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New Atomic Tails!

Introducing Rio: Evil Goddess of the California Highways!

Hey El Moochadores! As much as I like posting about other creative projects (in the realm of comics and books) I do really kind of dig it when I get to post about my own stuff. My stuff may not be that good, but its a start. Anyways, I finally finished another Atomic Tails web comic. In this comic I’m introducing a character I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Her name is Rio, and she’s the evil goddess of the California Highways. In my real life I work as a driver, and imagining all the poor decisions other drivers make is actually caused by a malevolent goddess and not an extreme lack of focused by a smart phone addicted population, kind makes the job easier.

Anyways, this particular strip was kind of beast to make, but I hope you enjoy it and I’ll have another one done soon. I hope. Also, check out Trog’s Blog where I write a bit about making the comic, and check out the Atomic Tails archive to see past comics.


Atomic Tails #26!!!

Everyone Gets to be a Mouse!

Okay, I’ve been hit with the queen mother bitch of all head colds, so this’ll be brief. Please check out my latest Atomic Tails web comic strip (on the interwebs…) and I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of Chud, Trog, and their scruffy friends. Also, check out Trog’s Blog to read my rants about making my first Web comic series, and also (also) check out the Archive for past comics. I think I’m suffocating in my own snot, so I’m gonna end this now.


New Atomic Tails!!!

Check out A.T. 23!

Hello El Moochadores! I just finished another edition of the world’s greatest, mouse based, web comic. Well, in my humble opinion… Anyways, check out Atomic Tails #23. In this strip the fellows are on their way to “the Tree of Woe”. You can also see previous strips at Atomic_tails.com and check out Trog’s blog where I ponder a bit about the creation of each strip.

Everybody gets to be a mouse!


New Atomic Tails!!!

Check out AT #18 You Mouse Love’n Fuggers!!!

Okay El Moochadores, I’ve got another addition to my ongoing experiment to learn cartooning and comics! Check out Atomic Tails #18 below. Though I feel bad it took so long to get this strip out, I actually had fun drawing a “Goldfinger” mouse and a barrel fire. Also, no unintentional penises in this strip. The ottoman penis in #17 was totally not planned and kind of embarrassing. As all unintentional ottoman penis should be. Seriously, it kind of tails you how bad an artist you are when you have to watch yourself for not accidentally adding a hidden penis to your work. #17 really taught me a lot…

Anyways, check out the new comic below and go check out the previous comics (now mostly penis free) in the Atomic Tails Archive. Also, I do keep an Atomic Tails blog where you can read a little bit about the making of the comic. I would mention the Patreon, but I haven’t had time to create new art for it or set up any awards for contributors. Though I am working on it! Gimme money! I draw mice and sometimes dick! Accidentally.


New Atomic Tails!!!!

Atomic Tails #16 is finally posted online! Yeah, Kind of took me a bit, but you can read about the making of the new strip on my Atomic Tails Blog (Trog’s Blog)! That’s right. I’m half-assing two blogs now. What the fuck… Anyways, the real life Chudd (aka: Jason Murray) created the logo that appears in panel three, and I think he did a great job with it. The Ascension of the Golden Yo-Yo’s may rise again. Maybe. I had a lot of fun with this strip and it was a pretty good learning experience. I’m already working on Strip #17, but click here to see all the strips so far! Also, also; help support Atomic Tails by following us on twitter (@AtomicTails) and Instagram (Atomic_Tails).




New Short Comic from Kyle Roberts!

