Hey Geeks. There’s a lot of stuff going on out in our world today, and this is just a sample of it. Sorry to you Eureaka fans (I found out about this via GeekDad). You’ve probably heard already that it’s getting cancelled. Unfortunately I never watched the show. I kind of gave up on the Sci Fi channel after Farscape’s cancellation, with a brief return for Battlestar Galactica (usually I just watched that off of iTunes though), and then total abandonment after their re-branding as SyFy (which I still read as Siffy), and their push for a more broader audience (or fuck you geeks, a niche channel is bad for business, and we’re not going to pander to your wants anymore). Not to mention the wrestling, Ghost hunting shows, and Sharktopus do nothing to entice me to return. Anyhow, my condolences to you Eureaka fans.

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