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Gaming History : Mario

New Monthly Series from Beat Down Boogie!

Hello again El Moochadores! So, Christmas 1986 and we (the brothers Moo) are ten-years-old. The one thing every ten-year-old wanted for X-mas 1986 was the Nintendo Entertainment System which is exactly what we asked for. Y’know what we got? The Sega Master system. Yet one more thing that made us just a little bit different than all (ALL) the other kids in out neighborhood – who were happily playing NES while we were trying to figure out that POS Ghostbusters game. fuck.

Sorry, that’s still kind of a sore spot – but go ahead an enjoy this great Gaming History video from Beat Down Boogie! This first in depth episode kicks off with the history of Mario and covers the multiple changes and platforms the little plumber has gone through through out his successful career.

Y’know, it really did suck not getting any of the “Captain N” references on Saturday Mornings. Also, Fuck you Greg (I can’t remember your last name because it was 30 years ago) for not letting us play Metroid when we slept over. Who the fuck wanted to play “Skate or Die” when you had fucking Metroid! fucking childhood.


Mario and Yoshi by Javas


Okay El Moochadores, we just finished recording the last elements for Moocast #113, so I should be able to have it online in the next few days. In the mean time, let’s keep this blog alive with some cool fan art!

Check out Mario and Yoshi from Spanish illustrator Javier Burgos Arroyo (aka: Javas on the Deviant Art). He’s got a great cartooning style and portfolio full of cool and interesting takes on popular comic characters. I’ve posted a few sample images below, along with a speed drawing video by Javas, but hit the DA link above to see way more!


superman_sketch_by_javas-d9p9cqm don_by_javas-d70ox7k chewbacca_sketch_by_javas-d8q1nd6




The creative minds over at Beat Down Boogie have completed their full length fan film: Mario Warfare! Check out all the intense action of a plumber fighting an army to save a princess. The film stars Matthew Sumner as Mario, Jarod Kearney as Luigi, Alena Koch as Princess Peach, Brian Lee as Toad, Eric Jacobus as Waluigi, Anthony Robinson as Bullet Bill, David Berberian as The King, and Rick Burnett as Bowser. You can also check out an image gallery from the film along with a trailer.


The Morning Moo!


Featuring New Geek art and an Avengers Gag Reel (parody)!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Well, what’s left of it. This morning we have a new parody from PITtv, but first(!); Look up and check out this very cool bit of Mario/Ring mash-up art (entitled The Pipe)7days-blackt-shirt_grande from Nacho Diaz Arjona (aka: Naolito) that proves that all little girls can be really scary. What’s also great is that you can get this image on a t-shirt, hoodie, or even a phone cover through his website, Naolito.com. Click the links above to see more of his work and the cool gear you can wear it on!


Avengers: Age of Ultron – Gag Reel!


PITtv has a new video on the youtube showing what an Avengers: Age of Utlron Gag Reel may have looked like. The video features Tim Myer as Captain America and Grace Giffune as Black Widow. Funny video but one would think that the old “super soldier serum” would have fixed Cap’s vision problems… Maybe it doesn’t cure astigmatism…


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Droids and Zeldas!

Good morning El Moochadores! Like the h2 says; today we’ve got droids and Zeldas! Check out the very awesome videos below featuring a cosplay compilation of Legend of Zelda fans, and Artoo in Love.


Artoo In Love


Actually, I think Artoo could do better, but (meh) love is blind. Anyways, check out this funny video from Evan Atherton about our favorite little droid falling for an employee (why not) of the US postal service. According to the youtube, this is an official Selection of the Sonoma International Film Festival 2015. Get more information on the official website, artooinlove.com




Beat Down Boogie has a new Cosplay Remix video out. Check out their compilation of Legend of Zelda cosplay from different events around the country. For more great cosplay photos, and videos, visit the Beat Down Boogie website.

On the Subject of the New 4DS


An Original Article by Atomic Moo Contributor, Numbers

First Published at True Game Truths and Republished Here With Permission.

Forget what you know about Nintendo! It’s time to cast aside the image of the Masters of the Rehash, constantly milking nostalgia; of the Champions of Market Confusion, unable to name their hardware or software. It’s time to forget all of that, and step forward into a new age where Nintendo is once again powerful, respected, and relevant!

Oh, they’re releasing Yet Another 4DS, one that’ll divide the player base this time? In that case, forget that entire first paragraph. Remember the old rule of “Never buy a first-generation Nintendo handheld”? We might need to push that rule back gen or two. Big N has recently announced a new,n4ds-models mid-generation entry to the “Nintendo 3DS family of systems.” First came the 3DS and the larger 3DS XL, which solved some of the issues (such as laughable battery life). Then came the 2DS, with an even dumber name, ridiculous design, and omission of the gimmick that gave the “family of systems” its name in the first place.
And soon, there will be another member of the family! Make way for the—

—“NEW NINTENDO 3DS”? Seriously? That’s the name?
“Hi, I’d like to buy a used New 3DS, please.”
“Well, which it be, new or used?”

