Atomic Moo Comic Con Review!

San Diego Comic Con International 2018 Photos and a Moo-Review!!!

Last Sunday, San Diego Comic Con International wrapped up its 48th year, and once again Chud and I were there for all four days for a spectacular show of art, comics, animation, film, books, music, and television shows! Oh, and alcohol. I’m really not a drinker, and though it’s been a week; I still feel wrecked. This con marked our 23rd year as attendees, and although the event had it’s highlights, I walked away feeling incredibly bummed out, but we’ll get to that later. First, the good stuff!

Much like years past SDCC had star filled panels, outside events, and a massive exhibit hall full of every piece of geek related media you could want. As four day attendees we tried to experience as much of it as possible… which actually wasn’t much. Unfortunately we got to see none of the panels in the mane show rooms. The lines for such events were huge, and mostly outside. However, Chud did get a chance to meet the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. He loves the zombie stuff. So, since we couldn’t get into the bigger, fan based, stuff, we sat in on several panels (usually held in rooms 2 or 4) that discussed more creative topics like introduction to television writing, or Indie creators. Panels such as these have way more value for us, and although I would like to sit in the main ballroom and geek out over the next big comic movie, I actually feel better and more inspired for attending the creative work panels. Also, they’re great place to take a break, and get informed at the same time.

Other good stuff this year; We got a ton of SWAG! In Moo-Post of past I’ve often referred to my “Con Pile”. A stack of cards, promo material, and comics collected at conventions that I use to find geek creative posts. I walked away from SDCC with a giant bag of this stuff. Lot’s of new stuff to post about. Then there is the stuff we bought. Comic Con is a great place to source discounted graphic novels, new and old comics, independent comics, and gear. I spent well over $100 dollars at the Famous Monsters booth. I’ll probably do a separate post about all the stuff we came back with, but now I’m happily broke.

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The Art of Bryan Fyffe

Hello El Moochadores! While I continue to post our photos from SDCC 2017, I thought I would start working my way through all the biz and promo cards I just acquired at last weeks big event. SDCC is full of brilliant art work and seeing this stuff helps keep us (the Brethren Moo) inspired to keep making cool stuff too.

So first up is the art work of Bryan Fyffe. I remember passing his booth and really liking the colorful/spooky prints he had created. According to his site, Fyffe is “inspired by old ghost stories, the natural world, and decrepit builds…”, and he works in a combination of traditional and digital techniques. I’ve posted a few samples from his website here, and you can also go buy prints of his work at his online store. Though I’m not sure if the print images posted here are available online, he does have some very cool stuff there. Anyways, check it all out, and I’ll have more from The Con Pile (it’s an actual pile of con stuff sitting by my desk) later today.


Atomic Moo’s San Diego Comic Con International 2017!!!

Check out our photos from the four day event!

Hey El Moochadores! The 2017 San Diego Comic Con International ended yesterday, and it was one hell of an experience. Though we mostly spent our time in educational panels (thank you Room 2!), we also wandered about the con and came back with some cool photos of con-happenings. It’s going to take me a while to post all the photos, and I need to get about half of them from Chud’s camera, so keep checking back here to see more. Also, we met a lot of great creatives and makers at this years con, and we’ll be posting about their stuff of the next couple of weeks.

Comic Con!!!

***I have to leave for work. I’ll finish posting photos later tonight! Cheers!***

Con Stuff!

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The Art Work of Iamosi


More Great Stuff from the Con Pile!

Okay El Moochadores, I got a day off and a little time to relax with my good buddy; the con pile. Yeah, that growing mound of cards, comics, prints, buttons, and whatever else falls into my SWAG bag as I meander the isles of California’s best comic conventions. However, tragedy struck the con pile recently. Well, “tragedy” being my tumbling, 210 lb, body as I tripped over the vacuum cord while trying to clean my room. To be honest, the pile kind of saved me, but at it’s own expense. You see, previous to this the con pile was a form of strata built up from all the various conventions, now it’s a mingled mess of motley promotional muck. Weird thing is, when I was picking it all up, I actually found a bone in the pile! I shit you not, a bone! At first,tumblr_mw6ywsqsYg1qi2w7yo1_1280 I thought it was fossil, but nah… chicken bone. I gotta clean more.

Anyways… Straight from the con pile is a post about an artist who I know I met at SDCC 2016, because I bought one of his prints! Today we’re taking a look at the amazing talent of Erwin Haya (aka: IAMOSi. Haya is a Bay area based artist/illustrator and I think I remember him telling us some of his work was vector based art. I think. I could be wrong, but if so; this is incredible, and done at a level I’d like to see my own vector art achieve some day. You can also see a bunch of his pen and marker work on his website, which is equally impressive. His work has this sort of cool, urban life, vibe that explodes in only a few colors. Yeah, I’m happy with my print.

I’ve posted a few samples of his work below, but Iamosi has an online store where you can go an buy some of his art and show some support.


Untitled-08-01 Ride-01 arcade-01

The Atomic Moocast #106!


More Brune!!!

NEW MOOCAST!!! Former model, current Pin-up artist, and all around great gal, Nicole Brune returns to the podcast to tell us all about her new art, attending SDCC, meeting Kevin Smith,NB-headshot-IMG_5344-jan-2015 and she even gives us the creative kick in the (metaphorical) keister to get our projects done. Also, you get Chudd and mine’s 30 or so minutes of philosophizing on life… and stuff. So, this is a big one folks! Nearly two hours of sweet Atomic Moo-ness. Yeah!

