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Transformers StopMotion Attack On Giant


Via Geek Tyrant: Malaysian stop motion artist, Harris Loureiro, recently produced this great Transformers battle scene, Attack on Giant! Watch as Optimus Prime stomps the Constructicons in this five minute animation!


Cyclone Ride Armor by Carlos Valenzuela


Via Deviant Art: This is the best thing I’ve seen all day! Check out this amazing illustration of a Cyclone Rider form Robotech by Chilean artist Carlos Valenzuela (aka: Valzonline). The detail is incredible and hopefully in the future we’ll get more Robotech/Mospeada art out of Valenzuela. He also has an art book chuck full oh his pin up and science fiction art. You can find it at SQP Art Books. I’ve posted a couple of other samples of Valenzuela’s art (Transformers!) below, but hit the link above to see the entire portfolio on Deviant art.


megatron_by_valzonline-d7o6fa2 jazz_by_valzonline-d7nqvp3 ultra_magnus_by_valzonline-d7oiyun

Scrap Metal Transfomers Art!


Via Geeks are Sexy: Okay, so the Micheal Bay flicks were kinda meh, but maybe the amazing scrap metal sculptures of Chinese artist Yang Junlin will “transform” your opinion. Huh? See what I did there? ahh, golly I’m getting good at this. Anyways! That’s right according to the Geeks are Sexy post I partially read, artist Yang Junlin (of Huizhou) has made over a 1000 of these sculptures since 2007! I’ve posted what images I could find below, after scouring the internet, unfortunately I could find a link to Yang’s site, if indeed he has one. So, check out the images below and don’t be afraid to start clicking away through the many links that go back to where ever these images first came from.


Transformers-15 Transformers-14 Transformers-13 Transformers-12 Transformers-11 Transformers-9 Transformers-8 Transformers-7 Transformers-6 Transformers-5 Transformers-4 Transformers-3 Transformers-2

The ULTIMATE Real-Life Transformers Costume: Silverbolt


Via Geeks are Sexy: Good evening El Moochadores and please check out this mind blowing video from Geeksaresexy.net of this ultimate cosplayer’s, Marc Derepentigny,transformers-2 mind blowing Transformers costume: Silverbolt! According to the article, Mark spent two years and two thousand dollars making this out fit. Mark has a history of making Transformer costumes and if you hit the link back to the original article you can see some of his truly amazing suits. Geeks are Sexy also reports that Mark has plans to make a suit that actually transforms into a car; though, it’s still being worked on. Anyways, check out the video below and don’t forget to hit the links above to see all of Mark’s hard work!


A Few Superbowl Trailers for Your Enjoyment…


Hey El Moochadors. I can’t seem to get anything done today, and I keep getting distracted. Every blog and site posting up these Super Bowl trailers hasn’t helped. So, I thought I would share my procrastination. I’ve put together a few of the trailers I’ve watched today into one post for you. There’s Muppets, Dinobots, The Rhino, Falocon, and a bunch of other stuff for you to geek out on. So even if you seen these already, go ahead and watch ’em again.

Awesome Geek Art: SYNTHESPIANS

Synthespians by Scott Park

Quick post here of something cool I just came across (via Geeksaresexy.net). Damn, I need post about more stuff like this. It’s a great looking geek-art poster by Canadian illustrator Scott Park, featuring all the really cool robots, androids, droids, cyborgs, and replicants of Sci-Fi films. Looks like it’s also available for purchase on Society6 if you want a print.

The Fantastic Transformers Art of Alex Milne!


Alex Milne (aka Markerguru on Deviant Art) is a talented artist with an amazing ability to render rad Transformers art. That’s right, I said “Rad”, just like we use to say in the 1980’s (or Utahn’s say now) when the Transformers first premiered. Milne is a professional artist “primarily involved with the transformer comics” for IDW and as far as I can tell (read) some (most) of his work is rendered by hand using drawing tools like pencil, pitt pens, copic markers, prisma white pencil cryaon, and sakura white gel pen on bristle board. Milne has also produced some fantastic art outside the realm of Transformers. a_wicked_couple_by_markerguru This work is brilliant and, for me, shows the level of talent a person can achieve when they draw the stuff they love. Just looking at some of these images get’s me stoked to go draw, vector, or paint! Though, I think it’s going to be a long time before I’m making giant robots this cool.

I’ve posted a small sample of Milne’s work below, but go an visit his Deviant page, or IDW comics (links above), to see more of his work!


tf_mtmte_21_cover_lineart_by_markerguru-d6q269r tf_mtmte_18_cover_lineart_by_markerguru-d5y2k4j tf_mtmte_17_cover_lineart_by_markerguru-d5v1bce Dinobots_coloured_by_markerguru tfcon_2011_comic_cover_by_markerguru-d41zcli tf_ongoing_issue_22_cover_a_by_markerguru-d3nkxpc jazz_colours_by_markerguru-d305j3q hound_commission_by_markerguru-d3r7cw4 commission_springer_by_markerguru-d6q2dcc

Late Night Moo: Honest Movie Reviews

Hey El Moochadores! It’s late but I didn’t want to let the day end with out at least one little post on the blog. So, after searching the Web for something worthy of an Atomic Moo post, I came across these brilliant Youtube videos via Geeks are Sexy where you can see a movie trailer with an honest narrative about what you’re paying to see. Brilliant. Posted on youtube by Screen Junkies check out just a few of the funny movies that will teach you about such things as… “side bluebs.”


The Morning Moo

Holy cow, I’m tired. I spent most of this weekend putting together a new portfolio book, hoping to get it to a printer today, and I was up pretty late making last minute changes. To do this I had to get my car back from Trog, which meant taking him to work in the morning, which meant getting up at 5am. Lucky for me, I did a quick Google search and found a printer just off the highway near to Trog’s work. Unfortunately they went out of business… So now I’ve gotta figure out how to get this printed before Wednesday. Anyhow, Buttery Wholesomeness dropped a post on us below, Chewing the Cud, so definitely check that out.

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt Fan Film

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve never heard of Skyrim (is that pronounced “Sky Rim”?), but I thought this looked pretty cool for a fan made fantasy video. I think it has something to do with Elderscrolls… I dunno… I just work here. Check it out below.

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Ages 25 and Up: Awesome Online Comic

Ola El Moochadores, ‘just wanted to throw on a quick post about this really cool online comic Buttery Wholesomeness introduced me to. As kids, Chudd and I had all sorts of action figures and toys and of course we had our own imaginary world built up around the plastic G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Star Wars toys that we would later blow up or set fire to as we hit our teenage years. Well, Ages 25 and Up takes playing with action figures to a whole new level. Created by Blogger user 1337W422102 (sorry, I don’t know his real name…) Ages 25 and Up takes many classic and new action figures and adds humorous sequential story arcs. From what I’ve read, most of the comic is based around G.I. Joe action figures, but Anime, Transfomers, and Super Heroes from all realms also can make an appearance. I’ve posted the first three comics of the series below, but if yow want to read more and become a regular visitor then go to www.ages25andup.blogspot.com.

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