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It’s Got Shrim! Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie Trailer

I’ll admit, I’ve been in a real negative funk lately. I mean, normally, people accuse me of being kind of negative to begin with, but recently things have just felt extra bad. It’s just the normal list of shit I don’t have (No Money, No Goals, No Girl, etc…) and a sort of sense of hopelessness. And even when I try to cheer myself up by telling my self “Dude, you’re an American… nay, better still… a Californian! Now cheer the fuck up!” I still feel bad inside. My one refuge from this negativity is my geekiness. My love for the weird, super natural, and the non sequitur. I feel better every time I turn on my computer and come here to Atomic Moo and explore stuff only me and a handful of others (sort of like me) may ever like. Stuff like Tim and Eric. Just tonight, and old friend of mine told me that Tim and Eric have a new movie coming out and suddenly I felt better. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that I’m broke, lonely, and probably going to work a number of jobs I seriously hate until the day I die. It’s okay. It’s all just a little better now. Check out the Red Band trailer below. The flick will hit theaters March 2nd and shortly after find it’s way into my DVD collection. Right next to my copy of Brain Candy


Tim and Eric on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tim and Eric are… okay, I got nothing. But damn do these guys know how to put on a show. Recently the two appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote their upcoming tour and holiday “Crimbus” special. Watch the videos and get ready to laugh your ass off, or say “huh, I don’t get it”.

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