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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Fictional Food Art and New Nicole Brune Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! Well, late morning pushing towards noon, but still: Today we’ve got a bunch of fun art to show you starting with that sexy bit of Lady Death art from one of our favorite illustrators, Nicole Brune! The cover art, for Lady Death #0: Death Becomes Her, is also available as a limited edition print you can get at Nicole’s Site. Go check it out along with more of Nicole’s work!


Joshua Budich “Fictional Food”


Gallery 1988, and artist Joshua Budich, have a fun new gallery of work featuring the many fictional Foods from pop culture. Check famous illustrated edibles from the Simpsons, Family Guy, Lost, Star Wars, and many more. Prints are also available for sale on the site, but hurry, many are selling quickly. Check out a few samples below, but this is just a small example of the chunk of work featured by the gallery!


JoshuaBudich_18x24-Hurley_ea61c06c-a3f4-4fc3-87e5-dc77c593ee85_1024x1024 JoshuaBudich_18x24-DarthVader_1024x1024 JoshuaBudich_18x24-HomerSimpson_1024x1024

The Morning Moo…

G’morning El Moochadores and it looks like it’s going to be a really nice day. Last night Chudd just posted a new piece of awesome print work which I encourage all of you to go check out and I’m just about done with last weeks Moocast. For those special few of you who’ve listened to the ‘cast sorry about the delay, but shit happens and it happened a lot this last week. However, I feel like we’re back on track and hopefully we’re going to have a stronger Atomic Moo for it. Any what, check out some of the latest and greatest to be bouncing around the internet and enjoy the rest of your morning…

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Pulp Simpsons

Logotype for The Simpsons Television Show

Goddag my fellow Americans, and how the hell are you this fine Friday the 13th? Check out this really cool Simpsons art that mashes Pulp Fiction and some of our favorite residents of Springfield for the best possible result. I first saw this art posted on Laughingsquid.com. Apparently these mid-nineties sketches were done by an anonymous animator at Film Roman, the animation company for the Simpsons. I found more sketches over at coffeeandcookies.com. I would actually like to see this as a movie. Line for line Pulp Fiction, but performed by the cast of the Simpsons. Tarantino, Groening, get your asses to work and make this happen. Pretty please with sugar on top. Give them a look and if you have any cool Simpsons art (that isn’t pornographic) and want to share it, let us know.

Simpsons toons sketched in Pulp Fiction movie scenes

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Simpsons Porn Parody

Simpsons Porn Parody

Hey Geeks! Check out this trailer for a Simpons porn parody. I’ll admit, I’ve never, ever, had any sexual fantasies involving a Simpsons character (something must be wrong with me…), but this looks too bizarre and funny to pass up. Also, the chick they got to play Marge looks pretty hot with the blue hair. So don’t worry kids, your Uncle Chudd will see if he can sacrifice some of his time to hunt down this video, watch it and report back to you on it. Thanks to BoingBoing.net for sharing this with the rest of us.

Simpsons + Doctor Who = Awesome!!!

The 11 Doctors

I was just browsing my reader and came across this awesome piece of Doctor Who fan art on Blastr.com (why take out the “e”? Are they trying to be hip or something? How ’bout they take another crack at Sci-Fi as well…). This was done by Andy Davies, and you can see more of his work on his DeviantArt.com page (click on his name or the image above). They also featured the work a guy named “Dean” (not sure what his last name is) who’s hobby is to take characters from pop culture and also make them look like Simpsons characters. You can see his work on his blog, Springfieldpunx. I really like what he did with the Weeping Angels illustrations. Here’s one of them below. Check out their work and enjoy!

Weeping Angel

Simpson’s Infographic

Today’s been kind of a bummer day. We lost Harvey Pekar who gave us his comic series American Splendor, Edward Norton isn’t the Hulk anymore, and someone thought this suit was a good idea. Despite all that, here’s something I thought was pretty neat. Enjoy.

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