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Now Is The Time, Piper Perish

New Song from the Doubleclicks!

Hello again, El Moochadores. Yeah, ‘been awhile since our last post, but I’ve been really “under the weather.” However, I’m feeling much better today and The Doubleclicks have a new song out. So, I’m going to try and get back into my routine while you (our loyal cult of super bovine buffs) check out their new tune. The song is called “Now Is The Time, and is the latest song from their “You Should Write A Song About That” project,. This song also appears on their soon to be Love Problems album, which has a Kickstarter right now. Actually, a very successful KS, with 10 days (as of this post) left to contribute and cash in on some cool contributor awards to boot!

Check out Now is the Time below, while I go and (try) to remember where I left my pants. I’ve been in sweatpants the last week, and I’m kind of hating giving ’em up.


Wherever you are on Christmas by The Doubleclicks

A Nerd Christmas Song

Hey El Moochadores, The Doubleclicks are back with a new, nerdy, Christmas song! Check out Wherever You Are on Christmas – a “sweet, romantic holiday song in which The Doubleclicks proclaim to follow their love wherever they are–even if that’s on a Cylon Basestar, raiding a tomb, or in a Sarlacc pit. Keen.

Currently you can find this song on Spotify, where you can also find a Christmas Friends & Favs, featuring the likes of Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Jonathan Coulton, Lucia Fasano, and Paul and Storm.

By the way; just in case you were wondering. I’ll be in beautiful San Diego for Christmas. I live near the beach. It feels great.


The Universe (Danielle Ate The Sandwich Cover) by The Doubleclicks


Okay El Moochadores, last post for awhile, then I’m going to go lay down.

A few days ago (week?) the Doubleclicks sent us a link to a new cover they did of Danielle Ate the Sandwich’s song, The Universe. I’m not even going to say who’s take is better, we don’t judge that way around here! Well… unless we’re offered free tickets to a show. Or food. Then we’ll totally say who did it better. Until then check out the Doubleclicks cover below and throw them some support on their Paetron. Keep the tunes going.

Good stuff.
I’ma gonna lay down now and wait for death.

The Doubleclicks Are Coming to California!


Great Geeky Folk Music Coming Our Way!

Hello El Moochadores! Sorry about the lack of post the last few days, but since getting back from SLCC life has been kind of nuts. So, I finally have a few nights off and I thought I’d take a little time to get caught up on blog post. Then I’m going to do nothing. Really nothing. I’m going to take my pants off, lay on the couch, and watch the ceiling and that’s all. I don’t even want to fall asleep. I just want to do nothing. But first:doubleclicks2

The Doubleclicks (chicks… sorry, I can’t help it. I always say “chicks” in my head after “doubleclicks.” It just happens!) have included a couple of stops in California to their cross country tour! Keen. Check out the schedule to the right (wait… computer left?) and if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those areas, swing on in and dig the tunes. Unfortunately, they’re playing on dates I have to work and in towns many miles away from me. I can only assume this is because they hate awesome cities like San Diego. Its okay though. We still like them. I guess.

Anyways, also check out one of the girls playing a cover of Hamilton’s “History Has Its Eyes on You”. I think its Aubrey playing. She’s the cellist in the group. Wait, is Cellist even the right word? Maybe its Celloute… Cellgonian… Cellmonger… Also, check out our superfunamazingwow interview with Aubrey and Angela on Atomic Moocast #118! Good stuff.


The Atomic Moocast #118!


The Doubleclicks Interview!

The Doubleclicks people! The Doubleclicks were on our show! This show! Finally! And I think we impressed them. Well, probably not, but the geek folk-duo singing sisters (Angela and Aubrey Webber)banana-768x503 are on this latest episode of the Atomic Moocast, and we’re now better people for it. The ladies (I had to learn that one) are currently on a summer tour and early last June we recorded an interview with them to discuss the tour, new songs, being creative, and how not to kill your sibling. Turns out they are really good at that. Anyways, it was extremely cool of them to be on our sputtering little podcast and we’re now even bigger fans of theirs!

