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Hall of Heroes Vol. 2


New Poster from Scott Park Featuring 63 Amazing Women from Film and TV Lore!

Illustrator, and Graphic artist, Scott Park has a new art print out featuring 63 of film and televisions best heroines. The print, Hall of Heroes, Vol. 2 is for sale on Society 6 and is a “Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 1″ border for framing.” Keen. The poster features classic heroes, like Princess Leia and Tinker Bell, along side new heroes like Imperator Furiosa (aka: best road warrior ever!)

Check out the poster art and click back through the links to see more of Scott’s art work. I’ve posted a few sample close ups below, but I think the print is best taken in as a whole… yeah. Also, check out our interview with Scott on Atomic Moocast #94! Good listen’n. Great times.


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Saint Walter (Awesome Breaking Bad Geek-Art)

Saint Walter by SharpWriter

Hey El Moochadors, sorry for the lack of post lately. Trog’s been kept busy with work and I spent all day yesterday bing watching Breaking Bad. Ended about how I expected. Anyways, I saw this this morning and thought it was pretty epic and worth sharing. It’s by deviantArt member SharpWriter. This guy’s done some pretty kick-ass stuff, and you should all definitely check out his gallery. I gotta go find something else to fulfill my meaningless life now that Breaking Bad is over with, so later!

Awesome Breaking Bad Poster by Kevin Tong

Artist Kevin Tong is now selling this great looking poster of Walt’s “Super Lab” from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. You can find and purchase Tong’s poster at This link.

Plenty of Room for More

Greetings, Geeks!  I bring tidings from just over the border in the land of Nerds.

Infinity paradoxes abound

Futurama’s Seventh

So Futurama’s back.  I didn’t watch all of the 5th season or any of the 6th (DVD only, right?), so I can’t be entirely sure, but a quick search-engine perusal suggests that they still haven’t done an episode about Hilbert’s Hotel, which is strange because it’s the perfect math joke to translate to cartoon.  Futurama has already made jokes about the Grandfather Paradox, the Halting Problem, the Uncertainty Principle (“No fair!  You changed the outcome by measuring it!”) and Aleph-null transfinite countability.  This last is related to Hilbert’s Hotel.

A visitor to Hilbert’s Hotel might have the following conversation with the desk clerk.

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Atomic Moocast #13: Neverwinter Nerds

Ola El Moochadores and Boa Noite! For this Moocast we sat down with D20 to learn all about the online game Neverwinter Nights. Joining in on the discussion was Sir Noel and Numbers. This was a hell of a lot of fun and I hope to have more Moocast like this one in the future. A big thanks to D20 for helping us out on this one with his vast knowledge of this game.

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Morning Regurge: Spider-Man Musical on Letterman

I know, it’s 10 ’till noon, but I had some business to attend to this morning, and didn’t have time for the Morning Regurge before I left. So just be happy yer getting it now. So… I’m going through my reader, and I see this posted on ToplessRobot.com. It’s a piece from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark that was aired on the Letterman show. I’m not really even that big of a Spider-Man fan, but this hurts to watch. It really is pretty painful. And when I say it’s painful, I don’t mean in the “OH GAWD THIS SO TERRIBLE, SOMEONE PLEASE PLUNGE A RUSTY SPOON INTO MY EYE SOCKETS AND SCRAPE AWAY THE IMAGES!!!” I’m sure some will take it that way, but I mean it’s painful because I know what this will do to Buttery Wholesomeness and D20. See I’ve know these two since highschool, and back then they were huge musical theater geeks. So much in fact that they were planning their own Spider-Man musical (I think it was called Spider-Man: Whisk me Away… or Spider-Man: THWIPP! or something like that). Just remembering them scribbling away in their notebooks, sketching costume ideas, trying on different types of spandex… I know this is going to hurt them. And I don’t want to see them in pain. So, please don’t watch this guys. You don’t need to suffer anymore than you have when you first heard about this abomination. For the rest of you, go ahead and watch, but make sure there’s no rusty spoons near by. We don’t want you hurting yourselves.

Anyone for a “Game of Thrones”? By d20

Game of Thrones

Hey El Moochadors… I have to apologize for yesterday’s lack of posts. There’s a lot of cool stuff buzzing around that Trog and I would love to share on here, but we got kind of distracted last night after work. Our neighbor’s were having a little shindig last night, and invited us over for a drink. “Well… okay, but just one…” is what I told myself, because I wanted to do another post, plus finish working on this new shirt idea as well as finish an Atomic Moo business card design I’d been working on.

Three and half Belgium Fat Tires later, and partaking of something that I haven’t tried since I went to Switzerland in 2006, I was feeling like a pretty happy Chudd for the rest of the evening. That means that nothing got done last night, and this morning I woke up feeling way less than fully armed and operational. Honestly, I can barely think right now. Fortunately for us all our friend, and El Moochador, Dave Smith (a.k.a. d20), has stepped in to save the day. He emailed us a review that, after attempting to read last night, and then really reading it this morning, makes me want to check out Game of Thrones. I haven’t seen an episode of it yet, but I think I’ll have to now. Anyhow, here’s his review below, and Dave thank you very much for doing this. I’m off to find some Excedrin…

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Fan Reaction Video to Smallville Finale

Smallville: Finale Emotions

Here’s a quick post before I turn in for the night. It’s a fan’s (Maurice Anthony Simmons) reaction to the finale of Smallville that I spotted on my reader tonight (via NerdBastards.com). I guess he really liked the show…? I dunno. I couldn’t help laughing all the way through this. I haven’t even watched Smallville since 2003, and passed on the finale. I can’t say that I hated the show, but it didn’t really impress me enough to keep watching it. Anyhow, Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

wonder woman

Here’s something that’s buzzing around the web today thanks to EW.com, and I’m pretty sure that anyone who visits this blog has already seen this by now. I just thought I’d throw in my two cents. So here is Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costume. Wow! It makes me cringe a little, and yet I’m incredibly turned on at the same time. My first thought was of a slutty Power Ranger—which the more I think of that isn’t a bad concept… I’d watch that. Still, I like what they’re doing with the cleavage (yeah and where did your eyes first go???). I don’t know. It’s weird to run into something that you really like and hate at the same time. Anyhow, you can view the full image below. Let us know what you think. I’m going to go take a cold shower.

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The Italian Spiderman Freaking Rules!

Italian Spiderman

Tonight has been a really awesome night. No, I didn’t get with two hot chicks dressed as Psylocke and Zatanna (someday… someday…). I wouldn’t be posting right now if I had. I did go to the monthly Anime meet up for those of us in San Diego County, Okoré, and had a great time being able to geek-out with others that share similar interests. Afterwards Trog and I smoked a couple decent cigars and enjoyed a cheap bottle of wine (feeling a little buzzed right now). While we were at the meet-up I was introduced to something until now I’d never heard of: The Italian Spiderman (I wonder why they left the hyphen out?). Looks like it’s been around for awhile now (at least 2007), but I thought this was so amazing I had to share it. If you like goofy shit as much as I do, you’ll get kick out of this. They should make action figures of this guy (trumpet included). Hell, I’m thinking this would be some great cosplay for Comic-Con. Anyhow, check it out below. Also I was introduced to Japanese Spider-Man (WTF was with the giant robot?), and just now I found the Turkish Superman. Damn it’s been a good night!




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