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Tron Legacy: Aerosol Mural

Tron legacy: Aerosol Mural

Well, I’ve drank a lot of Coke tonight, so I don’t know I’m going to be getting any sleep soon. So I guess while I’m up I might as well post about something I saw earlier in my reader (via Neatorama.com). Tron Legacy was probably one of the most visually awesome films I’d ever seen; unfortunately it lacked in story. Still, I think we can appreciate it just for the visual spectacle that it was. Anyhow here’s an aerosol mural that was created by Jim Vision of End of the Line to help promote the film. It’s pretty neat to watch him put this together, so check it out below.

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural from End of the line on Vimeo.

Tron: Destiny

Image Capture from fan film, Tron: Destiny

Here’s a fan made trailer for Tron: Destiny that has been bouncing around the web. Yup, I’m a total lemming. Blindly following where ever all the others go! I think that might actually be somewhere on the family crest, but anyways… check out this cool fan made trailer which starts a little slow but ends very well.

Also, something in the trailer really bugged the hell out of me when I saw it. I don’t want to spoil it too bad (well…) but, we have helmet laws for a reason goddammit! I’ve dumped a bike more than a few time in the past and thankfully for most of those I was wearing a helmet. I don’t really remember the other, non-helmet, times but the nurses always told me they were “spectacular”. Sure, I slur my speech a little when I talk and I can’t remember my own middle name, but that helmet mostly protected one of my most valuable organs, which escapes my memory at the moment, but I’m sure it’s vital! Just remember, always wear a helmet, even if it might risk getting you laid. Okay, I’m done now with my half-assed PSA rant.

Enjoy the trailer.

Iraqi Tron

Image from short parody film "Iraqi Tron"

Well, it’s good to see that all over the world there are Tron fans. Take a look at this Iraqi made version of Tron and keep an open mind.

Tron Jeremy

Tron Jeremy

D’oh! I accidentally slept in again. So here’s a quick post of something I saw last night on YouTube from Break.com. Yeah, it’s been around awhile (since December), but I hadn’t seen it and thought it was pretty good. Enjoy!

8-Bit Tron: Legacy

8-Bit Tron: Legacy

Good morning. Here’s a really quick post of something cool I saw on Geekdad a few days ago. It’s an 8-bit version of Tron: Legacy, created by Pierre Manry. Enjoy!

Awesome Tron Legacy Illustration by mistermoster

Tron Legacy by mistermoster

Hey people. I was just browsing through DeviantArt.com while I wait for my printer to finish chugging along (I also feel a little stressed out tonight, so I thought it might take my mind off of stuff), and I came across this great looking Tron Legacy illustration by Mexican artist mistermoster. I have no idea what this guy’s real name is… he’s got a blog though (or “el blog”, click here to see it), unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish (hell, I can barely manage English), and I can’t figure out which one is his name. Garabato maybe??? Anyhow, he’s got some other great work on DeviantArt, like this Superman with his morning coffee illustration:

Superman mistermoster

This guy has gotta be a professional. You should definitely check out his stuff and let him know he’s doing an awesome job. Es Bueno…

Tron Legacy 8-Bit Video Game Style

Tron Legacy 8-bit

I found this cool animation over on geektyrant.com and really liked it. I dunno, maybe it’s because I grew up with 8-bit games, but I do have a soft spot for anything that looks like it could have played on my old Sega Master System. Even though it probably wouldn’t have played on my old Sega. It probably would have been on Nintendo and I’d have to listen to all the cool kids talk about how awesome it was to play while I quietly chewed my bagged broccoli and thought about the crap ass Ghostbusters game I had at home. But I’m not bitter. No sir, not me. Anywayz, this animation was posted by You Tube user pierremanry and isn’t very long but still really cool.


Tron Toys for Christmas

Tron: Legacy Action Figures

Hey Geeks! I hope you all had a good Christmas, and that you were able to spend some  time with family and friends. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait another six months before merchandisers start to push next year’s “Christmas Spirit” onto us… I almost can’t wait.

Other than turning down a puppy, my day was pretty good. My brother, Trog, figured that since I have a bad case of arrested development, and still collect toys at the age of 34, he would pick me up a couple Tron: Legacy action figures. So I thought I would show them off in this post. He got me a Rinzler and a Quorra action figure. I’m guessing these are pretty easy to find, and I think he got these at Target… or maybe Wallmart (one or the other). Like the movie there are things I really like about these, and then some things that really don’t like. Of course I’m not going to take these out of the package (yes, I’m that kind of toy nerd), so I haven’t had the chance to really inspect them.

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Making of the Tron Digital Suit

Tron Legacy Triptych

Good morning. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I’ve got a feeling today is going to suck the hair off a dead monkey’s balls (I’m not sure what that means, but give me a break, I’m only half awake right now). I guess we’ll have to see how things go. I saw this on facebook last night, and thought it was interesting. I didn’t know the suits actually lit up, I thought it was all CGI digital computer magic gnome stuff… Anyhow, check it out below. I’m going to take a shot and prepare for the day.

Tron is Smarter Than You Think by Aymar Jean Christian

Tron Legacy Triptych

Hey people! Here’s a real quick post, then I’ve got to run to the gym and work off 34 years of “McGoodness.” I just wanted to share this article written by Aymar Jean Christian, titled Tron is Smarter Than You Think. I liked the new Tron, but in away I was willing to agree with most critics, and like Mr. Christian said, pass it off as “cheesy” and “silly”, but this article relates to other recent news stories, and, after reading it, I want to go back and watch Tron Legacy again. Okay, I wanted to go back and watch Tron anyways, but now I have more an excuse to plunk down twenty bucks on a ticket and popcorn.


P.S. (that means post script …see the shit you can learn in college!)

Isn’t anybody else like royally pissed that tickets are now over Ten dollars, and a shitty popcorn combo can run as much as Thirteen bucks? Then, add insult to injury, you have to use those crap-ass theater chairs that provide only one arm rest in between two seats. Shouldn’t we be more pissed about this? Where’s the rage? Yeah, let health care slide, let credit card companies charge us 30% interest, and screw the net neutrality, but god dammit, can’t we at least have our own fucking arm rest at ten bucks a pop??? Aren’t we at the point yet where we put down the bucket of wings, get off the couch, and march (or waddle) on the capital? A fucking extra armrest is all I want! It’s insane but at this point I’d consider such a little thing a win! You here that Obama? Just one more fucking armrest and I might vote for you in 2012! Okay, I’ve got to go unleash this rage on a treadmill and bench-press, see you all later…

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