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Batman—Poster Posse

Batman—Poster Posse by Slavador Anguiano

Here’s some pretty neat geek-art to celebrate 75 years of Batman. It’s by graphic designer and illustrator Salvador Anguiano, who’s work I came across yesterday on Behance. I could spend all day watching that gif—but I won’t! Or I’ll try not to… Damn it, I probably will…

Batman—Poster Posse Gif

Batman—Poster Posse Sketches

Awesome Psylocke Cosplay

Bishojou Psylocke by Mostflogged

Super quick post of this great looking cosplayer, Mostflogged, dressed as my favorite purpled haired mutant. I think I’m going to spend the rest of my day drooling over this image. Later!

Homer Drooling

Atomic Moo Saturday Geek Art… Thing…

Well… At least I was able to post this before midnight… so technically it’s still Saturday (if you live in the Pacific time zone). Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art…thing.. along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog (trog@atomicmoo.com) and we’ll post it up here. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Macross (Robotech) Battlepod by Trog

Trog's Battlepod

You can see more of Trog’s work here!

Scarlet Witch by Chudd

Chudd's Scarlet Witch

You can see more of Chudd’s work here!

Awesome (Photoshopped?) Bat-Van

On Patrol... by tnperkins

Here’s something nifty I came across this on deviantArt this morning, posted by tnperkins. I think it’s a fake (though I could be wrong). The Bat symbols on the side and front look… off (they don’t seem to match up with the other elements in the photo); same with the fins on the back. I dunno, still an awesome concept, and I would love to see something like this in real life. Hell, if this is photoshopped then I would love to see more concept vehicles created like this, maybe even for other characters and Superheroes (like what would a retro Green Lantern car look like?). Check it out and let us know what you think. Later!

Atomic Moo Saturday Geek Art… Thing…

Sorry, meant to get this on earlier, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Still Saturday though (in the Pacific timezone that is). Anyhow, here’s a couple pieces of geek-art Trog and I worked up this week hoping (probably in vain) to develop some talent. Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog (trog@atomicmoo.com) and we’ll post it up here. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Power Girl by Trog

Trog's Power Girl

This is based on an image by Ardella, an awesome cosplayer from Australia.

You can see more of Trog’s work here!

Admiral Ackbar by Chudd

Ackbar by Chudd

You can see more of Chudd’s work here!

Bad Ass and Sexy Psylocke Coslplay

Psylocke—What are you looking at? by StellaChuu

I just got through a bunch of other work, now I’m moving into some personal projects like Atomic Moo. I’ve been saying it for awhile now that I really wanted to do a site redesign, and I’ve been trying to work up some ideas this past week, but so far nothing. I don’t understand why is it at work I can put together a site mock-up for a client in three to four hours, but for some reason I draw a blank when it comes to my own projects. Even trying to redesign my own personal site I seem to mentally stall out. Right now I feel a ton of anxiety knowing that I’m diving into the site design again after I do this post… and that’s why I’m probably babbling on… procrastinating. Fuck, I’m screwed.

Anyhow, I should get on with the post. Trog sent me a link the other day of this gorgeous girl in some pretty amazing Psylocke cosplay (via GeekxGirls.com), and if you’ve been reading the blog or listening to the Moocast, you know I’ve got a thing for Psylocke (and especially for girls who cosplay as Psylocke). This one is by a deviantArt member Stella Chuu. I gotta say, I’m pretty damn impressed. Stella makes a great looking Psylocke. She’s also got more awesome cosplay in her dA gallery, but also if you go to her FaceBook page, you can see a few more images of her as Psylocke.

Well, I should go get to work… first I think I’ll go poor myself a glass of whiskey (to calm the nerves)—Shit! it looks like I’m all outta whiskey. I guess I’ll just have to walk down to the store and get some. A nice long walk… Later!

Psylocke by StellaChuu Psylocke by StellaChuu Psylocke by StellaChuu

Holy Musical

Hey El Moochadors! This is the third post I’ve done with a focus on nerd Music. First I talked about steam punk music, then I did a post about Nerd Core, and were talking about StarKids and there Musical “Holy Musical B@tman”. If your unfamiliar with Star Kids they have a crazy fallowing one of the founding members went on to be a permit fixture in Fox’s Glee. There first major Geek project was Harry Potter the Musical. Now I am gonna be honest I am not a big fan of Harry Potter the Musical. Its not because a I am not a Harry potter fan I don’t like it because of there lack of Set and Props. Now Back to Batman I have to say I enjoyed there Musical tack on Batman because of the level of awesomeness. The musical is not maid to make fun of Batman but to celebrate all the awesomeness of the silverier age or and 90’s darkness from the Batman Comics. And Guy Gardner is a recurring character in the Musical enough said. GUY GARDNER!!!

if you want to buy the album or find more cool stuff from StarKids here a link to there web site. http://www.teamstarkid.com


P.S. the Music will get stuck in your head

Nifty Marvel Superhero Infographic

Hey El Moochadors! Check out this neat Marvel Superhero Infographic I spotted over on Blastr.com. But first! Dancing Psylocke!

The girl goes by the name of MoonFoxUltima, an Australian cosplayer.

Psylocke by MoonFoxUltima

Check out more of her great looking cosplay in her DeviantArt gallery if you get a chance.

Anyhow, here’s the infographic. it was created by a company called Networked Insights, and we thank them for it, ’cause it’s pretty cool. I’m off to cook a pork chop! Later!


Awesome Deadpool Fan Film

Deadpool Fan Film

Here’s something I came across earlier (via GeekTyrant.com) that’s worth passing on. It’s a Deadpool fan film created by a group that calls themselves BeanDIProductions. Okay, sorry if I come off as a total pig, but my favorite part doesn’t happen until 12:41. Check it out, and let’s hope they continue to make more.

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