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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Tech Manual

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An Atomic Moo Book Review

Okay El Moochadores, it took awhile, but I finally got a chance to read the Tech Manual for Batman v. Superman. Published by Titan Books, 2016, and written by Adam Newell and Sharon Gosling, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Tech Manual (wow – long title) is nearly comprehensive review of all the gear, vehicles, and costumes used in the film. Check out the official synopsis below:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual is a definitive guide to the weaponry and props created for the movie. It closely examines the Utility Belt, the Batwing, grappling hook and batarang. Everything in the Batcave is explored down to the construction of the set and the graphics from Bruce Wayne’s mainframe.IMG_0275 This official volume also goes deeper in to the world of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, showcasing Superman’s Kryptonian suit and Wonder Woman’s iconic weaponry.

The official companion book to the new movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual,features interviews with concept artists, the film’s weapon’s master, the mechanic for the Batmobile, and Zack Snyder himself.

Now the review! First, I want to apologize to Titan Books. It was incredibly cool of them to provide us with both the Tech Manual and The Art of Batman v. Superman (review coming soon!) a couple of months back, but it’s taken me a while to get the review online. It was my goal to post about both books when the film released, but because of life and work stuff, I just wasn’t able to do it.batman-v-superman-trinity

Second; I got this book before seeing the film, and now I’m finding it hard to reconcile my personal views of the film with writing an objective review about the tech manual. So, I’ll start by just putting it out there: I hated the movie. I’m not going to nerd rage, and I know this post isn’t a review of the movie, but I really don’t like this darker take on Batman and Superman. However; I do like Zack Snyder’s other films, and I think Ben Affleck could make an awesome Batman, and you can’t get a better Wonder Woman than Gal Godot… but all the same: I hate these films (this last one and the prior Superman movie) so much that I found it kind of difficult to open these books to write a review.

Though I won’t go into why I hate (yeah, “dislike” just doesn’t feel strong enough) these films, I can honestly report that Titan Books put together an amazing Tech Manual. This is a beautiful volume that thoroughly reviews the props, vehicles, and sets used on Batman v. Superman. It’s kind of mind blowing the level of detail the film makers put into the practical effects. Much of what we saw on the film actually existed and wasn’t just some digital paint up. I actually enjoyed reading about the level of detail that went into conceptualizing the Bat suit, Bat Cave, Gauntlets, and even the shaping of the Batarang. Everything from his utility belt to his “mech suit” are shown off in a series of excellent photos and diagrams. Though most of the volume focuses on Batman, there are chapters (towards the end) that discuss the costumes and equipment made for Superman and Wonder Woman.gallery-1460472097-batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-tech-manual-179704 Actually, it kind of blows me away that they put so much detail into the making of the Bat-mobile, rope guns, and Wonder Woman’s sword, but they couldn’t shell out for a semi decent script. Okay, that was snide, but the tech manual itself is an excellent example of design. Between the covers (and the cover art is frigg’n great!) are dozens of never before seen photos, art, and concept designs, all accompanied with comments and notes by the film makers. If you’re a person interested in learning about prop creation, or everything behind the scenes on a film, then you’re going to want this tech manual. If you’re like me (tall, handsome, wise…), and you like drawing stuff, the tech manual is a great resource for references and styles. I may hate Snyder’s take on superheroes, but I’m for damn sure going to be using this book for some pretty cool art. Art that maybe shows Batman not murdering the shit out of people… or Jonathan Kent never (ever!) telling a young Clark that maybe he should’ve just let the kids in the bus die… Yeah, I hate these movies.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film is now available in all major book stores, or you can get your copy online at Titan Books! Check out a few sample images below I took with my iPhone. Yeah, kind of sucks, but I still don’t have a scanner and I don’t like pulling the images from the web.


IMG_0274 IMG_0273 IMG_0272

A Smallville Man


A Superman short film set to “Walk” by the Foo Fighters

Hey El Moochadores, check out this incredible Superman animatic by illustrator Mauricio Abril. According to the youtube page this story is told with a 150 illustrations all paired with the song Walk by the Foo Fighters.


Look to the Sky


A documentary about young people who have shown the spirit of Superman.

