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How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

For all the film making El Moochadores out there; You finally have the recipe for a kick ass movie trailer the next time you finish a film project! Check out How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer from Auralnauts on the youtube.




and some Atomic Moo updates too…

Oi El Moochadores! Once again I gotta apologize for the lack of post and overall moo-activity, but my computer is withering away and works only intermittently. However, I’ll have some new stuff up on the MBC site soon as well as a new Atomic Tails strip this week. Oh, and a new Moocast is just about ready to go. So, yeah, I’ve been busy. Now, enough about all that let’s get into a proper post now!

So… yeah. Hell of a week, huh? Now we should point out that we don’t talk about politics on Atomic Moo. We’re a creative website and podcast mostly geared towards geeks, and pop culture junkies, but it is weird to wake up one morning and find out that the real world version of Lex Luthor will have all the access to the most powerful nuclear arsenal a true super villain could ever want. Just a little weird. That sort of weird that leaves a person a little shaken and (yeah) worried. Plus, all the craziness going on around the world because of this… fucking bizarre happening.batmetal_returns_-_large_1024x1024

To get over this weird feeling, I’ve decided to post about something that makes me happy, and that thing would be Batmetal by ArhyBES! They recently (a week ago) released a new update video, and I also found a video featuring Tenacious D as ninja turtles! Turns out, there may be a new Batmetal video next year. Yeah, we need it now. Dudes, seriously. Right fucking now. Arhybes get that shit done now!!! Anyways, along with the update and the JACK BLACK MUTANT NINJA TURTLES video I also posted a couple of other Batmetal videos. It helps. A lot. One last thing, please support Batmetal by buying a t-shirt at Sharkrobot.com. These shirts look awesome and they keep the fun-don’t let me think about politics-videos a happening. Please go buy.

Enjoy. While we still can.



Street Fighter Parody – Teaser

The creative minds over at Beat Down Boogie are working on a new project that mashes the hardcore action of Street Fighter with the hardcore action of… the fast food industry. Food Fighters! Check out the teaser trailer below and look for new images and information on their Facebook page.


Transolar Galactica


New Episodes Kicks off this Month!

Hey El Moochadores, want a see a grand science fiction adventure chuck full pointless action but also lacking in exposition or character growth?! Want to see something that has almost no integrity, but tons of special effects and lens flares!? Lens flares!?! No I’m not talking about the new Star Wars film (sorry, I couldn’t help my self…STAR WARS VII SUCKED!), I’m talking about this great science fiction parody on the youtube called Transolar Galactica!279836007

First released in 2011, Transolar is a funny, and award winning, web series that “pokes fun at film tropes in Science Fiction cinema, ranging from Star Trek and Star Wars to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.” The series follows the exploits of the star ship Transolar and her luckless crew. led by Captain Remmington Trigger, the series takes the crew through a series of inept decisions that lead to disastrous consequences. The series is amazingly well produced and features some incredible special effects work along with funny short stories that usually end up with some form of death.

Recently the series has returned with Episode 1 of the New Origin Series, “The Return of Icarus.” I’ve posted the first episode below along with two episodes of the original 2011 series. Transolar is produced by Kinetic Energy Productions and for more information you can check out their Facebook page.


Episode 1: Return of Icarus – Transolar Origin Series

Transolar Galactica: Episode II – Beam Them Aboard



A Classic Film Remix by Nick DenBoer & Davy Force

Okay. So, this is going to either make your day or ruin it. Check out this special effects laden remix of Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining, but this time, with way more chickens and a green Scatman Crothers. The short film was produced by Nick DenBoer and Davy Force. For more information check out their website or Youtube channel. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a nightmare tonight. huh.




Batmetal in all its awesome glory has returned with another great animation. This time they’re featuring the song Murmaider from Dethlok. I can’t stop watching this.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Star War Art, Some How To, and Fun with Jurassic Park!

Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, usually it’s my own laziness that keeps me from actively working on anything Atomic Moo related… but not this time! No, this time (if you look to the right) it was this blue screen of compute death w8sm10! I recently tried to upgrade my system to Windows 10 and, yeah… big mistake. Okay, so I know there’s probably a billion (guessing) people who upgraded and didn’t have the same problem, and I’m also not the most computer savy guy, but that blue screen really wrecked a lot of stuff I was working on. So, anyways, I’m back to Windows 7 and a determination to only buy Apple in the future.

