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Dungeons and Dragons Love Song

Dungeons and Dragons Love Song

Hey kids, how’s your morning going? Great! As for me, I couldn’t get much sleep last night, so I’m feeling a little out of it this morning. I’m also feeling a touch of anxiety. In less than 45 minutes I’m going to try and reserve a hotel room for Comic-Con through their website. I know I’m only a 30 minute drive from San Diego, but my brother and myself got a room last year, and we had a great time down there, so I’m hoping to do the same this year. Depends on if their servers are working or not. I was fortunate enough to get our four day passes while at the con last year, so I didn’t have to deal with all the registration problems others went through. Hopefully it won’t be the same for hotel rooms.

Anyhow, I came across this neat little animated music video on Neatorama.com, about a girl’s love for a D&D nerd (or is it an AD&D nerd?). It’s pretty nice to listen to. It’s mellow. I’m feeling a little more relaxed sitting here listening to it. Almost enough to put my head down on the keyboard and take a nap. Probably not a good idea.

The song is by The Doubleclicks, two sisters, Angela and Aubrey, from Portland — Sister huh? Maybe Trog and myself should put on something decent and take a drive up north? Wait, I feel too lazy to walk down to the store for a muffin… so that’s not likely to happen. Check out their website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. I’m sure they would appreciate it. The animation is by Brad Jonas, and you can see more of his great work on his site (I really like this guy’s drawing style).

Well, looks like I got a little time before hotel registration begins. I think I might boil some eggs in a pot and lay down for a second. Wake me when it’s time, and enjoy the video.

Critical Strike (comma) Bitches!

Dungeons and Dragons Box Set

The Mesmerist stood before the fire pit ready to cast the ancient book into the flames when the Drow sorcerer stepped out of the shadows and unleashed a powerful blast of magical frost. She was thrown backwards and knocked to the floor. Recovering quickly she stood and called for her horde of hidden minions to attack the small band of adventurers now entering the chamber… Okay, that’s not from some lame fantasy novel I’m writing, but was my take on part of a Dungeons and Dragons session I played last night with the The San Diego Dungeons and Dragons Meetup Group. The group does monthly introductory meetings for people new to the game, and I felt this was a great opportunity to learn more about a big part of geek culture.

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