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An Atomic Moo Movie Review of Blade Runner 2049!

The opinions expressed in the following review of Blade Runner 2049, do not necessarily reflect those of AtomicMoo.com, its staff, or its sponsor, Pan Am.

We find ourselves living in dangerous days. In today’s entertainment industry, creativity is uncreative. Originality is unoriginal. All too often, companies heartlessly reimagine, rebrand, relaunch, and rehash beloved old brands, viewing them as nothing more than “intellectual properties” ripe for monetization. But only someone extremely skillful or excessively vain would think himself capable of making any kind of worthwhile sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner. And yet, Blade Runner 2049 is now playing in theatres everywhere. It’s too bad it can’t possibly live up to any expectations — but then again, what does?

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Max Payne 3 The Complete Series and Assassin’s Creed: Hawk

Max Payne and Assassin's Creed Covers

So Titan sent us a couple more graphic novels to review, based on popular video game series Max Payne and Assasin’s Creed. Unfortunately I’ve never played either, but I did promise Trog I would read through them both. Sorry, I’m not much of a gamer (although I’ve been getting disturbingly addicted to Team Fortress 2 lately… DAMN YOU VALVE!), and I feel like I’m going into this pretty half-assed. Having said that, here we go….

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Marada The She Wolf

Marada Titan Cover

Damn, I never know how to begin these things. Maybe if I had a fully functional brain right now, that wasn’t hopped up on cookie dough and Monster energy drinks, this would be easier. I guess I should just dive into it and do our review of Marada the She Wolf. Trog got this fromTitan a couple weeks ago, but since he’s already got a pretty full plate of books to review, he passed it over to me. Honestly, I enjoyed it. The book contains three adventure stories of Marada, and her young companion Arianrhod (not really sure how to pronounce that), written by Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men) and illustrated by John Bolton (Books of Magic).

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Guns A’Blazin! Book One: Runnin’ With the Devil

Atomic Basement Guns A'Blazin #1 Cover

I’m not sure if I picked this issue up at the SoCal Comic Con or Comikaze (I believe it was the SoCal con), but after reading a stack of independents I picked up at the two conventions I thought I should review this one first. It’s Guns A’Blazin! The Gunpowder Edition, Book One: Runnin’ With the Devil. Published by Atomic Basement, created by Mike Wellman (Writer) and Rafael Navarro (Artist).

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Virgil

DMC Cover

I have no idea where to begin on this one… This is another graphic novel Titan sent to us, which again I’m grateful for because I ended spending over $150.00 on my car this weekend (you know we could all have more money for comics and other bullshit if we could just get off our asses and invent those Star Trek transporters already). Anyhow, unfortunately I’m not familiar at all with the Devil May Cry franchise. I’ve never played the video games, and I’ve never read any other comics based on these characters (if there are any). So I’m not sure how good of a review I can give this book, Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Virgil.

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Atomic Moo Comic Review: Lenore—Purple Nurples

Lenore-Purple Nurples Cover

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it over to the comic book shop this week. A severely bald right tire, and flashing check oil light strongly recommended I refrain from buying any books until I can get the problems checked out (this is why it sucks to be poor; you’re always having to choose between a running car, or the latest issue of Deadpool). Fortunately though, Titan Books sent us a graphic novel of Roman Dirge’s Lenore: Purple Nurples, to review. Normally Trog does the Titan stuff, but since I’ve been doing the comic reviews lately, he passed this one over.

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Atomic Moo Movie Review of World War Z by Buttery Wholesomeness!

World War Z

HOLY SHIT, IT’S BEEN AWHILE! Sorry I haven’t been on the blog much, but life has been getting in the way. Someday, I hope things settle down enough that I can get things back on track. Thankfully Trog has taken the reigns and is doing a pretty good job running the blog and podcast (kind of his thing now). Here’s something pretty cool though. Our good friend and brethren Moochador posted a review of the new zombie film World War Z on our Facebook Epic Thread (don’t know what that is? Good, let’s keep it that way…), that we thought was super awesome! Read the review below and let us know what you think!

Buttery Wholesomeness’ Moo Review: World War Z

I, for one, enjoyed the book. AND the movie, actually. When Brooks wasn’t a screenwriter, I feared the actual Hollywood ending, where we win the war, and everything goes back to some semblance of normal, complete with a president in front of a podium talking about how the indomitable human spirit will triumph. Meanwhile, I’ve got thirty [rude and obtrusive people] who can’t even turn their fucking cels off for the movie, and every damned person in the place is overweight, including me (although, i -have- been trimming weight, so nyaah).


But, see, we didn’t get that.

The book was collection of vignettes about what was going on in different parts of the world when everything went South. But see, there’s no real narrative structure in that. It would be difficult to have a movie about a guy collating facts and stories about the war, after the fact. No drama, no drive, no need to engage the characters that show up. Instead, we see a guy attached to a mission to find out more about patient zero and the virus.


The movie was good, man. very entertaining. They managed to feed the audience some of the most interesting vignettes through the narrative, which is good, because it gave me that “Oh! This is THAT GUY!” feel from reading the book ahead of time.
(They didn’t talk about the Lion of Pashtu, or whatever his name was, and I was really looking for that. They did drop a nuke, which might have been him, which is also cool, even if he didn’t use nukes.)
All in all, yeah! Definitely worth seeing. Now, about the Zedheads.
Good job.
They don’t attack like people, which was one of those things that bothered me about a lot of zombie movies.
They attack like rabid dogs.
Teeth and jaws first. Kinda cool to see, and it really fed me the idea that they weren’t as much in control as reacting to stimulus.
So, yeah. Good times.

Buttery Goodness

Anyone for a “Game of Thrones”? By d20

Game of Thrones

Hey El Moochadors… I have to apologize for yesterday’s lack of posts. There’s a lot of cool stuff buzzing around that Trog and I would love to share on here, but we got kind of distracted last night after work. Our neighbor’s were having a little shindig last night, and invited us over for a drink. “Well… okay, but just one…” is what I told myself, because I wanted to do another post, plus finish working on this new shirt idea as well as finish an Atomic Moo business card design I’d been working on.

Three and half Belgium Fat Tires later, and partaking of something that I haven’t tried since I went to Switzerland in 2006, I was feeling like a pretty happy Chudd for the rest of the evening. That means that nothing got done last night, and this morning I woke up feeling way less than fully armed and operational. Honestly, I can barely think right now. Fortunately for us all our friend, and El Moochador, Dave Smith (a.k.a. d20), has stepped in to save the day. He emailed us a review that, after attempting to read last night, and then really reading it this morning, makes me want to check out Game of Thrones. I haven’t seen an episode of it yet, but I think I’ll have to now. Anyhow, here’s his review below, and Dave thank you very much for doing this. I’m off to find some Excedrin…

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