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Ghostbuster Prints from QMX


So, I’m sitting here going through the stuff we brought home from WonderCon, and sometimes it’s hard to remember who’s who from the various business and promotional cards we just vacuum up as we pass tables. Sometimes, I don’t even think I’m looking. I’m just passing tables, snapping up anything I see in my peripheralsQMX_Battlestar that might have a “free” tag next to it.

Anyways, This year, As we wandered around the exhibit hall, we came across a fairly large set up by QMX. Acutally, its a smallish “x” at the end… eh. At the QMx (better?) exhibit, they had a bunch of cool figures on display, but also they had this great poster of a Viper from Battlestar Galactica! Which I was totally going to post about until, I went to the their website, and saw their Ghostbusters poster set!

Okay, all the posters look great, and although I like Battlestar, I frigg’n love Ghostbusters and these prints are awesome. The Posters sell as a set for about $35.00, and each one is 18″x24″ printed on 100-lb, satin-finish paper. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the artist is for these posters (granted I didn’t dig too deep) but it would be cool if QMx credit their artist or team on the page with the prints. I posted a few screen captured samples below, but hit the QMx link above to see a zoomed picture of all these posters and more information.

Good stuff.

QMX_Ghostbusters_4 QMX_Ghostbusters_3 QMX_Ghostbusters_2

Hall of Heroes!


New Poster by Artist Scott Park!

Artist Scott Park has a new poster of over eighty female characters from television and film. The ladies from Star Trek to Firefly to DC to Pixar (and much more) all make an appearance on this poster which you can get a print of from Society6.com. Poster sizes vary from 7″x 10″ to 28″ x 40″. I think my favorites on this poster are the renditions of Pam and Lana Kane from Archer, but where’s Carol/Cheryl? What no love for the crazy? Anyways, hit the links above for more information and to see more of Scott’s really cool work!


Cool Stephen King Minimalist Poster Art

Hello El Moochadores! We’re back! Not that we really went anywhere but I work full time (and then some more) and Chudd’s a fat lazy bastard that refuses to post. So, here we are: Back with some cool minimalist poster art by Nicholas Tassone. I first found these over on Geek Tyrant and thought, “hey, Chudd likes minimalist poster and these are pretty cool. Maybe, just maybe, this will get Chudd off his ever growing ass to participate in the website he started.” That was the thought. Sorry, I’m tired and there were no cookies left when I got home from work. Anyways, enjoy the cool art work.

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Spaghetti Western Star Wars Posters

Via Nerd Approved; It actually makes a lot of sense. Take Star Wars and mash it hard with the cheaply produced Italian westerns of the 1960’s and BANG! Something groovy happens like this set of posters created by artist Tim Anderson. also be sure to check out Anderson’s Website to see more great pulp style covers of famous movies and amazing artwork.

Awesome Breaking Bad Poster by Kevin Tong

Artist Kevin Tong is now selling this great looking poster of Walt’s “Super Lab” from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. You can find and purchase Tong’s poster at This link.

Cool Fight Club Poster

Ola Elmoochadores!

Check out this really cool Fight Club Poster by …someone. Sorry about lack of sources here, but I found it on digg.com and didn’t see who the artist was. To get the full effect of the poster tilt your monitor back.


Minimalist Posters for Hobbit and LOTR

Okay, I finished work then fought my way through traffic to get home. I got a little exercise, took a long shower, and made some dinner. Now feeling clean, refreshed, and content with many a pork chop burbling away in my belly, I sit in front of my computer ready to blog. Let’s do this.

There’s a lot of stuff out there tonight, but one of the best things I found was a set of four minimalistic posters featured over at geektyrant.com. Check out these four posters of J.R.R. Tolkens The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Hobbit books. The posters were designed by Adam James and can be found on his blog, Jamesydesign.tumbler.com. I really like the art for the Hobbit, and Return of the King posters, but I kind of think this artist took the work for Fellowship of the Ring a little too minimalistic. At first I thought they were spoons and then spent a full five minute trying to figure out what the hell silverware had to do with ditching the Shire. Eventually I got what the image represents, but I also thought that if I had to flee my home land because some dark hooded douche bags were trying to run me down with their devil horses (all because I had a nifty bit of magic bling), I could see grabbing up a few odd things on my hasty retreat out the door. Even a hand full of spoons for all those late night bean eating sessions with the elves. Check out all four posters below.


Minimalist LOTR Posters from Jamesy

Two New (AWESOME) Star Trek Prints from Mondo

Logo for Mondo.com

Holy awesome wow! Mondo has just put out two amazing, Trek, posters. Normally, I wouldn’t fork out cash for anything (not because I’m cheap, but because I’m broke …and cheap…) but I’m seriously thinking about prying open my mildewing wallet and handing over the few stale bills inside to Mondo for these freak’n (why the fuck did I type freak’n?) amazing posters. I’m not even that big of a trek fan, but holy bearded Spock Batman, these look cool! Dare I say even Trektacular?

Print art work for sale by Mondotees.com

Print art for sale at Mondotees.com

The art and style of each print is amazing, and how hot does Uhura look? Seriously, if there is any cute chicks who do Mirror-Mirror Trek cosplay, I seriously want to meet you. Not for anything creepy or weird, just for lots of sex, that’s all.

The Print art was created by artist Tomer Hanuka (Mirror-Mirror) and Mike Saputo (The Menagerie). I think these prints are limited editions and went on sale yesterday for $45 dollars each, so if you want one then you better get over to Mondo quick.

Hungarian Star Wars Film Posters

Star Wars Logo

Wow, these are impressive, most impressive (get it? like in the movie…). Recently, at the Star Wars Old Republic website , they posted several “unique” Hungarian posters for the original Star Wars trilogy. To me the poster art is bizarre but also kind of cool in a nightmare like way. I wonder if the artist for these posters even saw the films before painting, or if there’s some sort of very potent Hungarian LSD out there that would have inspired these paintings. Actually, the more I look at them the more I like them. Check them out and let us know if you have any cool Star Wars art you’d like to share with us.

Hungarian Film Poster for Star Wars: A New Hope

Hungarian Poster Art for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Hungarian Poster Art for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Hand Prosthetics in Film

Hand Prosthetics in Film

Hey Geeks! Looks like this is turning into a lazy Sunday. There’s a lot of stuff that I want to get done, but I can’t seem to get to it. For example, I thought it would be a good idea to get up early and go for a run along the beach, but there was a marathon going on down there, so I just went to Denny’s instead and ordered a Lumber Jack Slam. I went back to bed as soon as I got home… yes, I feel very ashamed of myself. I really want to finish those wallpapers (there’s at least eight I want to do, and I’m only on the fourth), but… I don’t know… they probably won’t be done today. Anyhow, check out the work of someone who obviously has their shit together and can manage to follow through on something. I saw this awesome “Hand Prosthetics in Film” poster, by Fro, on LaughingSquid.com. Fro is a graphic artist/web designer from Los Angeles, and he does some really fantastic stuff. If you get a chance, check out some of his “Lost” art work. Again, this is another one of those times when I see the work of a graphic artist who puts my stuff to shame, and then I feel bad because I’m not doing enough. Just managing to stay awake for more than an hour today would be an achievement. Sorry, can’t do it, I’m going back to bed…

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