With Cool Fan Art, an X-Men Parody, and Portal Stuff!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Feels like one of those days to really get stuff done. Y’know, try harder and really accomplish! So, I’m gonna eat big breakfast, take a nap, and maybe do a little mall walk’n. Oh, and if I can squeeze it in, I might just go catch a movie. Maybe that Hot Tube Time Machine squeal. Yup. Gotta strive.

Anyways, today we got some pretty cool stuff. There’s some fan art, a very cool Portal video, and a version of the X-Men that none of us ever wanted to see.


Spider-Gwen Fan Art


Check out this great illustration from Spanish artist, Rafael Teruel Cáceres (aka: Rafater on the deviant art), of Spider-Gwen! Rafater also has a video on the youtube showing how the illustration was created. Which is helpful, if you’re a terminator and you can take in data at super high speeds. Seriously, don’t call it a “how to” video if all it shows is a painting being made a warp speed. Though, it gets a lot better if you pretend he’s really painting that fast. Then it’s like, “holy shit! That guy’s an android!” Anywhat, it’s an excellent illustration and the video is still interesting to watch.

What if Wes Anderson Directed The X-Men


Don’t ever make this movie. Holy shit, can we please all agree that a Wes Anderson version of anything would be mostly awful. Except maybe Harry Potter. All the same, check out this funny parody of the X-Men movie, had it been written, produced, and directed by Mr. Anderson. The short film was produced by Patrick Willems, and it actually looks (feels) like a Wes Anderson picture.

Portal – Game Of Turrets


Via Harry101UK: Check out Game Of Turrets, which is both really cool, and also kind of creepy. Also, you’re gonna have that tune in your head for most of the day now. You’re welcome.