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An Atomic Moo Book Review of Mark Latham’s New Novel!

The Lazarus Gate is probably one of the best pieces of science fiction literature to come out this year. A bold statement sure, but (in my humble/right opinion) also true. Written by Mark A. Latham, and described as “victorian science fiction,” the Lazarus Gate is an introduction to a dark world of parallel worlds, secret agents, and addiction all set in a grimy 1890’s London. The story begins with Captain John Hardwick’s release from the army shortly after being freed from a Burmese prison. Upon his arrival in London, Hardwick is quickly recruited into the Apollo Lycea, a secretive gentlemen’s club that works to protect England. His first assignment is to investigate a series of mysterious explosions all across London, set by would be anarchist. However, as Hardwick investigates the crimes he is soon pulled into a dangerous world of weird science, psychic mysticism, and his own past. Although the while fighting a dangerous opium addiction forced on him by his Burmese captors.

Though I’ve always enjoyed steampunk and Victorian adventure stories (like the Sherlock Holmes adventures), The Lazarus Gate is a rather unique paranormal mystery. Latham does a brilliant job of describing 1890’s London, and of creating all the weird happenings that drive this story forward. He added just the right mix of mystery and sinister villains to create a fun, if not dark, story of parallel universes on the brink of war. Also, I felt that in John Hardwick Latham gave us a fantastic new anti-hero through which to experience the dangers of a hidden (and weird) world. As of this story, Hardwick isn’t the jaded sort of protagonist we’ve seen in other stories, but he does have serious problems that effect him through out the novel. All in all, an excellent adventure story with a lot of charm.

Check out the official synopsis for the Lazarus Gate below, but also go and get a copy for yourself at!

London, 1890. Captain John Hardwick, an embittered army veteran and opium addict, is released from captivity in Burma and returns home, only to be recruited by a mysterious gentlemen’s club to combat a supernatural threat to the British Empire.

This is the tale of a secret war between parallel universes, between reality and the supernatural; a war waged relentlessly by an elite group of agents; unsung heroes, whose efforts can never be acknowledged, but by whose sacrifice we are all kept safe.