So what’s new this time? Rest assured that isn’t just some “bigger screens, larger battery” sort of deal. This is a full-fledged hardware revision.n4ds-sfc Nintendo’s so serious about it that both the regular-sized and the XL versions will be available right out the gate. Ninty would be nothing without fanwanking, so on the smaller model, face buttons will be coloured like the Super Famicom’s pad. The XL version will feature the SFC colours on the buttons’ letters rather than the full button itself.

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Nintendo 3DS System and Games

Review by Neko_Bijin


I’m reluctant even to admit that I own a Nintendo 3DS. Apparently they’re used by grown men for acts of indecency in Japan. But I bought one for slightly less disreputable purposes. It’s essentially an NES that fits in my pocket—the only thing I ever wanted in life since I was 13. Mine is the XL model, which is necessary for anyone with lousy eyesight, and the 3D aspect just plain doesn’t work for me (this is true of about 10% of the human population, I gather). The StreetPast feature has caused me reflexively to move closer to clusters of loitering teenagers as I go about rather than further away, so it may yet get me killed. There’s also an e-Shop that I haven’t figured out. I buy all my games on little plastic cartridges that I insert into a slot to play, the way God intended. Here are a review of the games that I own.

Mario Kart 7


Near as I can tell, the game hasn’t evolved much since its SNES debut. Thank goodness! The object is to cross the finish line first, and there’s a plethora of karts and Mario characters to choose. You can compete against friends in a head-to-head race while you sit side-by-side on the veranda, but why bother? You’d rather just play the duel mode.

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The Morning Moo!

It’s been a few days since my last Morning Moo, but I’m in a special sort of chipper mood right now and a Morning Moo sounds pretty damn good to me, and I’ll imagine, you too. So here we go folks! Let’s kick off this morning with…

Brandon Bird’s Astonishing World of Art Signing at Gallery Nucleus


If you’re lucky enough to be near L.A. (wow, I can’t believe I just wrote that…) sometime between 7 and 9 pm on Saturday September 7th, then swing in to Gallery Nucleus to see, get, and gwak, at artist Brandon Bird’s new art book! Brandon Bird is the brilliant artist who did a painting of Christopher Walken building an Optimus Prime robot. Excellent! brandon-bird-walken Anyways, Mr. Bird has a new art book out. Here are the important details:

If you enjoy pop culture, then you’ll definitely appreciate artist Brandon Bird’s Astonishing World of Art activity book. An inspired, creative, eye-popping turn through the best of American entertainment, the pages are bursting with art from Bird’s most well-known works. In addition to coloring, stickering, and connect-the-dots, highlights include personalizing Law & Order Valentine’s Day cards, re-imaging Nicolas Cage’s hairstyle, and making your own Christopher Walken mask! Click here to learn more.

Gallery Nucleus can be found just outside L.A. (still too close, RELOCATE TO SAN DIEGO! We’re prettier here.) at 210 E Main St Alhambra, CA 91801. Have fun!

Mario: The Bruiser


And speaking of excellent, pop-culture based, art (’cause we were) Deviant Art contributor Tom Lishman is a UK based digital artist who made one scary looking plumber. It’s a very cool rendering but he kind of looks like he’s killed one too many turtles. Excellent work Mr. Lishman!

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Our good buddy Dave (the D20) keeps going on about this game and, I’ll admit, it looks pretty darn niffty. Wait, not the right words? Whatever. Check out the trailer for Rockstar Games latest addition to the series coming out on September 17th! Groovy.

Okay El Moochadores! You got a whole day to make your life just a little bit more awesome so get to it and we’ll be back on here a little later with more Atomic Moo greatness as the day goes on!

Awesome Super Metroid Animation

Super Metriod Animation by Dave Rapoza

Hey El Moochadors. I thought I should do a quick post while my clothes are in the washer (I’m out of pants… completely… just wearing a towel right now) of something I watched earlier. It’s an animation based on Super Metroid by illustrator Dave Rapoza. Says in the Youtube description he did all the animation in Photoshop, which I find pretty impressive. I can’t imagine how much time that took. The guy has some pretty kick-ass work on his site and his deviantArt gallery. Definitely worth taking a look. I should go see if my pants are done yet (my legs are cold…). Later!

MAN AT ARMS—Link’s Master Sword


Unfortunately, I never had a chance to play Legend of Zelda as a kid. Trog and I were Sega kids, starting with the Master system, then the Genesis. Still, I thought this was pretty badass, and, for those of you who were lucky enough to have a Nintendo as kids, you might appreciate this from master forger Man At Arms.

Just one more thing. This guy does some really kick-ass work, but in my opinion the end of the videos should be nothing but this girl (below) swinging the swords… just saying….

Hot Sword Chick

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