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The Morning Moo!


With Cool Fan Art, an X-Men Parody, and Portal Stuff!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Feels like one of those days to really get stuff done. Y’know, try harder and really accomplish! So, I’m gonna eat big breakfast, take a nap, and maybe do a little mall walk’n. Oh, and if I can squeeze it in, I might just go catch a movie. Maybe that Hot Tube Time Machine squeal. Yup. Gotta strive.

Anyways, today we got some pretty cool stuff. There’s some fan art, a very cool Portal video, and a version of the X-Men that none of us ever wanted to see.


Spider-Gwen Fan Art


Check out this great illustration from Spanish artist, Rafael Teruel Cáceres (aka: Rafater on the deviant art), of Spider-Gwen! Rafater also has a video on the youtube showing how the illustration was created. Which is helpful, if you’re a terminator and you can take in data at super high speeds. Seriously, don’t call it a “how to” video if all it shows is a painting being made a warp speed. Though, it gets a lot better if you pretend he’s really painting that fast. Then it’s like, “holy shit! That guy’s an android!” Anywhat, it’s an excellent illustration and the video is still interesting to watch.

What if Wes Anderson Directed The X-Men


Don’t ever make this movie. Holy shit, can we please all agree that a Wes Anderson version of anything would be mostly awful. Except maybe Harry Potter. All the same, check out this funny parody of the X-Men movie, had it been written, produced, and directed by Mr. Anderson. The short film was produced by Patrick Willems, and it actually looks (feels) like a Wes Anderson picture.

Portal – Game Of Turrets


Via Harry101UK: Check out Game Of Turrets, which is both really cool, and also kind of creepy. Also, you’re gonna have that tune in your head for most of the day now. You’re welcome.

Portal 2


Hark! Our Turret Voices Sing

Hello El Moochadores! Sure the holidays are pretty much over, but it’s still winter, and since we’re huge fans of Portal 2 I thought this would be a cool post. So, check out Hark! Our Turret Voces Sing from youtuber Harry101UK! It’s keen.


Awesome Portal Videos from Harry Callagan!


Good evening El Moochadores! I’m home from work and there’s just enough time to get in a post before the day is officially over! Many of you already know about British film maker Harry Callagan (aka Harrry101UK on the youtube) and his incredibly well done Portal based videos; However, if you don’t know, check out a small sample of his work below! You’ll like it. Well, I’m mostly sure you’ll like it, even if you’ve never played Portal or Portal II. Give the videos a watch and make sure to go visit and support his youtube so that we can get more great videos like these! Below I’ve posted the animations Going Home and Meet the Cores.


Portal: Survive! Awesome Portal Fan-Film

Portal: Survive!

Damn, it’s too early for this… Still, I’m not sure if I’ll have time after work, so what the hell, right? I just watched this nifty Portal fan film this morning and thought it was worth sharing. Says in the “about” section on the YouTube page that it was made by Colin and Connor McGuire and shot for “under $500.” Under $500??? My question is: if a fan film can look this good (for under 500 bucks), why haven’t we seen a “real” live-action Portal film yet? Eh… they’d probably just fuck it up anyhow. Damn, I’m hungry… I’m off to get a bear claw. Later.

Badass Portal/Chell Fan Art

Chell by Quirkilicios

Just wanted to do a quick post on an awesome piece of Portal fan art I came across the other day while browsing deviantArt. It was done by a Canadian artist Drake Tsui (Quirkilicious). He’s got more great stuff in his gallery, so check it out when you get the chance. Now I’ve gotta go find something to eat before I chew the face off a dead squirrel I found by my car this morning (I’m sure it’s still good, right?). later!

Little Video Game Golden Books by Joey Spiotto


Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, I found these a few days ago and accidentally lost the original source page, so… Via some geek website (or blog) check out these very cool re-imaginings of modern video games as Little Golden Book covers by artist Joey Spiotto (aka Joebot)! Here’s what Spiotto had to say about the project on his blog:

I recently have been really into the artwork of the classic Little Golden Books. There’s something very charming about their simplicity, and yet they are some of the books that I remember most from my early childhood. As the sun sets on this current generation of video games, I’ve been thinking about some of the classic games that people will still (hopefully) point to years from now and hold them up as games that made a difference, and possibly, for some child out there, Portal or Skyrim will be a memory from their early childhood.

Okay, so I don’t have kids (and that’s probably a good thing) but had I had kids they would totally be getting a bedside reading from the Cake is a Lie! Excellent work Joebot! Click the links above to see more of his excellent work!

LittleDragonbornBlog CakeLieBlog My-Big-DaddyBlog

Awesome Fan Made Frankenturret—With Twitching Legs!

Frankenturret by Corroder666

It looks like I have a little time before I have to run down to San Diego, so here’s a nifty piece of fan-made Portal awesomeness I came across earlier this morning. This Frankenturret model was created by a German deviantArt member, Corroder666 (Daniel). I can’t imagine how much time he spent putting this together, but it looks like it was worth it. He’s got a YouTube video showing it from different angles, and a tutorial page (in German) explaining how he did it… I should go over to Rosetta Stone and see if I can pick-up some quick lessons in German… or iTunes… I’m sure there’s a “Coffee Break” German podcast out there. All I’m saying is that I want one of these for myself dammit! Anyhow, I still gotta put my pants on and then go get some gas in my tank before I leave, so… later!

Aperture R&D from Machinima!!!


Hello El Moochadores! If you’re a fan of the Portal games then you just might like to see Machinima funny new Web series; Aperture R&D!

Based in the world of Portal 2, the idiosyncratic scientists and developers of Aperture Research Labs are in an endless battle for the meaningless title of Lab Team of the Month. Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of this series.

Check out three episodes below (I think they’ve only made three so far) and go check out the Machinima web site to see more very cool Web shows!

Alternative Movie, TV, and Gaming Prints From… DirtyGreatPixelsUK!!!


Good Morning El Moochadores! Right now a U.K. based graphic designer and illustrator is selling some amazing prints on Etsy.com! Check out the brilliant work of artist DirtyGreatPixelsUK; who has worked up new posters for films and games like Evil Dead, Mario Bros, and Robocop!

My designs are mostly inspired by movies, television and videogames, and I try to bring a fresh, alternative approach to my work. Fundamentally, I’m just a big old bag of geek which is what drives my imagination, and hopefully you’ll like the end results…!

DirtyGreatPixelUK can also be found on Facebook and Tumbler!

Check out a small sample of his work below!

Ed209 AtATPoster EvilDead MarioPoster Portal2 RollerBall

Great and Geeky Portal Valentines

My Portal Valentine by LaggyCreations

I’m not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I’m becoming a big fan of Portal (since I was finally able to play it), and I’m a huge fan of great looking vector art. two outta three here ain’t bad… These great looking illustrations were created by devaintArtist LaggyCreations (Maggie Ramey). Every time I see work like this I always feel like I need to work harder so I can get up to that level. So, I think after this post I’m going to get to work… eh, I probably should shower first though since I just got back from the gym—then again, not like there’s anyone around I’m trying to impress. It’ll be okay.

Another Portal Valentine by LaggyCreations An Obese Valentine by LaggyCreations

She has more great looking geek-art in her gallery (a few samples below), and in here Etsy Store. Take a look and enjoy. I think I will take a shower after all… Later.

Minimalist Freeman—Half Life by LaggyCreations Guild of Calamitous Intent Recruitment Poster by LaggyCreations Lara—Tomb Raider by LaggyCreations

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