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New(er) MOTU Art


Power-Con 2016 Preview!

Okay El Moochadores, we’re putting the finishing touches on some new art that we’ll be taking to Power-Con this coming weekend. Check out these vector busts by Chudd (aka: Jason Murray). We’ll be selling this art along with the other MOTU prints I blogged about a few days ago. I’ll also post these prints to the Murray Brothers Creative shop, so that you can purchase them online. We’ll also have some unique button art at the con, but we’re just now starting to put that together, so… no preview yet. Anyways, if you happen be a fan of 80’s pop-culture, and in So. Cal this weekend, swing by Torrance and check out the con! It’s shaping up to be a really cool event!


skeletor he_man_vector_bust_052816_by_jrmurray76-da4dq9p

New MOTU Art!

evil_lyn_vector_051616_by_jrmurray76-da3zfa3 teela_vector_051116_by_jrmurray76-da2rs1l

A Small Preview Before Power-Con 2016!

Okay El Moochadores, in a couple of weeks we’ll be exhibitors at Power-Con 2016!. Power-Con is “The He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Comic Book Experience,” and last night Jasonpc2016la finished one of the pieces of art we’ll be selling at our table. Look up and check out his take on Teela and Evil-Lyn. I know I’m a little biased, but I think he did an awesome job!

Along with these two prints we’ll be taking a unique button set based on the MOTU icons, and I’m even pitching in with some of my cartoon mice, based on the comic strip I’m working on: Atomic Tails. We’re hoping to have a good time at the con and if you happen to both follow our website and live in California, swing by the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach hotel on June 4th and 5th and check out our table! Though I’m just now in the process of posting them, all of these prints will be available for sale on the Murray Brothers Creative website. You can also check out more of Jason’s art at the link above or on his Deviant Art page.


Teela_EvilLyn_samp He_Mouse_Samp

The Morning Moo!


With the healing power of Skeletor, a drawing tutorial, and geeky acrobatics!

Good Morning El Moochadores! We got some great stuff to share with all of you this morning. It’s like an inspiration landslide. We got a drawing tutorial, geeky inspiration, and daily doses of happiness from Skeletor. The dude was an inspiration to us all.


Heal Yourself With Skeletor


Via Viralnova.com: If you’re anything like me (late thirties slob with a great vintage Star Wars toy collection and no girlfriend) then you’re gonna a need a little help at the start of each day. So check out Skeletor is Love. A daily dose of inspirational messages from the master of evil. Check out a few samples below and hopefully these’ll help you start the day out right.

desktop-1415208089 desktop-1415208088 desktop-1415208088 (1)

Drawing a Female Face


Via Deviant Art: Check out this great drawing tutorial from illustrator Loish. She does a great job of demonstrating a step by step process for drawing a female face. I think she used Autodesk Sketchbook Pro but, the techniques she demonstrates should be easily transferable to whatever digital illustrating program you prefer. Check out the tutorial and also hit the link above to see more of her work!


Acrobatica Infiniti Circus!


Via Fashionably Geek: I’m sorry, but I hate these people. I hate ’em because I can’t even get up out of a chair with out groaning and creaking. Yet, this nimble acrobats can spin on ropes, twist their bodies in half, and do all sorts of amazing stuff. Also, they get to wear spandex. So, yeah, I’m jealous. Anyways, check out Acrobatica Infiniti Circus preforming all sorts of amazing acrobatics as various DC and Marvel super heroes (and villains). More information about the group, and upcoming events, can be found on their website.

The Morning Moo…


Cool New Art from Rocky Davies!

Hello El Moochadores! Okay, I got another day where I slept in a little and now I’m late for work. BUT! I was working on this post last night about artist Rocky Davies’s awesome new batch of illustrations! So, check out What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me, Sweet Dreams are Made of These, and I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You!


Now I have to go to work.

Needs must when the devil drives!

sweet_dreams_are_made_of_these_by_rockydavies-d89yj6b i_ll_stop_the_world_and_melt_with_you_by_rockydavies-d87san3

Air Villains!


Cool art by Andy McDonald!

Via Geek Art: Okay, I hate sports, including basketball, but if it were to be played by a team who’s players included Mumm ra, Skeletor, and Megatron, yeah, I’d watch. Check out this incredibly cool art from Brooklyn based artist Andy McDonald showing super villains in awesome dunking poses. Click the link above to see more of his work!


Andy-McDonald-Air-Mum-Ra-686x576 Andy-McDonald-Air-Megatron Andy-McDonald-Air-Krang


Also, just because it’s frigg’n awesome, check out a Tick illustration found on his website; Whiskey Mech. Spoon!


Skeletor by Dave Wilkins


Via Deviant Art: Boa noite El Moochadores! Yeah, I’m crossing a few languages there, but it’s late and I’ve had a busy day. A day that is also almost over and I have just barely enough time to do one quick Moopost! So, Check out this brilliant illustration of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe by artist Dave Wilkins! Holy hell, Skeletor never looked as menacing, and evil, before this portrait of him holding a cosmic cube! Wilkins has an entire portfolio of excellent art, so be sure to check out his Deviant Art page and take a gander at some truly powerful art!

50 Shades of Grayskull – Jimmy Fallon

Okay, so He-Man and the Masters of the Universe kinda had their own thing going, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense to us youngsters who watched it all those years ago. But, thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Late Night we get to see a form of this classic cartoon that’s probably a little more “honest” with it’s self.


Evening Moo: Darth Skeletor (or Skevader), Awesome Gen 13 Cosplay, and Other Stuff


Hey geeks. Man, it’s been a weird week so far. I think the cherry on top of it all was getting a rejection email from a graphic design studio at the end of the day, saying I’m not experienced enough for them. Well, it’s only Tuesday. I’ve got the rest of the week to make things better. Right?

Not much to report as far as the site is concerned. Trog is still busy working on the next Moocast. He’s actually got two he’s working on, but I guess he’s having some audio problems on one. So we’ll see what he ends up with. He might just end up combining the two. I just went through my reader and other sources and found some nifty stuff floating on the web. Above is this nifty bust mash-up of Darth Vader and Skeletor by Ryan Renders. I keep wanting to call it Darth Skeletor, but I guess Skevader works to. Check out a few more images of it after the jump. He’s also got more great work in is DeviantArt gallery, so check that out if you get a chance.

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An Evening Moo…

Imperial Entanglements

Hey El Moochadors. I got home a little while ago from doing some freelance work down in Del Mar, and thought I would relax a little and do a post. Most of this stuff I came across on DeviantArt.com… actually it all comes from DeviantArt. Sorry, I’m getting lazy. Anyhow, it’s all worth a Moo… like this nifty piece of Star Wars fan art I came across, by artist Valzonline. His real name is Carlos Valenzuela, and he’s a professional illustrator and comicbook cover artist from Chile. From the description it’s suppose to take place between Empire and Jedi. He’s got some other great work in his gallery and on his website worth a look.

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Sunday Evening Moo

Princess Vader

This almost makes me wish I had kids… almost. Reddit user JonXP’s five year old girl asked to be Princess Darth Vader for Halloween. Not much else to report tonight, other than a couple few things I found of interest I thought I would share here, like the photo above. There’s another one of the Little Lady Sith Lord below. Trog is busy working on the last Moocast where we got to talk with cosplayer PeachyKiki. Hopefully he’ll get it done with in the next couple days. We just posted the one before that last night, so give it a listen if you get a chance. Anyhow, enjoy!

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