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Comic Con 2018 -Trailers!

An Atomic Moo (not) Movie Review

Yesterday I was in the process of setting up a really big Atomic Moo post about all the film, and television, trailers that premiered at the last SDCC 2018. However; as I was gathering links, and embed codes, I came across Red Letter Media’s Half in the Bag episode: 150, where they reviewed many of the same trailers, but with just as much (or more!) fake disinterest, and cynicism, that I myself was about to write. So, instead of posting a giant page full of Youtube videos, I’ve decided to post Half in the Bag 150 , which (for the most part) shares my same opinions towards these films, and few trailers they missed.

Well, there are some differences. These fellows seem more or less indifferent to Disney Star Wars, whereas I hate (loathe) every hack film produced by the Disney Wars (Disney ruined Star Wars). Also, I’m all in for a Godzilla v. King Kong film. Yeah, I hate going to theaters these days, and if I end up watching any of this stuff – it’ll be from the comfort of my own home, but a Godzilla/King Kong fight may (MAY) just get me back into a movie theater. Oh, and I am very much rooting for the Shazam film. I know it probably won’t be good, but I want to be just awesome.

So what follows here is Half in the Bag: Episode 150, Trailers for Venture Bros. Season 7, Dr. Who Season 11, and The Oriville Season 2.

Enjoy and disney ruined Star Wars.

Half in the Bag: 150

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Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear

Been awhile, right? Well, no we haven’t given up on Atomic Moo, but life is getting a little better and making semi-regular posts should become a thing again. I hope.

Anyways, let’s kick things off (again) with some cool geeky fun provided by Nukazooka on the youtube. Now, I’m pretty sure a dark lord of the Sith could kick the living hell out of a “space ranger” in a manner of seconds, if that were a thing, but the video is still a lot of fun to watch. Despite Disney ruining both Pixar and Star Wars. Yeah, Rogue One sucked and I still hate Disney for every ounce of non-creative garbage they push on a non-thinking public. Sorry, I’ve also been spending time on political blogs, and I’m pretty sure there is a legit tie between the Force Awakens and the Trump attack on American government. But totally enjoy the video!!!


Chudd Sketches

Hello again, El Moochadores! Yeah, post have been kind of sparse lately, but that’s only because life’s been kicking me around as if I were a giant hacky sack. However, there seems to be a calm in the storm, so I wanted to post about some future prints we have on the way. Recently Chudd has been doing a lot of sketch work, and I’m really proud of the results. It took some doing (and a small fist fight) but I finally convinced Chudd to make some prints of the work he’s done. We’re still in the process of getting high quality scans of the work, producing new pieces, and formatting them, but I thought I would give you a preview of some of the sketches that will soon be available on Murraybroscreative.com as prints and mini-prints. If Chudd keeps up with the “evil-eye” thing, we may even produce a small art book!

Anyways, check out the art below and keep checking back for updates as prints are made available!


R.I.P Carrie Fisher!

Carrie Frances Fisher 1956 – 2016

It seems very wrong for us to have a website about geek creativity and not post about the loss of Carrie Fisher. The news of her death is already a few days old now, and I’m not sure I can write anything that a million other geek blogs haven’t written already, but her passing did make me very sad. More sad than any other celebrity death and that includes Leonard Nimoy and Dan Haggerty. Probably because of how much Star Wars has meant to me my entire life. Even outside Star Wars it was easy to see what a creative and funny woman she was. I actually read her book Wishful Drinking. Usually I never read books like, but I read that one, and I liked it. I’m not the first to write this, but it does feel very much like losing a family member. I never met her (and even if I had I would’ve been just another over eager fan boy like she probably had to deal with her whole life), but I still feel incredibly sad that she’s not on this planet anymore. However, I am very grateful that I got to live in the time of Star Wars, and especially Carrie Fisher.

Anyways, Look to the right, Chudd just finished a very cool Princess Leia illustration, and below I’m going to post a couple of Youtube videos showing Fisher auditioning for Star Wars and interviews. She is somebody I think we need to study more of. Her life was actually way too short, but there’s an infinite wealth of inspiration and creativity I think we can learn from it.

She drowned in moonlight strangled by her own bra! (her words…)
damn, we’re gonna miss her.

Star Wars: The Force A’Money !


The Force Awakens by Lyle McDouchebag

Hey El Moochadores! I feel like I’ve been neglecting Atomic Moo the last few weeks. However, the shit storm that is my life seems to be calming down a bit, so I’m going to try and get at least one post on everyday this week. Not counting today – I’m going to try and find stuff that is more on the creative side of being geeky that kind of goes back to the old days when we posted about cosplay, cool fan art, and indie projects. So, here goes: day one!

