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The Illustrations of Carla Wyzgala

Hey El Moochadores, sorry about the lack of post the last few days, but (y’know) my life sucks. Anyways, this morning I’m turning to the “con-pile” (all the cool stuff I brought home from SDCC 17) for a little inspiration before I start my day, and literally (not figuratively) on top of the pile is this great set of mini-prints by artist Carla Wyzgala!

Though I can’t find some online sample of all the mini-prints I bought from Wyzgala (Carlations), I found enough examples here to show off her incredible pin-up work done in water colors. Very cool style, and she did a set of prints based on some of my favorite comics, like Saga! Seriously, her version of Alana is amazing – and as we all know; Alana is one of the hottest flying MILF’s since Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched. Y’know, this probably isn’t the place for my “flying women” or “nick at nite” fetishes.

Soooooo anyways… Check out some samples below and also go visit Carlations on the Etsy and the Society Six to get some prints, books, or even some shirts. Seriously, it’s sad, but I would totally buy an Alana body pillow. ‘just an idea. Also an Elizabeth Montgomery body pillow. That’s another idea.


Disney Villains as Pin-Ups!


New Illustrations from Andrew Tarusov!

Illustrator Anderw Tarusov has recently posted a great looking series of illustrations to his Facebook. Check out a great assortment of Disney villainesses (yeah, I think that’s a word…) transformed in to sexy pin-up girls! I’ve posted only a few samples below, but hit the link above to see much more. Also, Tarusov has a Patreon where contributors (depending on amounts) can get access to videos showing process steps, NSFW illustrations, and even commissions. Check it out and support an artist.


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The Atomic Moocast #84!


Interview with Artist Dirk Richter!

Hello El Moochadores! We’re back with the Atomic Moocast episode #84! On this fine and quality edition (of podcasting gold) we’re talking with German pin-up artist, Dirk Richter! I think someone once told me, or maybe I heard it on tv… maybe it was Rush Limbaugh… 252889_1706192062470_1468104328_31356506_416893_n “If you can draw a good looking naked woman, you’ll never go hungry.” But I never really understood why someone would want to eat a bunch of their own sketches. Paper taste gross and why would you buy a bunch of paper, draw on it and then eat, when you could just as easy buy food? People are weird. Anyways, Dirk was a really cool to talk with and his work is amazing! Check out a few small samples below in the show notes along with links to his website and Facebook page.

So, it’s that time again folks! Time for easy, educational, free internet listening. All you have left to do now is secure a comfy corner of your habitat, claim a cool fizzy soda, and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!



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Show Notes and Links

Samples of Dirk’s Art


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DC Women by J-Estacado!


Good morning El Moochadores! I’m in a rush to get to work, but I didn’t want to start the day without at least one ‘moo post. So, check out DC Women by illustrator J-Estacado! J-Estacado (aka Cédric Poulat) is a French artist who specializes in pin-up art! Click the link above to see more of his work!

Now I’m off to earn a minimum wage!

Atomic Moocast #36: Interview with Nicole Brune!

Hey El Moochadores we got another fun and entertaining Atomic Moocast ready to go for your listen holes! On this episode of the Atomic Moocast we talked with our good friend Numbers about Game of thrones and Star Wars novels and yes, we dropped every spoiler we could about every novel we talked about! Then, after the break, we have our interview with artist/ illustrator Nicole Brune!

Nicole was very fun to talk to and chuck full of useful information; such as – How to get a beautiful model naked in your home. Check out some images of Nicoles Pin-up work below and some images of the very sexy artist too!

So here it is folks! It’s time to put the dogs to bed and the kids out on the porch! It’s time to shuffle on over to your fridge and scourer its furthest depths for a cool fizzy soda you like best then take a running leap and belly flop atop your favorite comfy seat. Its time to download and listen to the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about! Let’s get going with the Atomic Moocast!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

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Awesome Geek Art of Garrett Blair (gb2k)

Invisible Woman by gb2k

Hey El Moocahdors and fellow geeks. I’ve been following this guy’s work on DeviantArt for awhile now, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a post about him (Trog and Necko will correct me if I’m wrong), which is too bad because he has some really great looking stuff, and I really like his style of pin-up art. His name is Garrett Blair (or gb2k on DeviantArt), an illustrator from Seattle. His brother, Scott Blair, is another artist who’s work I also greatly admire… and fiendishly envy (MUHAHAHAHAH!).

I’ll post a few more images of his below. Definitely check out his DA gallery and his website for more great work. He’s also on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow his work there. Enjoy!

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