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Awesome Geek Art: Mary Jane Venom

Mary Jane Venom by Steevinlove

Here’s something pretty nifty. It’s not the first time I’ve seen geek art of Mary Jane in the Venom suit, but I thought the artist did a great job. It’s by deviantArt member steevinlove. He’s got more great looking illustrations in his gallery (check out his Fhloston Paradise piece if you get a chance). Later.

Awesome Villain High School Yearbook Illustrations

Venom: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause

Holy Cow (and by that I mean Atomic Moo of course…) it’s been a long day. I was about to go to bed, but Trog just shot me link of some geek-art awesomeness. So I thought I would stay up a little longer and pass’em on to you. They’re high school yearbook illustrations of some popular super-villains (both DC’s and Marvels) by deviantArt member GhostHause. That Venom one above is definitely my favorite. Anyhow, check out the rest below, or visit his dA gallery where you’ll some more great work (check out his Dr. Orpheus) of his. I gotta get some sleep. Later!

Mr. Hause will be at the Wizard World Austin Comic Con this weekend (26th – 28th Oct) table number 2514. If you’re in the area, be sure to swing by the con and get a print of his amazing work!

Green Goblin: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause Two Face: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause Bane: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause
Loki: Yearbook photo by Ghosthause Sinestro: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause

Sexy Mary Jane/Spider-Man Body Paint

The Real Mary Jane 2 by Alexia Jean Grey

Hey El Moochadors, while Trog is getting the new Moocast ready to post, I thought I’d share something awesome I came across on DeviantArt today.

The Real Mary Jane by Alexia Jean Grey

Her name is Alexia Jean Grey from Florida, and, as you can see, she looks great all painted up as Spider-Man’s Mary Jane. If you check out her gallery, she’s got more great images of her cosplay and body paint. Ones I really thought were cool were her Venom images (below). She’s also on Facebook if you want to check her out there. Anyhow, I gotta go, but I’d just like to remind you that Christmas is coming up, and if any of you would like to get yer Uncle Chudd a nice gift, I wouldn’t mind getting one of her. Just throwing that out there. later!

Alexia Jean Grey Alexia Jean Grey Alexia Jean Grey

Evening Moo: Venom, Dungeons and Dragons, and Other Stuff…

Venom by David Rapoza

Alright… Trog informs me that he should have a Moocast delivered to me tonight. So, hopefully it’ll be on no later than tomorrow morning. Other than that, not much to report. Anyhow, here’s some nifty stuff I spotted on the internet tonight. The Venom image above I saw on DeviantArt.com, by David Rapoza. That’s probably one of the most bad ass illustrations of Venom that I’ve seen yet. He’s got more great work in his gallery definitely worth checking out.

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An Evening Moo: Venom, Cello Wars, and Other Nifty Stuff.

Venom by rhinoting

Hey El Moochadors. Not much to report as far as Atomic Moo is concerned. Seems like the last few days have been really hectic and we’ve been neglecting the site. Still, it was awesome to see Buttery do a review, and Trog finished putting together a Moocast (now he just needs to finish last weeks…).  Here are a few things of interest that I thought would be good to share here. Like this Venom illustration I spotted on DeviantArt.com. It’s by illustrator Johnson Ting, from Malaysia (he goes by the name rhinoting on DA). He’s got some other really great stuff in his gallery (like his take on Deadpool kicks ass), so if you get a chance you should check it out.

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