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Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear

Been awhile, right? Well, no we haven’t given up on Atomic Moo, but life is getting a little better and making semi-regular posts should become a thing again. I hope.

Anyways, let’s kick things off (again) with some cool geeky fun provided by Nukazooka on the youtube. Now, I’m pretty sure a dark lord of the Sith could kick the living hell out of a “space ranger” in a manner of seconds, if that were a thing, but the video is still a lot of fun to watch. Despite Disney ruining both Pixar and Star Wars. Yeah, Rogue One sucked and I still hate Disney for every ounce of non-creative garbage they push on a non-thinking public. Sorry, I’ve also been spending time on political blogs, and I’m pretty sure there is a legit tie between the Force Awakens and the Trump attack on American government. But totally enjoy the video!!!


The Atomic Moocast #102!


“Wow!”, I hear you all saying. “Another Moocast and so soon! Thank you Mister Trog, you’re awesome!” Yes. Yes I am, and you very are welcome. So, here it is folks: episode #102, where in we talk with Inside Out actress:92a86df66c5238f4842cb2d222e0e6ba_400x400 Lori Alan!!! Lori has been in such great shows like Toy Story 3, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Family Guy and now she’s here to tell us all about working on Inside out! Frigg’n groovy!

Just a real quick note about this show: While recording with Lori, the call dropped. Many times. Maybe it was Verizon, maybe it was Skype, I don’t know (wasn’t me) but there were a few times the call was interrupted. However, I’m a middling to good editor, so what follows is all the pieces put back together in a mostly seamless way.Mom'sSaddness Mostly… I would have mentioned all that on the Moocast itself, but I forgot. So, yeah, that happened, but it was still an awesome conversation and we are very happy Lori came on our show.

So, here we go folks! This Moocast is a fresh, steaming, load of podcasting excellence just waiting to ooze down your ear holes! Prepare yourselves! Go now and get a cool fizzy soda, and find that comfy spot, because you’re about to let the Moocast into your brain squidgy regions of your brain!


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Songs used:

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Down Arrow

The Morning Moo!


Featuring cool videos from Glove and Boots and Big Bee Studio!

Good morning, El Moochadores! For this morning’s feature we have two very cool (and funny) videos! Check out parody’s of Pixar’s Cars, and an Uptown Funk

Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS Movie Trailer


Dammit, yeah. I’d watch this. I’d dig the money out of my pocket and pay to watch every abominable moment because: It’s Star Wars! Well, thank the gods this only a parody from Big Bee Studios. Excellent animation work, but I sincerely hope Disney never sinks this low with their new property. Anyways, check out this funny parody, Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS Movie Trailer, and hope it doesn’t spark a bad idea in a talentless Disney executive’s brain.

Shaolin Monk – “Uptown Funk” PARODY


Do you guys love Glove and Boots. We love Glove and Boots. Not any weird way. Just the sort of “special” love a bunch of grown men can have for funny hand puppets. You know what I mean. Anywhat: Check out the new Glove and Boots parody video, Shaolin Monk. A parody on the (much too over played) Uptown Funk song so (too) popular on the radio right now. Wait, radio’s still exist, right? That’s still a thing some people use, right? Also, it’s not like I hate the Uptown Funk song, but they play it every-other-fucking-song down here. Way overplayed Radio guys… who, may or may not exist anymore.

Hall of Heroes!


New Poster by Artist Scott Park!

Artist Scott Park has a new poster of over eighty female characters from television and film. The ladies from Star Trek to Firefly to DC to Pixar (and much more) all make an appearance on this poster which you can get a print of from Society6.com. Poster sizes vary from 7″x 10″ to 28″ x 40″. I think my favorites on this poster are the renditions of Pam and Lana Kane from Archer, but where’s Carol/Cheryl? What no love for the crazy? Anyways, hit the links above for more information and to see more of Scott’s really cool work!



An Exploration of Transcendence

Okay… What the hell did I just watch? Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was both intense and interesting. Otherwise I would not have posted it here on Atomic Moo, but what the fuck was that? Coming to us via Geek Tyrant, check out this wild and wonderfully animated short film by Erick Oh. Mr. Oh is a California based animator (originally from Korea) who currently works for Pixar. Give the animation a watch and let us know what it meant to you.


A Real Life Wall-E!

So, there is a group of guys out there who’ve taken an enormous amount of time to make real life Wall-E robots. I think the Wall-E built in this video was created by Michael Senna, who’s created a very cool R2-D2 in the past, and has been shown as conventions and charity events since its creation. Once again, these guys make being a geek something wonderful.


Steve Jobs Dies at 56

Okay, the story of Apple CEO Steve Jobs passing away has been all around the internet, television, and radio all day and there isn’t much I could hope to add other than my own condolences and appreciation for everything the man accomplished in his short life. Yeah, 56 was way too young. As a designer/ illustrator my own twin brother, Chudd, relies heavily on his Mac (and so do I) for his illustrations and creative projects. Itunes, Podcasting, and iPods have become a large part of our lives and I promise you the iPod makes a 10 hour shift much easier to endure when it’s loaded with my own À la carte selections of songs and podcasts. Hell, even the very first computer I ever touched was an Apple. I learned basic and pascal programming on an old Apple IIe and Macintosh along with Chudd and Buttery Wholesomness in our junior year of high-school. And in the years since leaving high-school I have enjoyed the amazing animation work produced by Pixar and accepted these films as some of my favorite all time movies. It’s weird to think that I wouldn’t have had any of that if it weren’t for Mr. Jobs and his innovations. I may not be as tech savy as some other geeks but for me Steve Jobs has been and always will be a source of inspiration for what a single individual can achieve in a life time. And even though a lot of people bash Steve Jobs for some of the things he did while controlling Apple, with out a doubt he changed our world for the better and will be missed by fans like me.

Pixar’s Brave, Teaser Trailer

Good evening, Elmoochadores! Pixar recently released a teaser trailer for their newest film, Brave. Here’s the synopsis,

Brave is set in the mystical Scottish Highlands, where Merida is the princess of a kingdom ruled by King Fergus (Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Thompson). An unruly daughter and an accomplished archer, Merida one day defies a sacred custom of the land and inadvertently brings turmoil to the kingdom. In an attempt to set things right, Merida seeks out an eccentric old Wise Woman (Walters) and is granted an ill-fated wish. Also figuring into Merida’s quest — and serving as comic relief — are the kingdom’s three lords: the enormous Lord MacGuffin (McKidd), the surly Lord Macintosh (Ferguson), and the disagreeable Lord Dingwall (Coltrane).

After watching this teaser I can already tell that I’m going to like this flick. Which is unusual, because I have a deep fear of both red-heads and bears. huh… Anyways, check out the teaser trailer below and let us know what you thought.


Pixar Wars!

Pixar Wars

One of the best things about having a site like Atomic Moo (believe me it’s not all the women and money… ’cause there ain’t any…) is being able to find and share awesome creative stuff like this illustration above. I feel that actively seeking out, viewing and sharing creative projects from others helps me out in my own work. If anything it makes me want to work harder and create more. Anyhow, I came across this Star Wars/ Pixar mash-up earlier, titled “Pixar Wars” (via GeekTyrant.com), and thought it looked pretty nifty. Naturally I’m a huge Star Wars geek (well, of the original trilogy at least), and I’m a huge Pixar fan as well. It was illustrated by Andrew Chesworth, an animator working out of Minneapolis. You can see more of his work on his blog, or on his website.

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