Anyways, it’s been a bit since I was able to post so let’s jump right in with some cool Star Wars art by DarkInkArt.com. Look up (way up) to the begining of this post and you’ll see this unique silk screen piece called Destination Victory and it is being offered as part of a 250 piece, 18″ x 24″, signed edition at $50.00 each. It has a great Imperial propaganda vibe, if we were to ever see imperial propaganda. Click the link above to see more great art by Dark Ink Art!

Painting Mark Ruffalo with Jason Seiler


Next up: Check out this interview from Schoolism with professional artist Jason Seiler about his rendering of Mark Ruffalo for the New York Observer. As a would be artist, I’m always interested in hearing how the professionals do their work and Schoolism is loaded with interviews like this. Though I found this one on the Bobby Chiu youtube page.

If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras


Finally, What if Jurassic Park were in different geological eras? We would have a lot less exciting movie. Well, Maybe. Anything “precambrian” would just make for a really short movie. In any case, check out College Humors take on a totally different Jurassic Park… with a pretty good Jeff Goldblum impersonation to boot!


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Cool New Videos from Pocket Watch and Beat Down Boogie!

Good morning El Moochadores. Sorry about the lack of post lately, but sometime after this post we should have a new Moocast ready to go! So, Yeah… that’s something(?). Anyways, for now check out a great Jurassic World parody video and a new cosplay compilation.


Jurassic Park Scientist Only Makes Evil Dinosaurs by Pocketwatch


The good people over at UCB Comedy (Pocketwatch) have put together this funny video that answers the question: Of all the dinosaurs you could make, why make the really scary one? And, why make them and not have some sort of contingency plan sometime after the third time the monsters go nuts and eat a few scientist. Also, “rape-asaurus” should never be used outside this video.

Beatdown Boogie’s Momocon 2015 Cosplay Coverage


Beat Down Boogie has a new video out showcasing all the great cosplay at Momocon 2015. Check out the video below along with a few sample images from the event. More images can be found on the Beat Down Boogie Facebook Page.

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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Star Wars Art and Why The Daredevil Should Really Be The Batman!

Good morning El Moochadores! Sorry for the lack of post lately, but I got lazy. Really – super – lazy. Y’know, that kind of numbing state of blissful lethargy where breathing is just barely manageable. However; that has passed and we’re back on track with a couple of new Moocast (coming soon) along with a couple of new book reviews. Also, this Morning Moo! So, yeah! Who’s lazy now?! Now in the spirit of getting shit done; check out some fantastic Star Wars fan art along with a funny video from Dorkly that points out an obvious truth.


Daredevil Should Be Named Batman


They are totally right and the comic book publishers DC and Marvel should totally fix this. Watch this new video from Dorkly that points out Daredevil is really Batman. Like… really.

A Long Time Ago by Craig Davison


Ever see some art that hits every sentimental nerve in your body? Well, I did. Check out the beautiful art of Craig Davison that shows (accurately) what it was like to be a child growing up in the shadow of Star Wars. These paintings capture every bit of the pretend universe we all wanted to be a part of in an almost Norman Rockwell like way. I’ve only posted a few images here, but hit the IMGUR link to see much more. Now, I’m off to find a used wrapping paper tube and blanket I can use as a cape… and a bucket. I’m gonna need a bucket.

n2awFne lOmIkIb 7MFdxVO

The Atomic Moocast #97!



Hello El Moochadores! We’re back with another edition (or is it addition…) of the world’s greatest low budget podcast (Moocast)! On this episode we talk with animator/comedian Leigh Lahav (aka: OnlyLiegh)!Leigh Leigh is the animator of several popular internet animations, including the sketch comedy Fangirls! And… she was a lot of fun to talk with! Lot’s of positive energy. A good vibe. Worth a listen is what I’m getting at folks!

So, here we go Brethren and Sistren (?) Moo! It’s Moocast’n time and the time is now! So, go (quick) and hunt down a bag of tasty snacks and can full of fizzy goodness. Then (hurry) to a comfy spot in your abode, nestle in and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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