So here we go folks! This Moo-train is ready to roll and you’re gonna want to be on board! So, put down that black box Chewie you stayed up all night to find at what ever toy store you were in line at (f**k’n Star Wars Force Friday? wtf? You actually lined up to give Disney more money?), and go find a secluded place to hunker down in. Then crack open something cold and fizzy just prior to hitting play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links!

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Back from SDCC 2015!!!

star-wars-the-force-awakens-sdcc-news (1)

Hello El Moochadores! Sorry for the lack of post these last few days, but we’ve been away at San Diego Comic Con 2015f! The con was a lot of fun and we’re putting together our gallery of this years photos, but until then here is a small (very small) sample of some of the cool cosplay we saw at the con. So, check it out and we’ll get the full (awesome) gallery on tonight and start normal post again soon!


WP_20150710_006 WP_20150710_013 WP_20150710_009 WP_20150711_018

The Morning Moo…


Some What Current News from Not News Guys…

Good Morning El Moochadores! I’m actually glad that I started doing the Morning Moo again. It helps take the sting out of waking up and facing another day. Alright, enough with the good cheer. So today we got San Diego Comic Con news, Star War fan redesigns, and they fucked up King Tut!

Here we go…

Irreversibly Damaged


Via i09: It’s been recently reported that the blue and gold braided beard on King Tut’s (Tutankhamun… but we all knew that) burial mask was knocked off during an attempt to clean the artifact, and then glued back on, damaging the mask further. According to an article by theTut_Damage Associated Press, the beard was then “hastily” glued back on to the 3,300 year old artifact with epoxy. In the article conservators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo were quoted as saying:

Unfortunately he used a very irreversible material – epoxy has a very high property for attaching and is used on metal or stone but I think it wasn’t suitable for an outstanding object like Tutankhamun’s golden mask… The mask should have been taken to the conservation lab but they were in a rush to get it displayed quickly again and used this quick drying, irreversible material.

D’oh! According to the AP article, additional damage was done to the mask by a museum work when they tried to use a spatula to remove some of the epoxy and ended up scratching the mask. D’oh! D’oh!

Brainstorm: Fan Designs for Darth Vader and The Storm troopers!

Storm Trooper ReDo

Is Storm Trooper one word or two? Anyways, Via The Facebook: Facebook group, Brainstorm has challenged followers to redesign Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper (I’m going with two words. I’m not looking it up. I’m just making the call and going with it.)! Click the link above to see some fantastic ideas from talented fans of the films!

Staying? Going? Where Will Comic Con be in 2017?


Okay, So we love going to San Diego Comic Con. Not just the “royal we” (as in “all of us”), but us – the Atomic Moo guys. We go every year, and we have a great time (despite the celebrity gawkers, rude security staff, and religious nut jobs blocking up 5th avenue…), but for years now there’s been a question of whether or not Comic Con will stay in San Diego, because the event has become too large for the actual convention center. Recently, Comics Alliance published an article that explores the question of where might SDCC go, if it chooses not to renew it’s contract with San Diego in 2016. According to the article, the cities of Anaheim and Los Angeles are both want to be the new home of the convention. The article goes on to say that Anaheim “offers the largest exhibit hall space in Southern California at 815,000 square feet (almost 200,000 more than the 615,700 sq ft at the San Diego Convention Center). In addition, they’ve begun construction on an additional 200,000 sq ft to the convention center, and recently launched a $2.5 million upgrade to their Wi-Fi infrastructure.” In the article, David Glanzer, a Comic Con spokesperson was quoted saying:

The proposals we’ve received are pretty amazing. It’s not an easy decision.

Okay, so I hope the articles final statements that the con probably won’t leave San Diego are correct. I hope. However, we’re talking about a lot of money here. And, as far as “non-profits” go, Comic Con rakes in the cash (and they love their cash), and a larger venue means… more cash! So, I really hope article’s like this one get the city of San Diego to wake up and do more to keep the con in San Diego. According to an article from San Diego’s Union Tribune, in 2010 the city earned an estimated $163 million! That was 5 years ago for a four day event! There’s been more people and more attention to the con since then! Don’t fuck this San Diego!

Alright, El Moochadores. I’ve got to get to work on… other stuff. So, keep coming back to the site for geek creative stuff, and (it’s getting close) possibly a new Moocast!


What Really Happens at Comic Con (SONG)


Good god; they did get in the wrong line. They started in San Diego and wound up in Anaheim. You see, that’s why you always walk up to a random person, who’s standing in that line, and ask, “what’s this line for?” If they say “Anaheim,” stay out! Anyways, check out this very funny song by Dweebcast that provides an accurate description of your future, con going, experience. The song is performed by Chad Neidt and Andy Riesmeyer.


Comic Con 2010 Exlusive Figures

With Comic Con just around the corner, I can’t help feeling more and more excited. Here are three con-exclusive action figures I feel I should be on the hunt for. The first is the Robot Chicken Exclusive Comic-Con Figure: SDCC Nerd, being sold at the Entertainment Earth Booth (#2343) for $20. Yeah, this character is poking fun at obsessive nerd types, but then again I am an obsessive nerd type so who am I to complain.

Robot Chicken Nerd

Next is this kick-ass 19-inch (on a 27-inch blister card) Giant Galactus figure from Hasbro, going for $50. You can find it at the Hasbro booth (#3329).

Comic Con Exclusive Figure

Last, and probably the most awesome, is this special edition Tron vintage figure. Only 1,500 figures are being made, selling at $40.00 a piece. From the couple sites that I read on this, all I could find was “sold at the Tron Booth.” Unfortunately I can’t seem to find what booth that is.

Vintage Tron Action Figure

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