Not News from Not News Guys.

Good damn morning, El Moochadores! For this edition of the Morning Moo we’ve got trailers and a writing contest! I’m still waking up, so let’s get into it, and see how much damage I can do.



Via Titan Books Facebook: Writers! Sorry, ‘didn’t mean to yell. Writers, the Debut Dagger Competition is now open to all unpublished authors who have an interest in writing crime fiction!

The Debut Dagger is open to anyone who has not yet had a novel published commercially. All shortlisted entrants will receive a professional assessment of their entries. Winning the Debut Dagger doesn’t guarantee you’ll get published. But it does mean your work will be seen leading agents and top editors, who have signed up over two dozen winners and shortlisted Debut Dagger competitors.

Check out more information and submission guidelines at the CWA Website and join their online community on Facebook.

Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer


Via Geeks of Doom: Thanks very much to the dude in the iMax who wouldn’t put down his fucking iPhone, we now get to watch the Game of Thrones: Season 5 trailer. Okay, I don’t know if this was recorded on a smart phone, but people in theaters just piss me off. Fucking just watch the movie, you assholes! Anyways, Check out this, kind of terrible, video of the GoT season 5 trailer that debuted at last nights IMAX screenings of Season 4. Looks like all of our favorites will be back (except Hodor… damn. hodor.) and, according to the Geeks of Doom post, the series will premiere on HBO on April 12, 2015!

Ted 2 – Official Trailer


A new Ted movie! Awesome! Check out the trailer for Ted 2 below. This time Ted is back and trying to prove his humanity. Kind sounds like the plot to Short Circuit 2… but with more cum jokes. Ted 2 will be in theaters June 26th.


Okay, El Moochadores, time to hit the showers and start the day like a human! The new Moocast is finished, and I’ll have it online sometime later today!