Hello El Moochadores! Right now there is a new indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an inspiring feature length film that will “tell the uplifting stories of young people who have demonstrated the iconic spirit of Superman.” The documentary, Look to the Sky, is from the same producers as Legends of the Dark Knight, and they hope to show this film all around the world to raise funds for charitable groups. According to the Indiegogo page, producer Brett Culp is also writing an associated book that will goes “deeper” into the ideas behind Look to the Sky. The Indiegogo has just recently launched, and they’re trying to raise $90,000.00 to produce this documentary. I’ve posted the promotional video (which includes the films trailer) below, but would be contributors can hit the above links to check out rewards.

Enjoy and we hope you’ll support this project.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Star Wars Art and Teaser Trailers!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Star Wars Celebrations 2015 has kicked off today and we’re already getting reports back on Episode VII. Check out the above image of the new villain.star-wars-the-force-awakens-stormtrooper-celebration-570x950 I have no idea if this is from the convention or not, but it’s been popping up all over the web. I also, don’t know what his name is. Probably Gary. Darth Gary. Anyways, also check out the image on the right from celebrations program book showing the new Storm Trooper armor looking all shiny and cool. Chudd and I managed to get passes for celebrations tomorrow and we can’t wait to dive in and swim around in all that gooey Star Wars goodness.

Avanaut – New Star Wars Series


I don’t know, it just feels like a Star Wars kind of day, so check out more Star Wars stuff! Anyways, Via Geekart.net; Check out this awesome series of Star Wars prints by photographer Vesa Lehtimäki (aka: Avanaut) featuring a Darth Vader, the Boba Fett, and an IG-88 toys. That’s right, toys. At first I thought these were cosplayers, or really good illustrations, but turns out they’re very well photographed action figures. Wow. Click the flickr link above to see more of Avanaut’s work.

Avanaut-Vader Avanaut-IG-88

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Sneak Peek


Now for some not Star Wars stuff (I know. Sucks, right? Why can’t everything just be Star Wars. Sheesh), check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. I would say “visit the official Batman v. Superman website for more information of the film”, but there’s like no information there. Yet. So, checkout the Dawn of Justice IMBD page for more information. Batman v. Superman should hit theaters May, 2016.

HEROES by Dave Merrell


Via Geektyrant: Good morning El Moochadores, and there’s no better way to kick off the day than with a some cool superhero art! Check these great illustrations of popular heroes by artist Dave Merrell. Merrell has a site full of wonderful art work but today we’re just focusing on the works that feature Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Superman, Wonderwoman, and Batman!


Heroes_6 Heroes_5 Heroes_3 Heroes_2 Heroes_1

Dungeon League—Awesome Comic/RPG Toys by Sillof

Dungeon League

Hey El Moochadors, check out these awesome looking custom toys by Sillof. They’re like Dungeon and Dragon versions of the more popular DC Comics’ characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash). Sillof has done some amazing looking stuff before (especially his Star Wars mash-ups) and definitely worth taking some time to check out. Anyhow, I gotta run, but check out the figures below. Later!

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Atomic Moo Saturday Geek-Art… Thing…

Well it’s Saturday again, so here’s another Atomic Moo Geek-Art… Thing… where we at Atomic Moo try to be a little creative ourselves and try our hand at drawing fan art. This is not exclusive to us though. Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog (trog@atomicmoo.com) and we’ll post it. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Superman Page by Sir Noel (Brandon Noel)

Sir Noel Superman 3

You can see more of Sir Noel’s work here!

Princess Leia by Trog


You can see more of Trog’s work here!

Atomic Moo by Chudd

Atomic Moo by Chudd

You can see more of my work here!

Atomic Moo Saturday Geek-Art…Thing…

Hey El Moochadors. Okay, not as late as I was last week with this, but still it’s something I would rather have done earlier. This is something we’re doing where we post our own geek-art that we’ve created within the past week. Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog (trog@atomicmoo.com), and we’ll post it. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Psylocke by Trog


Superman vs Robot by Sir Noel (Brandon Noel)

Sir Noel Superman

Supergirl by Chudd


Based off an image by DarkTifaStrife on deviantArt

Atomic Moo Book Review of Man of Steel


Man of Steel, the motion picture, opened in theaters around the world on June 14th and fans of the 75 year old DC Comics character finally got to see Zack Snyder’s take on Superman. To coincide with the release of the summer blockbuster, Titan Books published the novelization, by author Greg Cox, in paperback. When I first got the novel I wondered, “why would you want to read the book when you could just as easy see the movie with all it’s special effects and city stomping super people?” I mean, it’s the same story, right? Well, yes, but there are key benefits to reading the book that the film will never have. First though, let’s review the book.

