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Atomic Tails #25!

Everyone Gets to be a Mouse!

For all the stuff I post on here, I really do kind of dig it when I get to post something of my own. Not saying its gonna be good, but I just like that I’m (at least) trying to apply some to the stuff I’m learning through Atomic Moo.

Anyways, I just finished Atomic Tails #25. You can read about its making on my official Atomic Tails blog: Trog’s Blog. Also, you can follow Atomic Tails on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Just search “Atomic Tails.” Anyways, enjoy the comic below and remember: its free!


Atomic Moo in 2018!

Happy new 2018, El Moochadores! As we’re just beginning this new year, I wanted to get on here an thank everyone who visited our sites, or bought an illustration from us online, or at a con last year. Though Atomic Moo is mostly a learning experience for us, we appreciate any support we can get. Last year, was a chance for us to fix a lot of personal problems, and I feel like we’re a little bit better prepared to continue our goal of becoming professional artists and creators. This year we are going to continue to post/blog about all the great independent work we encounter in the world of comics, cosplay, and fan film/music, but we’re also going to focus a lot on improving our skills, and finishing projects. It’s always bugged me that we couldn’t get the Atomic Moo comic together, and a goal (resolution) this year is to get the remaining pages illustrated and have an official Atomic Moo comic! Which as I write this is going to be really tough, because I also want to keep up with my own webcomic (Atomic Tails), and Chud and I have a few print projects planned (almost finished too!) for this year. So, for the blog side of the Moo, look forward to a lot of drawing and painting tutorials, because I’ll be using those to get the comic going!

I also want to keep the “geek creative” side of Atomic Moo alive. It was by doing the “Moocast” and interviewing creatives that got us into making our own stuff, and since stopping the Moocast in 2016 I feel like we’ve drifted away from that inspiration which has hurt us. So, this next year I would also like to kick off the Moocast again and do regular post about the cool indie stuff we encounter at cons and online. Also, also, if you’re a creator and want us to share your project with our tiny (wee, miniscule even!) visitors, please let us know! Sourcing content is a huge time sink and I’m always in need of content, and it’s just cool to see fresh ideas outside the norm. Which is very much where we reside. Way outside the norm…

2017 was a pretty good year for us, and I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be even better.


Atomic Tails #22!!!

The adventures of Chud and Trog Continue!

Hello again, El Moochadores! Yeah, I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but mostly because I’ve been focused on getting the new Atomic Tails comic finished. Comic #22 tells a little bit more about Chud’s plan for a comic book (greatest comic book in the history of the world…). I don’t like patting myself on the back, but there’s some stuff in this strip, I’m kind of proud of. Anyways, check out the new comic below, and after that go check out past comics at the Atomic Tails archice. Also, you can read a little bit about what went into the making of the comic (this is a learning experience too) at Trog’s Blog.
***Explicit Language*** for all you sensitive folks.



Also don’t forget to like/follow Atomic Tails on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. Just look up Atomic Tails on which ever one. You’ll know it when you see it.


If you are currently working on (or have produced) an independent comic, film, game, or music that has a strong nerd/geek vibe: Let us know! I’m always looking for cool “geek-creative stuff to post about” here on the Moo, and learning about your project would really help me out – and save me a lot of time searching the internet!

Something Terrible: Web Comic by Dean Trippe


Via Geeks are Sexy: In his Web Comic, Something Terrible, artist Dean Trippe illustrates his sexual abuse as a child and all the horrible things, like depression and thoughts of suicide, that followed after. Trippe’s comic shows how comic books (mostly Batman)story1_color_strip9 helped him recover from these experiences and, in a quote found on Upworthy.com he said:

I made this for folks like me, many of whom are still living with shame, guilt, and fear (many of the responses I’ve received have mentioned similar suicide pacts). I’m aiming to get this out into the public consciousness, because while most facts people know actually come from hearing them in stories, updated information takes decades to filter back into new stories, as most writers cover the same ground with what they learned from others’ stories. Eskimos don’t have a crazy number of words for ‘snow,’ sharks don’t have to keep swimming to live, Mister Rogers wasn’t a fighter pilot, and victims of child sexual abuse don’t become offenders. We’d need a new word to out-class the present epidemic if they did because the incidence stats are horrifying.

Something Terrible can be purchased for only $0.99 here or you can see an abridged version (also Via Upworthy) below. Artist Dean Trippe is also known for the parody comic Butterfly and the Last Cast Podcast.


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