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Late Night Moo…

Good evening El Moochadores! Chudd and I had one of hell of a busy day today but we’re back on track to do more good things in the name of Atomic Moo. I’ve got the next Moocast almost finished and Chudd will be posting a new design piece soon. So, in the mean time here’s some of the best floaters (not sinkers) bobbing on top the internet tonight…


When It Absolutely, Positively, has to Stop a Zombie Overnight…

Fed-Ex has a new commercial out where in they pitch the idea that their delivery services could be all that stands between us and a global zombie outbreak. I call bullshit. Any one who knows anything knows that it’ll be the United States Postal Service that beats back the tide of flesh eating zombies surging into our cities. After all, we don’t have the term “going postal” for nothing, right?

iPhone: An Animated History

Since the recent death of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, there’s been a lot of cool stuff coming out highlighting Apple’s innovations. Check out this really cool animation that details the creation of all the iPhone and everything that makes it possible.

Well, that’s it for tonight folks. I’ll try and get more on later but first I have a Moocast to hammer out! Then lots of internet porn to look at! Then a snack and some cartoons! But then I’ll do more posts and the world will be a better place for it.

Watch the First Five Minutes of AMC’s The Walking Dead!

This show looks bad ass! Check out the first five minutes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Thanks to dailymotion.com making this available, and Geektyrant.com for sharing it with the rest of us. My friend, Chris, emailed me digital copies of the first two issues of this (many thanks!), and I picked up a physical copy of the first volume while up in San Clemente (Surf City Comics), but I still haven’t had a chance to read it yet. What the hell is wrong with me? It doesn’t air until Sunday, so I’ve got a couple days to get caught up. Watch the beginning below and let us know what you think.

The Walking Dead – Opening Five Minutes Episode 1
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