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Atomic Tails #21!

Fire. Breathing. Super. Cow.

Okay, El Moochadores! Here’s why I haven’t been posting on here the last week. I was working really hard (in my spare time) to finish the latest Atomic Tails! Check out as one of the main plot points for the entire story arch for Chud and Trog is introduced! I had a lot of fun working on this strip, and thought this may not be the best super-cow illustration, I really like how it turned out.

Anyways, Check out past comic strips at the link above, and I hope you enjoy the hell out of the comic below. Also, go check out Trog’s Blog where I write a little bit about the making of the comic!


Atomic Tails #20!

Well, for all the stories and videos I’ve been posting on here about sketching and cartooning, here’s yet another attempt at expanding my own illustrative skills. Check out Atomic Tails #20 and enjoy the mouse goodness of it all. Chud and Trog are still trying to hash out Chud’s sharing Trog’s apartment, while something bigger and better begins to take form in the Mouse twin’s little home. I think the extra attention I’m spending on posting about cartooning is starting to pay off a little. Yeah, I’m still a shit cartoonist, but for my part I’m seeing some improvements. Go ahead and check out the strip below or at atomic-tails.com and also check out Trog’s Blog where I write about making the comic strip. Also, don’t forget to go check out Murraybroscreative.com! All of our prints are on sale as we start making room for a new generation of prints, mini-prints, stickers, and buttons!


I Want To Live

A Cartoon on overcoming depression by Artist Erika Moen


Via Leigh Lahav (OnlyLeigh) on the facebook: I know we don’t really say much about celebrity deaths here, but I was very sad when I learned of Robin Williams’ death this last Monday. Not only because he really was one of my favorite actors and comedians, but also because of the subject of depression that surrounds his death. Depression sucks. It’s something I’ve been dealing with for awhile and, though I’m not going into all of that, I am very glad to have read this comic by Erika Moen. It actually touches on a lot of thoughts and feelings I’ve had over the years and hits pretty close to my own current feeling about Williams’ death along my current thoughts on depression and suicide. It has a positive message and should be shared with anyone having a hard time. You can see the full comic at The Nib.

Atomic Moo Web Comic Review of Ellie on Planet X!!!


Hey El Moochadores! In my ongoing exploration of the wonderful world of online comics I just recently came across Ellie on Planet X! Now keep in mind, I have no idea if a Web comic is already popular or not, all I know is what I like and I really like this beautifully illustrated comic about a lone little robot sent millions of miles away from Earth to explore the mysterious Planet X!ellie3 Created by Michigan based artist/ graphic designer, James Anderson, Ellie is chuck full of adorable characters and funny story lines that reminded me of Bill Watterson’s work on Calvin and Hobbes. That’s not to say Anderson doesn’t have his own unique style and that his little girl robot and her cartoon world aren’t dynamically illustrated in their own unique way, because he does and they do! I included the first three strips to the comic below, but be sure to click the link above to follow new strips every Monday and Thursday!






Bearmageddon Banner

There’s this new thing on the web by Axe Cop creator, Ethen Nicolle, that (so far) is wicked cool. Okay, I know Chudd hates it when I say stuff like that, but wicked cool, frigg’n awesome, and uber rad are just a few of the terms that crawl into my brain as I read Bearmageddon. This is a brand new, semi-weekly, series that is about:

A few every-day twenty-somethings getting caught up in an all-out war on mankind by grizzly bears.

I don’t think I need any more of a sales pitch than that. Any story that passes on the apocalypse caused by crazed Robots, Zombies, and apes, and uses bears instead is damn well worth a look in my opinion. I found out about Bearmageddon while sorting through the mounds of free swag I got at this years Comic-Con and, even though it’s brand new to the web, it’s by far one of the best things I’ve come across since getting home. Below is small sample of the amazing art, and to see more you really should hit the links on this post and go be an early part of something unique and imaginative.

T’chou El Moochadores!

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