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The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Muppet Mash Up and an Unprofessional Artist Ted Talk!

Good Morning El Moochadores. Looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day here in sunny San Diego, and I don’t know, things just feel good right now. So, to kick off this Morning Moo; In honor of Game of Thrones fifth season, check out the wonderful/horrifying painting above by deviant artist DanLuVisiArt (aka: Dan LuVisi). Wow, that is… wow. Powerful. I don’t know how he did it, but LuVisi picked the absolute right Muppets for this gory GoT scene. Excellent work. You can check out (and purchase prints) more of LuVisi’s art at Inprint.com.

How to be an Unprofessional Artist by Zander Cannon


Next up is this great Ted Talk by professional illustrator Zander Cannon. In this video Cannon discusses the importance of honesty in a personal and professional life, and how being honest changed his work when he wrote and illustrated the award winning graphic novel Heck. I thought this was very inspirational, I think it also has Chudd and I thinking of trying a 24 hour comic, just to see what we can make. Now, if we just had 24 spare hours…

Great Week of Geek Art

Over this past week I’ve been noticing some really great pieces of geek art on my reader. I thought I would use this morning’s post to share those, and give the artists who created them more deserving attention of their work.



This one is a t-shirt design available on Threadless.com, and created by artist Mallory Dyer. It’s called “Doctor-Hoo,” and it’s based off a great looking painting she did. You can view it here on her DeviantArt.com gallery. I thought it was pretty clever, and, honestly, I would rather beat you senseless with a bag full of midgets then have to explain it to you. So I think I’ll just move on.

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