Also, we’re really sick on this podcast. One of the reasons (usually its just my laziness) this podcast is later than normal is that both Jason and I got taken down by some alien cold/flu combo. It kicked the hell out of us, but we persevered and produced the podcast all the same. Still, please excuse all the coughs and snorts at the intro portion of the show.

So here we go folks! This Moocast is a fresh steaming pile of podcasting excellence just ready to be poured down your ear holes! Now would be the time to go grab a fizzy soda, some salty snacks, and a comfy chair. Then just settle in and let us dominate your brain for a little less than an hour. We’ll try not to muss it up too much…



Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

2016 Massive Summer Tour


Dimetrodon: New Album from The DoubleClicks!

The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon - cover

Hey El Moochadores! Tomorrow that talented pair of geek muses (museses… muses’s… musie?), the Doubleclicks, will be releasing their latest album: Dimetrodon! The album (13 songs) was funded through Kickstarter with an amazing 1900 backers supporting the project! The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon - backThe album was also produced by Mike Phirman (of Hard N Phirm). Now, because here at Atomic Moo we’re big time geek media (and I also like to think the Doubleclicks have a special fondness for us…), we had a chance to listen to this album and we can confidently report back that it is fantastic! It reminds me of being a kid and listening to my They Might be Giants cassettes. Yeah, I had cassette tapes. Not CDs. Cassettes. But, this much better. The girls songs are funny, quirky, and upbeat, while at the same time I don’t have to worry about the album being eaten by my player or rewinding it with a pencil.

I’ve posted a Youtube video featuring one of their songs below (Love You Like A Burrito), but the full album can be purchased at their website for just $10.00! Ten bucks for talented geek girl excellence! Go get it!


Lasers and Feelings; A New Album from the Doubleclicks!


Hello El Moochadores! Just in case you don’t already know; there’s this fun, popular, and cute duo of nerd-girls out there making great geeky music. Sisters, w-25-1 Angela and Aubrey Webber, call themselves The Doublclicks and they started they’re band just a few years ago. The Doubleclicks just debuted they’re latest album, Lasers and Feelings and we (the good fellows of Atomic Moo) got a chance to listen their songs! Ye gods these girls have talent! Though, admittedly, I’m not a huge music buff, I really enjoyed their album (well, except the Mr. Darcy song… what the hell’s so special about some smelly 19th century tea sipper? Okay, so what, I’m jealous) which consists of 10 songs that shows off the Doubleclicks’s amazing voices, wit, and a unique (girl) perspective on being geeky. Not only did the Doubleclicks let us listen to the new album, they also answered a few question which I’ve posted below along with a Youtube video of their song, Lasers and Feelings. Check out the Q&A:

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“Spock Impersonator” by the Doubleclicks

Hey geeks! Our favorite musical nerd girls from the north, The Doubleclicks, came out with another song. Sounds like this one is about falling for a Spock cosplayer. Check it out below.

Doubleclick’s Cover of Battlestar Galactica’s Main Title

The Doubleclicks BSG Cover

Well, I didn’t get a damn thing completed this weekend I was hoping to. I’ve spent most of it going through the last three years worth of work and trying to decide what to use for my portfolio. I also spent a good amount of time today laying down with a heating pad on my neck. I guess falling asleep on the couch last night watching Son of Frankenstein was a bad idea. Anyhow, I thought I would try to relax a little before bed and browse around on Facebook (actually I’m just waiting for the excedrin pm to kick in… neck is still killing me), where I came across this video from a couple of our favorite musical nerd girls, The Doubleclicks. It’s the main opening title song to Battlestar Galactica (the newer one). It’s kinda neat to see how they put it all together, and the different instruments and tools they use. Wow… I’m starting to feel a little fuzzy now, so I think I’ll close this one. Check out their video below and enjoy.

Worst Superpower Ever-The Doubleclicks


I always thought that if I could have any two superpowers they would be super-speed and mind reading. That way I could get more things done in a day, and know what the fuck my boss or clients want when I’m asked to design something for them. Here’s a song from the Doubleclicks about the Worst Superpower Ever. The Wonder Twins came to mind as soon as I read that title.


Also Bouncing Boy. Anyhow, enjoy the song below.

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