I’ve always felt bad that I never post a review about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yeah, I’ve said some snide comments, and those of you who follow the site will notice an almost complete absence of Star Wars posts since the premiere, but I don’t think I ever really spelled out why that film had such a negative effect on me. So, very quickly; Star Wars: the Force Awakens is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Yes, I really believe that. Worse than Show Girls, any of the Barbershop franchise, and way worse than Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Which, since it’s 1999 premiere, has been my bar for what a really bad movie is. Force Awakens lands way under that bar. It is the most disgusting film I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch, and I truly wish I could un-see it. I know this reads like hyperbole, but it it really isn’t. The film has almost no character exposition, the dialogue is meaningless drivel, and what little plot the film had was completely stolen from Star Wars: A New Hope. Added to this, the film retro-actively reaches back, and destroys everything the first three films accomplished. Other reviewers have done a much better job of breaking the film down than I ever could (check out Nicholas Spargo’s The Force Awakens is a Massive Disappointment on the Youtube), so I’m going to make a real effort not to post any more Star Wars stuff (as related to Disney’s version) after this post. Also, I really get angry when ever I think about this dumb movie. Which is horrible, because I have way better problems than a bad Star Wars movie. So, by way of a good Fuck You to Disney, Jar Jar Abrams, and all of the dull motherfuckers out there that happily support this shameless money grab: check out Star Wars: The Force A’Money by Lyle McDouchebag!. A review that mostly sums up my opinion on the worst movie ever produced.


P.S. I really don’t give a shit if this spoils any part of the movie for anyone.

June Print Sell!


We need money! Yeah, I know we’re all about the creative vibe, but we’re in really bad need of new equipment and supplies, so Murray Brothers Creative is having an art sell! For the rest of the month of June (2016) we’re selling our 8 1/2″ x 11″ prints for only $8.00 each. We’re also selling our larger 11″ x 17″ prints for only $15.00 each. This is beautiful vector art printed on a high quality card stock that’ll look great on your wall! Also, a purchase will help to get Chudd a new computer. Seriously, his Apple is like 10 years old. That’s like… 600 in apple years, I think. So, hit the link above, help us out, and get some cool art at a discounted price. Check out a few sample images below!


evil_lyn_vector_051616_by_jrmurray76-da3zfa3 MechaGorilla_8.5x11_2016Update_v3 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-5



New Print Available on Murray Brothers Creative!

Okay El Moochadores, look up and check out the latest addition to the Murray Brothers Creative online store!

The E-11 Blaster Rifle Ad 8 1/2″ X 11″ is a high quality print that pairs the famous weapon of the Imperial Army with an 1950’s magazine ad. One of our favorite things to create are mock ads for products from popular fiction. Check out our Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle ad 8 1/2″ x 11″ print. The print was illustrated and designed by Jason R. Murray, and will look awesome next on the wall next to your vintage Star Wars action figure collection!

The print will normally sell for $12.00 online, but I’m posting it for only $8.00 until July 1st, 2016! That’s an awesome deal for a great looking piece of wall art! So, click the link above to get one for yourself or share this with your Star Wars love’n facebook buddies!

Oola Cosplay!


Sexy Excellent Cosplay Work by Ninja Kitty!

Via Geek X Girls; I don’t know what it is about a sexy, green, scantly-clad, slave girl with snakes on her head that’s so damn alluring, but (dammit) I’m in. Check out this sexy-excellent (sexullent?) Oola cosplay by Ninja Kitty Cosplay. Photos for this cosplay were taken by Scarlett Vixen Cosplay. Check out a few sample images below, but hit them links to see way more! On a side not; ladies, if you are green and scantly clad (don’t necessarily have to be a slave girl…) we should meet. Maybe.


oola-star-wars-cosplay-02 oola-star-wars-cosplay-03 oola-star-wars-cosplay-04



A Star Wars Fan Film

This has been all over the web the last few days, but it’s really cool and fan created so check it out here too! Take a look at Rebel Scum by Blood Brother Cinema Co.. A fan film created this year that takes place shortly after the Battle of Hoth. According to their youtube page,

Rebel Scum pays homage to the original Star Wars trilogy; nearly all visual effects were created without the use of CGI, using time honored methods such a stop-motion animation. Shot on location in -30°C (-22°F) at Columbia Icefield in Alberta Canada.

You can see more of their behind the scenes work at their website>


The Bounty Hunter


Amazing New Art from Dan LuVisi

Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, so I’m trying to stay away from Star Wars stuff. Well, at least the new stuff. I just keep getting angry and I don’t like that. However, a good piece of Boba Fett art can’t be ignored! So, I’m trying to forget the terrible new film and just focus on cool art based on the movies that I enjoyed most.

So Check out, The Bounty Hunter, from Dan LuVisi. According to LuVici’s Deviant art page this piece might be the start of series of fun Boba Fett stories, accompanied with art. Keen, and I can’t wait to see them. They gotta be better than that awful episode se- no! I’m not going there. Dammit, letting go is tough. Anyways, check out more of LuVici’s art below, but hit the links above to check out his blog and Deviant Art portfolio.


elmo___the_muppet_bounty_hunter_by_danluvisiart-d8a12f2 boba_fett___no_disintegrations_by_adonihs-d2yz3ss hit_girl___by_adonihs

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