’s going to get there. Take a break Mcfarlane! The dudes got this covered!


Deadpool Red Band Trailer!


Yeah, I know; You’ve already seen this, but watch it again! It looks like we’re getting the Deadpool movie we always wanted! So check out all the violence, wise cracking, butts, and mutant powers that’s probably going to make this one of the best super hero movies ever! Yup. I’m really raising my expectations on this one. No, way Fox will let us down, right? It’s not like they could possibly fuck up Deadpool… oh, wait. They already did once. Eh, we’ll call “mulligan.” Oh, and this is the Redband (aka: more violent and cussy) trailer, so NSFW!


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Fictional Food Art and New Nicole Brune Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! Well, late morning pushing towards noon, but still: Today we’ve got a bunch of fun art to show you starting with that sexy bit of Lady Death art from one of our favorite illustrators, Nicole Brune! The cover art, for Lady Death #0: Death Becomes Her, is also available as a limited edition print you can get at Nicole’s Site. Go check it out along with more of Nicole’s work!


Joshua Budich “Fictional Food”


Gallery 1988, and artist Joshua Budich, have a fun new gallery of work featuring the many fictional Foods from pop culture. Check famous illustrated edibles from the Simpsons, Family Guy, Lost, Star Wars, and many more. Prints are also available for sale on the site, but hurry, many are selling quickly. Check out a few samples below, but this is just a small example of the chunk of work featured by the gallery!


JoshuaBudich_18x24-Hurley_ea61c06c-a3f4-4fc3-87e5-dc77c593ee85_1024x1024 JoshuaBudich_18x24-DarthVader_1024x1024 JoshuaBudich_18x24-HomerSimpson_1024x1024

The Morning Moo!


Featuring C2E2 2015 Coverage and Killer Tick Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s Morning Moo we got Beat Down Boogie’s amazing coverage of C2E2 and some new Rocky Davies art. Keen. No really… Keen!


The Tick – The City Calls


One of our favorite artists/graphic designers, Rocky Davies, recently produced this killer bit of The Tick art. You can almost here the words “spoon” being shouted over the city. Also, Davies has a bunch of his stuff for sale on the website: Nerdy with Children.

Check out a few samples below.

Love_is_a_Battlefield_Adult_Front Melt_with_You_Adult_Back Welcome_to_the_Jungle_Adult_Front

C2E2 2015 – Cosplay Celebration


Beat Down Boogie has new videos out covering Chicago’s C2E2. Check out all the fun cosplay along with a pictures of the event. I’ve only posted a few samples here, so click the link to see more images.

10959615_818025241567817_9202643634918725753_n 11178211_818027088234299_4487676693850719216_n 11174838_818025451567796_6539708207775285615_n

11207343_818029911567350_4983413926638398776_n 11204987_818025804901094_7598308463714552362_n 11188259_818027974900877_3566738364555235683_n

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Cool Art and Acting Lessons with Stan Lee!

Good morning El Moochadores! Let’s kick off this Morning Moo with some amazing art work by professional illustrator Jamal Campbell (aka: Pryce14 on the Deviant Art) who made the above art featuring all the super women of DC’s Justice League. According to the Deviant Art Page, The illustration (All-female Justice League) was a commission piece and features Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, Vixen, Big Barda, Mera, and Star Sapphire. Wait, isn’t Star Sapphire a Green Lantern villain? Eh, all the same, cool art. Check out a few other samples of Campbell’s work below, but hit the link above to sew way more. Way More!

the_titans_by_pryce14-d8kcb9r carol_danvers_by_pryce14-d8qw8vu captain_america_speical__1_by_pryce14-d8b3k15

Stan Lee Cameo School


Well, I guess when you do something enough… Anyways, check out this Audi USA ad featuring Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Tara Reid, Michael Rooker, Jason Mewes and Lou Ferrigno.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Cool Geek Art and Daredevil Easter Eggs!

‘morning El Moochadores. I’m late for work again (how I still have a job is amazing) so this is going to be a quick post. First up: check out that great Blues Brothers illustration above. The piece was created by professional illustrator Dan Panosian (aka: Urban-Barbarian on the Deviant Art). I’ve posted a few other samples of his work below, but you check out more of his work at Urbanbaraian.com.

luke_cage_samurai_by_urban_barbarian-d8op6cb star_wars_by_urban_barbarian-d8oqytt samurai_wolverine_by_urban_barbarian-d8op6iy

DAREDEVIL – Every Easter Egg & Reference


Mr> Sunday Movies (on the Youtube) recently posted this video showcasing all the hidden “easter eggs” floating around in the new Netflix series, Daredevil. This is really interesting, but if you did spot all of these before ever watching the video, then you probably need to get outside more.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Muppet Mash Up and an Unprofessional Artist Ted Talk!

Good Morning El Moochadores. Looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day here in sunny San Diego, and I don’t know, things just feel good right now. So, to kick off this Morning Moo; In honor of Game of Thrones fifth season, check out the wonderful/horrifying painting above by deviant artist DanLuVisiArt (aka: Dan LuVisi). Wow, that is… wow. Powerful. I don’t know how he did it, but LuVisi picked the absolute right Muppets for this gory GoT scene. Excellent work. You can check out (and purchase prints) more of LuVisi’s art at Inprint.com.

How to be an Unprofessional Artist by Zander Cannon


Next up is this great Ted Talk by professional illustrator Zander Cannon. In this video Cannon discusses the importance of honesty in a personal and professional life, and how being honest changed his work when he wrote and illustrated the award winning graphic novel Heck. I thought this was very inspirational, I think it also has Chudd and I thinking of trying a 24 hour comic, just to see what we can make. Now, if we just had 24 spare hours…

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Droids and Zeldas!

Good morning El Moochadores! Like the h2 says; today we’ve got droids and Zeldas! Check out the very awesome videos below featuring a cosplay compilation of Legend of Zelda fans, and Artoo in Love.


Artoo In Love


Actually, I think Artoo could do better, but (meh) love is blind. Anyways, check out this funny video from Evan Atherton about our favorite little droid falling for an employee (why not) of the US postal service. According to the youtube, this is an official Selection of the Sonoma International Film Festival 2015. Get more information on the official website, artooinlove.com




Beat Down Boogie has a new Cosplay Remix video out. Check out their compilation of Legend of Zelda cosplay from different events around the country. For more great cosplay photos, and videos, visit the Beat Down Boogie website.

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