Okay El Moochadores, here’s a great short comic from the creator of the Dark Hours, Kyle Roberts. The comic is called PARENT/GUARDIAN and is a part of From Beyond stories which have a great Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits vibe to them. I would say Heavy Metal, but so far no naked chicks. damn. This short story takes readers to the far end of our solar systems and has all the stuff we love in sci-fi: Giant robots and space battles! Roberts wrote, inked, and lettered the comic along with pencils by Rafael Romeo Magat, and colors by Ilaria Fella. I posted the first three pages below as a preview, but if you click the link above and subscribe to the email list, you’ll be able to see the comic for free! Good stuff. Anyways, check it out and remember to support indie comics and creators!


pg4 pg3 pg2

Bar Dog


The World’s First Crowd-Plotted Canine Comic

Hey El Moochadores, some of you already know that we’re in the process of creating our own Atomic Moo comic. Right now, it’s slow going and often we need some inspiration from outside sources! We’re especially interested in new and unique comics with an indie vibe that show us just how creative comics can be.

So, in the spirit of independent, animal based, story telling: Check out this cool looking Kickstarter for a new web comic about a dog who lives in a bar, but with an interesting twist. The comics readers can vote on what happens next. Bar Dog is the creation of Carol Holsinger and inspired by her own dog and her time as a bartender. According to the kickstarter page,ee0fa8bfaa0ca54195e9ee12cfcd084a_original the comic follows “Bar Dog”, a lucky mutt who lives in a neighborhood bar called “Buz’s”, and shows a human world from his perspective in a sort of “choose your own adventure – with friends” sort of way. Readers of the comic will get to “collectively” decide on Bar Dog’s actions through voting.

According to the kickstarter page, Holsinger is seeking funding to get the comics web page designed and constructed and she plans on this being a fun ongoing series. Also, if you visit the kickstarter you can read the first 12 pages of Bar Dog. Though I’ve posted the first three pages below, along with the promotional video, click the above link to learn more about Bar Dog and contributor awards.

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Mike Norton’s Battlepug!


Via Hominids on the Facebook: Okay, so this feels like one of those times where I’m way late to the party. Like, this is something I should’ve been into from the beginning. Well, better late than never, right? Anyways, if you don’t already know: Eisner Award winning artist, Mike Norton (Runaways) has a fantastic, and free, web series out called Battlepug! Norton began the series back in 2011 and has continued add to the story. He is currently posting Volume 4.01 The story is a beautifully illustrated and lighthearted adventure of a warrior riding a giant pug through a land of magic, and weirdness, as told by a henna tattoo covered naked chick to her two pet dogs, Colfax and Mingo. I’ve posted a few sample pages below, but this doesn’t do the series justice. Be sure to add Battlebug to your what ever Web comic reading list you may have (people have those, right?) and start working your way up through the whole series!


bp5 bp39 bp36 bp25 bp13 bp10

Atomic Moo Web Comic Review of Ellie on Planet X!!!


Hey El Moochadores! In my ongoing exploration of the wonderful world of online comics I just recently came across Ellie on Planet X! Now keep in mind, I have no idea if a Web comic is already popular or not, all I know is what I like and I really like this beautifully illustrated comic about a lone little robot sent millions of miles away from Earth to explore the mysterious Planet X!ellie3 Created by Michigan based artist/ graphic designer, James Anderson, Ellie is chuck full of adorable characters and funny story lines that reminded me of Bill Watterson’s work on Calvin and Hobbes. That’s not to say Anderson doesn’t have his own unique style and that his little girl robot and her cartoon world aren’t dynamically illustrated in their own unique way, because he does and they do! I included the first three strips to the comic below, but be sure to click the link above to follow new strips every Monday and Thursday!





JL8 by Yale Stewart


Hey El Moochadores! Recently I’ve been having a lot of fun reading JL8, which is a great Webcomic created by independent comic artist Yale Stewart.devid_2012_by_yalestewart-d5lq7xe Loosely based on DC comics characters that make up the Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Martian Manhunter) but in a Muppet Babies sort of way.little_league_fcbd_by_yalews-d4yzro2 JL8 imagines a much younger version of the JLA attending an elementary school together. Stewarts comic series has a positive vibe and his incredible artistic talent make the strip a fun read. Click the link above for the JL8 website or go to Yale Stewarts Deviant Art page to see more of his brilliant work! I’ve posted a few strips below but this is just a small sample of what’s out there!





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