Though most of the story follows the same major plot points of the original Superman myth, there are several tweaks that take the story of Superman in a new direction. As a newborn baby, Kal-El, is put in a spaceship by his parents and rockets away from the dying planet Krypton while the military forces of General Zod try to save the planet in a military coup.Man-of-Steel-EW-2-Zod Zod wants The Codex, which is a Kryptonian relic that contains all of Krypton’s genetic information, to start a new Krypton with the genetically superior Kryptonians. Unfortunately for Zod, Krypton’s chief scientist, Jor-El,Jor-El has hidden the Codex in his new born son’s DNA and has just launched that kid to another world. Shortly after Krypton implodes/ explodes, and Kal-El arrives on Earth, he is adopted by the Kent family, named Clark, and starts a hard life of apprehension, bullies, and misunderstandings. By the time we see Clark Kent as an adult, he is a drifting loner who is making his way as far north as possible, where he eventually finds a crashed alien spacecraft, also being investigated by intrepid newspaper reporter, Lois Lane. Later on Zod reappears and puts the world in jeopardy as he searches for Kal-El and the missing Codex and it’s up to Superman to stop this genocidal military leader before he destroys the whole planet.

For the most part I enjoyed the story. It had all the power pack punches and building burning heat vision moments of the comic book.man_of_steel_1 My only problem with the novelization/ film is the portrayal of Jonathan Kent. In this story Pa Kent is way to hesitant for Clark to reveal his powers. At one point, after Clark has just saved a bus full of drowning middle school students, the older Kent suggest that “maybe” Clark should have let them die. Bullshit! The man who raised Superman doesn’t ever (EVER) say that. Most of the changes to the Superman myth I really didn’t mind (Lois knows Superman’s alter ego, Jimmy is now Jenny, etc…) and enjoyed, but Jonathan Kent and Clark’s journey to become Superman was so poorly drafted it almost ruined the rest of the story for me. Which also makes me wonder, why are the film makers always in such a rush to kill Pa Kent? Most comic versions I’ve read he’s alive and well. Let the older feller breath you comic hating goons!

Now, about that “why would you want to read the book instead of see the movie” question; Well, because it’s a better experience. I really regret having seen the movie before reading the book. The movie is rapid pace collage of special effects and product placement (kind of hit the Sears and IHOP pretty hard there WB. Yup, makes me want some pancakes and lawnmowers…), where as reading the story becomes a much more intimate experience that allows you to take the time to enjoy it. Go as fast or as slow as you want, but reading the story allows you the time to ponder over what the characters have done. The narration of Superman fighting Zod is yours to imagine. There is no effects budget and it can be as spectacular as you want it to be. Hell, the characters don’t even have to look the way they do the movie. I had a much better time with the story imagining a traditional, raven haired beauty, for Lois lane in place of the auburn haired Amy Adams (also a poor piece of casting… I can’t explain it but the chick just isn’t a Lois Lane).Amy-Adams-in-Man-of-Steel. Also, the movie going experience is just an awful event now days. It’s way over priced, people are rude (fucking iPads in a dark room now, Jesus!), and every second of non-movie time is given over to advertisers who are desperate for you to buy their shit. Okay, not the most original set of arguments for picking up a book, but if I had read the novel first I would have been in a much better prepared to decide if I wanted to plunk down 12.00 (per ticket) on a movie that may, or may not, have been worth the ticket price. And let’s face it, the last years run of “blockbusters” have been for crap! So, do your self a favor and read the damn book first and save yourself from another lackluster movie going experience.

Man of Steel can now be found at all major book retailers on you can buy your own copy at Titan Book!

Man of Steel Sequel will Introduce Batman!


Hey El Moochadores! Okay, so I’m a little late posting the big news, but in my defense I was trying very hard to get a Suicide Girl with an English accent to be my girlfriend. Just second to a Slave Leia and Mrs. Ingalls (1970’s Little House Hotness), that is my absolute dream girl.

At SDCC 2013, It was announced by Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder that the Batman will be in the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel! Here’s a quote from Snyder while at the con’s infamous Hall H:

I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Super Heroes in the world.

Then a Nerd blew up. Well, That’s what I think happened. I was chatting up a Suicide Girl at the time, but all same that’s some damn groovy news! The addition of Batman to the Man of Steel version of the DC Universe is all part of a ramp up for a 2017 Justice League movie, according to Wired.com. Keep going DC! Soon, very soon, we’ll have the Aquaman/Blue Beetle mash up I’ve always wanted!

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